Best Resources To Learn Flutter From Scratch

As a beginner, the resources to learn Flutter are scattered all over the internet, and you are overwhelmed with options if you try to search for the best Flutter resources online, and you end up being confused.

So, we try to limit the resources while curating the best ones for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best resources to learn Flutter from scratch for free.

Apart from this list, a Reddit user has also curated some of the best resources to learn Flutter from scratch. You can access them from here.

Best Flutter Resources

Best Flutter Resources For Beginners

Flutter Documentation

Flutter Documentation is the best thing from which you can learn Flutter from scratch for free. It’s like learning from someone who created that thing.

You might consider reading documentation boring and lengthy task. But to our surprise, Flutter documentation is interesting and mind-blowing.

They have videos, docs, cookbooks, example applications, tutorials, and API references. This provides a comprehensive guide to Flutter.

You can check out their YouTube channel; they cover every widget, function, and aspect of Flutter. Flutter Documentation is way too beginner-friendly and will help you to discover more about Flutter and develop applications that can stand out.

The full documentation is well structured and starts from very basic and goes up to the application’s deployment process. You will learn to integrate the necessary features into your application through samples and tutorials.

Flutter docs site lets you interact with sample applications, and you can toggle with the sample applications if you want.

This can make learning fun. It also covers the development process of an application where you can learn to implement plugins for your application.

The performance and optimization section will help you make your application efficient and highly optimized to run on any device without any performance issues.

Flutter By Example

Flutter By Example stays true to its name as it provides an interactive learning experience with real-time examples. You can learn or inquire about any widget and function with neatly coded examples.

Flutter By Example has its own podcasts, blog, and GitHub repos. They have multiple contributors who help create the best examples for you.

Flutter By Example has also published books on Flutter, and the most widely known is “Flutter in Action.” They also have their own YouTube channel. They also have newsletters for Flutter developers, and you can sign up for free.

You will get notified whenever they update something, publish new articles, and stay updated regarding Flutter. Their Twitter account is also filled with Flutter news; you can follow them on Twitter and check out the cool stuff they tweet.

Flutter Gems

Flutter Gems is a curated package guide for the Flutter community, which functionally categorizes some of the most useful and popular Flutter packages available on pub. dev. It is indirectly one of the best resources for flutter enthusiasts.

Flutter Tap Newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to keep yourself updated while getting overwhelmed with information. Flutter Tap provides a weekly newsletter for Flutter developers.

The newsletter summarizes whatever happened in the world of Flutter in the previous week and new updates about Flutter.

Flutter YouTube Channels

YouTube can act as a great resource if you want to learn something. YouTube is free, and the only thing you require to access it is an internet connection.

We have listed a few YouTube channels from where you can learn Flutter as a beginner, intermediate, and advanced Flutter developer.


This YouTube channel has multiple Flutter courses, tutorials, and guides to help you learn Flutter. If you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced flutter developer, check this channel first and then go through other YouTube channels.

Flutter Mapp

Flutter Mapp is a channel focused on Flutter and nothing else. They have tutorials regarding widgets, tips and tricks, demo applications, and much more.

You can check out their channel and witness a load of Flutter content. Their videos are beginner-friendly and can help you a lot in your development journey.

The Flutter Way

The Flutter Way is one of the perfect channels if you want to learn and ace your Flutter development skills. They have covered various topics such as Flutter pro animations, Flutter UI Kits, explainers, follow-up coding, etc. With a subscriber base of over 225k, this channel is set to grow and reach more Flutter developers.


FilledStacks has made videos regarding Flutter and its applications. You will find tutorials, tips, guides, and information about widgets and new features.

You can also learn about Firebase and its implementation here; these videos are mostly targeted toward intermediates and pro developers.

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Flutter Books

Books might seem old-fashioned but believe me; they are still useful. Flutter books can be helpful as they structure the content in an organized manner for the reader to understand it better.

They don’t jump into state management without explaining what a state is in Flutter. You can mark the important topics and come back to them for reference when you are stuck or need help with your Flutter code.

Flutter books are available to help you build a strong foundation and improve your skills as a developer.

Flutter In Action

Flutter in Action, written by Eric Windmill, covers every important topic needed to develop an application with Flutter. It dives deep into UI and ensures you understand the basic concept of UI in Flutter.

Flutter in Action also covers State Management, Dart basics, a step-by-step guide to creating custom animation and working with Firebase. Eric also outlines a basic guide to doing your testing and debugging.

Flutter Cookbook, 2nd Edition

Flutter Cookbook, written by Simone Alessandria, covers all proven techniques and solutions for Flutter development.

It covers all Dart beginner concepts and advanced topics like Streams and advanced State Management.

This book is helpful for beginners and mid-level programmers. The updated 2nd edition of this book has already launched. You can go with this edition too.

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Flutter Courses

Online courses provide a structured way to learn Flutter. We have tried to find the best flutter courses available online for you.

These courses are beginner and intermediate-friendly, and anyone without prior knowledge of programming can take these courses.

Flutter Course For Beginners

In this course, Nick Manning teaches you how to get up and running with Flutter quickly and effectively. Nick has been a Flutter engineer since 2017 and has boiled down this real-world know-how into a clear-cut, realistic, and step-by-step crash course.

The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp With Dart

This course is one of the highest-rated Udemy Courses on Flutter, with a rating of 4.6. More than 165k students take this course. This course starts from the very basic and ends up with advanced topics.

