Best Flutter Developer Resume Examples And Template

Looking for the best Flutter Developer Resume Examples, Samples, and Templates? If yes, then this article is for you. There are many articles available on the internet related to how to write a Flutter developer resume or what’s the best Flutter developer resume example, etc. But barely any article provides the top Flutter developers resume samples and template for fresher, junior, and experienced flutter developers.

In this article, we’ll share the 15 best Flutter developer resume samples and a template for Fresher, Junior, and Senior Flutter Developers.

Do you know? A good resume can push you toward your dream job, and there’s nothing different with Flutter developers. They must make the best Flutter developer resume to impress the recruiters and let them work with their desired company.

It’s hard to know which information you should add to your resume and which information will make it seem useless. A good resume acts as a marketing tool to showcase your skills, qualifications, and experiences to potential employers.

To create a great resume, there are multiple things you must keep in mind. We have provided you with precise points and great examples of Flutter developers to take inspiration from. These things will help you create the best resume out there and get the desired job.

Before I present you the samples for the flutter resume, what are the basics you should remember? Let’s start with the beginners, our future pro-developers.

Contact Information: Include your full name, phone number, email address, LinkedIn profile, and GitHub profile.

Bio: Write a brief statement outlining your career goals and enthusiasm for Flutter development. This will help recruiters understand your motivation and know you better.

Education: List your educational background with accurate dates.

Projects: It’s one of the most important parts of your resume. Highlight all the important Flutter projects you have worked on during your studies or as personal projects.

Technical Skills: List your proficiency in programming languages (such as Dart), frameworks (such as Flutter), and other relevant tools or technologies, such as Firebase or state management tools like Bloc and Riverpod.

Internships/Work Experience: If you have worked as an intern with any firm, it’s a good time to mention it here.

Certifications: Mentioning your certificates related to Flutter or technology relevant to the role is a good idea.

And, for the intermediates and pro-developers, you can follow the above points with work experience, and contribution is a must. Your contribution section can give the recruiters to know about your work. Adding achievements relevant to Flutter can fetch you some brownie points.

Flutter Developer Resume Samples

Flutter Developer Resume Example

Google Developer Expert for Flutter and Dart Resume (Pooja Bhaumik)

Pooja is a Google Developer Expert for Flutter and Dart based in Bangalore, India. She can guide you with Flutter interviews, and currently, she is also a LinkedIn instructor.

Her resume is filled with every information you might ask for; everything is well documented, from her experience to her education. Pooja has also mentioned all her certifications, awards, and achievements in a good manner.

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Flutter Developer Relations Program Manager Resume (Nilay Yener)

Nilay works with Google as a Developer Relations Program Manager for Flutter and Dart. She is responsible for building Flutter communities, meetups, and events. Every info on her resume is crisp and to the point. Her work experience makes her resume stand strong.

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Global Marketing For Flutter At YouTube Resume (Martin Aguinis)

Martin worked as the lead of Global Marketing at Google for Flutter and YouTube. He’s based in the US and has started his venture Clipjoy.

If you look at his resume, you will notice he has mentioned his contribution to all the firms he has worked with, like his role as a Global Marketing Lead for Flutter; he mentions every achievement and contribution.

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Flutter Developer Resume Sample (Deven Joshi)

Deven is a speaker and produced articles regarding Flutter. He’s a Google Developer Expert for Flutter. He’s an intermediate Flutter developer; his resume is well-crafted and an example for intermediates and beginners.

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Filip Hráček Resume – Flutter Developer At Google

Filip Hráček has worked with Flutter, and it is possible if you have ever searched for some Flutter-related queries, you might have seen Filip Hráček on some videos on the official Flutter YouTube channel.

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Flutter Senior Developer Resume Example (Marcus Ng)

Marcus Ng is a certified Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Flutter/Dart. He has a YouTube channel where he discusses various aspects of Flutter. He’s also a Senior Flutter Engineer. You may notice that he has omitted many points we have discussed, and it’s common with senior engineers as they keep themselves busy with their work.