The instructor for this course, Dr. Angela Yu, is a certified Google Developer Expert (GDE). This course is highly recommended for absolute beginners.

Flutter & Dart – The Complete Guide

Flutter & Dart – The Complete Guide is one of the bestsellers with a rating of 4.5 and more than 238k students enrolled.

Forty-four hours (about two days) of videos, 44 articles, 312 downloadable assignments, and other materials can help you progress in Flutter.

Firebase In Depth

This course aims to provide full-stack development knowledge for Flutter developers. Firebase provides multiple hosting services and authentication services for applications and websites.

Firebase can be easily integrated with Flutter as it is developed by Google. Firebase can be your greatest ally while developing robust applications that require cloud storage and authentication.

Flutter GitHub Repositories

GitHub Repos is a great way to investigate the work of other Flutter developers and draw inspiration from their work or understand how they implemented some complex features.

You can learn from industry experts and their work without spending a dime. We have mentioned a few of the best GitHub repos available on the internet.


This repo is maintained by the Flutter team, which is responsible for making Flutter what it is today. Flutter repo contains the framework of Flutter as it is an open-source framework, and more than a thousand people are contributing to this repo.

Make sure to check out the codes, in that way; you will learn how Flutter works and how it delivers those awesome applications.

Awesome Flutter

An awesome list that curates the best Flutter libraries, tools, tutorials, articles, and more. Although not code specifically, it’s a one-stop shop for all the top resources for learning Flutter. If you want to see what’s best practice, hot, or new in Flutter, please check out this Flutter GitHub repo.


Firebase is one of the third-party services that pair well with Flutter, as both products are developed by Google. This repo has more than 7.5k stars, and with nearly 500 contributors, this repo is ever-growing.

You can check out various Firebase plugins, understand their work, and then confidently use them without issues.

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Flutter Communities

Discord Communities and subreddits are a great way to network with fellow developers and learn with them. You can get support whenever you are stuck with something or need help with your application. We have found a few communities you can join as a flutter enthusiast.

Flutter Dev

Flutter Dev is the official discord server of Flutter. You can talk to other Flutter developers here and collaborate with them, learn from them, and solve each other’s problems together. You can even search for jobs in this community.

Flutter Subreddit

If you want to stay updated with Flutter, there is no need to follow 10s of websites, newsletters, etc. just follow and stay active in this subreddit.

Along with information, You can also get feedback on your projects, solution to your problems and also see what Flutter developers are working on.

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Flutter Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to learn anything. They are easily accessible and can be listened to at any moment. Numerous podcasts discuss Flutter, news about Flutter, updates, etc.

They can be a reason for your upward-moving learning graph. There are many podcasts for you to explore, but we have selected the best Flutter podcasts for you. Make sure to check them out!

It’s All Widgets!

If you’re looking for a way to join the Flutter community and learn from industry experts through a podcast, then It’s All Widgets! A podcast is a way for you.

The podcast is a treasure trove of insights and practical advice from some of the most experienced developers in the Flutter community.

You’ll learn how to master the widgets and use them to create eye-catching UI designs to make your app stand out; as we all know, Flutter is everything about widgets.

But that’s not all; the podcast also covers other important topics such as testing, debugging, and deployment. So, you can rest assured that you’re getting a holistic learning experience that will help you become a well-rounded Flutter developer. So, if you’re serious about becoming a pro-Flutter developer, tune in to It’s All Widgets!

Fly High With Flutter

Fly High with Flutter is also a weekly podcast hosted by the YouTuber Plangora. This podcast focuses on problem-solving that people face during their Flutter development journey.

This can be a great tool for people starting with Flutter. Fly High with Flutter will ensure you get news about new technologies and how to use them.

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Flutter Experts

Flutter Experts are the people/org who have contributed heavily towards this community and its growth.

Flutter Team

Flutter Team is the official team behind Flutter, which made this cross-platform framework what it is today.

Following them will keep you updated about new features and upcoming features of Flutter. You can interact with the team if you want. This team comprises the best developers who can guide your coding journey.

Angela Yu

Angela Yu is a successful coding instructor with courses like Flutter and Web Development. She is a highly rated world-renowned instructor with over 1 million students and 400,000 positive reviews.

She is the founder and CTO at App Brewery. Angela has a Discord community where people can share their problems, and developers worldwide can help each other find the solution.

Flutter Daily

Flutter Daily is your ideal place if you are searching for the latest newsletters and articles. It publishes articles about new widgets and features of Flutter. You can sign up for their daily or weekly newsletter about Flutter, Packages, Widgets, and many more.


So, these are the few best ways to learn Flutter from scratch to advanced for free. Make sure whichever path you choose to learn Flutter, you follow it till the end and make the best of it.

Hope you like this list of best flutter resources for beginners, intermediate, and advanced enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can I Learn Flutter For Free?

You can learn flutter by using the above mentioned resources. Start with documentation or youtube course or any beginner friendly flutter book.

Where Can I Learn Flutter From Scratch?

We’ve curated best flutter resources. Some of them are FreeCodeCamp Flutter Course, Flutter Doc, Flutter In Action Book, Its All Widgets Podcasts, etc.

What Resources Are Available To Learn Flutter?

We’ve covered flutter books, courses, podcasts, github repos, experts list, communities, newsletter, blog, etc. Go through all of them and decide which one is best for you.

Which Is The Top Rated Flutter Course In Udemy?

The three top rated flutter Udemy courses are The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp With Dart, Flutter & Dart – The Complete Guide, and Firebase In Depth.

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