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Google Senior Developer Advocate Resume Example (Emily Fortuna)

Emily Fortuna is a Developer Advocate based in Seattle, Washington, United States. She has worked with Google as Senior Developer Advocate and Senior Software Engineer. She has worked extensively on Dart since 2011.

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Google Developer Expert Resume Sample (Andrea Bizzotto)

Andrea is a Google Developer Expert in Flutter and Dart. He has a YouTube channel and multiple courses regarding Flutter. His resume is clean and to the point; there is no unnecessary information just to fill up the space. So, you should keep in mind that too.

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Resume Of Director Of Engineering At Google For Flutter And Dart (Eric Seidel)

Eric Seidel has worked with Google as a Director of Engineering and led Flutter. Dev and Dart. Dev teams and empowered developers using Flutter and Dart worldwide. Currently, he has founded Shorebird. Dev. He’s also one of the engineers at Google who co-founded and managed

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Flutter And Dart Product Manager Resume Sample (Tim Sneath)

Tim is currently working as a product manager at Google for Flutter and Dart. He has 17 years of experience in building software. He even promotes and supports developers on his feed to encourage them with Flutter.

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Flutter Developer Resume Example (Muhammed Salih Guler)

Salih is a Google Developer Expert for Flutter and Dart based in Berlin / Ankara. Salih writes blogs about Flutter and its useful features. Salih’s resume is short and simple, there’s not much description and info about contribution, but it might work for people with experience, but for beginners and intermediates, it shouldn’t be the case.

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Flutter Developer Resume Sample (Pawan Kumar)

Pawan is a Google Developer Expert for Flutter and Firebase. He’s a passionate Flutter developer eager to learn about new technology. Pawan is also a blogger who shares his knowledge about Flutter with everyone.

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Resume Sample Of Flutter Developer Aseem Wangoo

Aseem is a Flutter developer who is based in Singapore. He has a YouTube Channel where he helps developers with being updated with the latest Flutter updates. Aseem also writes blogs and content on the web.

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Senior Software Engineer Resume Example (Nick Manning)

Nicholas is currently working with Google as Software Engineering Manager and is based in Boston, US. Previously he also worked with Dell as a Senior Engineering Manager.

His bio and contribution description are well written, and you can find any information you might require about Nick from the resume.

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Flutter Developer Consultant Resume Example (Brian Egan)

Brian was a Flutter developer based in Berlin, Germany. He has worked with Flutter extensively, and from his experience, you can learn a lot. He has led Android teams at SoundCloud and web teams at Zappos and has written some of the most popular open-source packages for Flutter, such as BLOC.

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Flutter Resume Template

Flutter Developer Resume Template

The above given resume template given is simple, elegant and looks professional; nonetheless, you can just copy the format and fill in your information. Whether you’re Fresher, Junior Developer or a Senior Developer, You can use this template.

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And, as we promised, here is the video that will guide you in making the best resume.


In conclusion, crafting a compelling resume is crucial for aspiring Flutter developers at all experience levels. The collection of 15 Flutter resume example and 4 Flutter resume template is an excellent resource for fresher, intermediate developers, and advanced professionals seeking to showcase their skills and expertise effectively.

These resume samples encompass various styles and formats, catering to different preferences and industry standards. By studying these examples, individuals can gain insights into the ideal structure, sections, and content to include in their resumes.

Whether you’re a beginner aiming to land your first Flutter development role or an experienced developer looking to advance your career, these resources offer valuable guidance.

Furthermore, the accompanying YouTube video that explains how to build the best flutter resume provides additional support. Visual demonstrations and step-by-step instructions can greatly assist individuals in understanding the process of creating a standout resume. From selecting an appropriate template to optimizing content, the video is a comprehensive guide for aspiring Flutter developers.

Good luck with your Flutter developer journey, and may your resume open doors to exciting opportunities in the field!

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