33 Best Flutter YouTube Channels

Are you a visual learner? Or are you searching for people who can teach you about Flutter in a robust way? Then why do not you look at the list of these 30+ Top Flutter YouTube Channels we found for you?

YouTube videos can make learning fun and provide step-by-step instructions for coding in the latest and existing widgets and other Flutter functionalities.

This list of YouTube channels for Flutter developers can give you a boost. Lastly, we have given our preference, so stick to this article and explore the best Flutter YouTube channel for yourself.

Best Youtube channels to learn flutter

1. Flutter (One Of The Best Flutter YouTube Channels)

Flutter is the official YouTube channel hosted by the Flutter developer team itself. The Flutter developer team uploads informative videos about various widgets. Their videos also discuss errors you can face while you code your application. All new announcements are made through this channel. They host many Flutter developers and discuss what is new, what can be improved, or what the developers need in the real world.

2. FreeCodeCamp

You can learn Flutter and build applications using detailed flutter videos posted on this channel. If you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced flutter developer, check this channel first, then go through other youtube channels. They also have crash courses on diverse topics such as Python, JavaScript, C++, Data Structures, etc.

3. FilledStacks

FilledStacks has made videos regarding Flutter and its applications. You will find tutorials, tips, guides, and information about widgets and new features. You can also learn about Firebase and its implementation here; these videos are mostly targeted toward intermediates and pro developers.

4. Fireship

Fireship focuses on application development and uploads regular weekly videos about Flutter, JavaScript, and Firebase. They have minute videos covering the crux of technology, giving a beginner a brief idea about it. With a subscriber base of 1.8 million and a presence overall on social media platforms, they have taught millions of students how to code.

5. Flutter Community

Flutter Community covers videos on various topics, from algorithms to themes and more. Flutter Community welcomes different guests who are themselves celebrated Flutter developers. They also cover emerging technology and how it can be implemented using Flutter, such as the Internet of Technology (IoT) and Virtual Reality (VR).

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6. Code With Andrea

Code with Andrea’s YouTube channel is maintained by Andrea Bizzotto, based in the UK. Andrea has made Flutter courses, and his channel contains Flutter tutorials. Andrea is a GDE for Flutter, which means you can trust his teachings. Andrea covers topics such as state management, layouts, widgets, etc. If you want to create an awesome application, check out this channel.

7. Fun with Flutter

Fun with Flutter stays true to its name; this channel’s videos are so fun that you would never realize that learning could be this fun. They have made videos on state management tutorials such as Riverpod and basic Flutter state management. The tutorials cover Firebase Authentication and Firebase Firestore.

8. Marcus Ng

Marcus is a GDE and a Senior Flutter Engineer known for his beautiful UI designs. His channel has unique content which highlights his expertise and dedication to Flutter. You can build clone applications of YouTube, Notion, and Google Maps with Marcus. He has his blog page where he dives deep into Flutter topics. Check out this channel if you want to build your application with the best UI possible.

9. Codepur

Codepur channel is based in India with more than 128k subscribers. This channel is run by a Google Developer Expert, Pawan Kumar. This channel contains videos about Futter, Firebase, and clone apps. Pawan also talks about hackathons related to Flutter, where you can participate and put your knowledge to the test.

10. Robert Brunhage

Robert Brunhage is a Software Engineer, Designer and a Flutter and Dart GDE who makes a lot of cool projects with tools like Flutter.

11. The Flutter Way

The Flutter Way is one of the perfect channels if you want to learn and ace your Flutter development skills. They have covered various topics such as Flutter pro animations, Flutter UI Kits, explainers, follow-up coding, etc. With a subscriber base of 187k, this channel is set to grow and reach more Flutter developers.

12. Majid Hajian

Majid Hajian is a Google Developer Expert and a software developer with years of developing and architecting complex web and mobile applications. Some of the videos covered on his channels are Stream Flutter Chat, Flutter 2D Game Development, Design Patterns, Theming, Firebase, OAuth2.0, and more.

13. Flutter Mapp

Flutter Mapp is a channel solely focused on Flutter with 150k subscribers. They cover several topics regarding Flutter, such as Firebase authentication and Firebase Database. They have crash courses and explainer videos, which can come in handy for both beginners and pros.

14. Techie Blossom

Techie Blossom focuses solely on Flutter and Android development. If you want to learn about building new UIs, you can follow this channel and improve your knowledge. You can learn state management tools such as BLoC and manage your applications better.

15. Hey Flutter

Previously known as Johannes Milke, Hey Flutter is one the best channels for beginner, intermediate, or pro-Flutter developers. You will find tutorials, explainers, and speed code videos which are helpful and informative. Johannes has started uploading shorts; if you want a quick bite of Flutter information, you can also check his YouTube shorts playlist. Stay aware of hot trends and improve your Flutter skills by subscribing to Hey Flutter.

16. Pooja Bhaumik

Pooja has maintained a trajectory of uploading quality videos over time. You can get interview advice from explainer videos to learn the usage of Flutter widgets. You can see Q&A (Question and Answer) video sessions on Pooja’s channel; you can see developers like you from around the globe asking about their doubts and getting the right answer.

17. Flutter Explained

This YouTube channel is filled with videos that can help you design your application. Flutter Explained contains explainers, how-to videos, and a step-by-step guide for Flutter. Here you can find beginner topics like how to install Flutter to advanced topics such as how you can do real-time communication with WebRTC. Flutter Explained aspires to be the Wikipedia for Flutter, and they are working on their aspiration very well.

18. Academind

The academind channel is run by two people, Max & Manuel. They are based in Germany, making guides and tutorials on Flutter, ReactJS, and Angular. They have a Flutter crash course and discuss various trends regarding Flutter and other technologies. With a community of more than 805k learners, they have provided a few of the best online tutorials.

19. Roman Just Codes

On his youtube channel, Roman has built multiple applications based on Flutter, such as movie ticket booking, a coffee app, and a few games. You can follow along with him and code some apps that will take you further in your development journey.

20. The Net Ninja

The Net Ninja is based in the United Kingdom and has a subscriber base of more than 1 million. They cover a vast list of topics such as Flutter, React, Firebase, MongoDB, web development, etc. Their videos are informative, and they dive deep into each topic which is helpful for early developers. You can also be part of this journey and take your Flutter skill to new heights.

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21. The Flutter Hub

The Flutter Hub is a growing channel where they upload videos regarding User Interface (UI) and building applications such as restaurant applications, e-commerce applications, and login/signup pages for various applications. Please make sure you are part of their growth journey and learn Flutter along the way.

22. Temi Codes

Temi Codes is a software developer with over 5+ years of experience. On his channel, You can learn a lot about Mobile Development with Flutter, No Code Backend, and a lot of coding and fun stuff.

23. Hallden

Hallden is another YouTube channel that is a gold mine for Flutter developers. Hallden has built a strong subscriber base of 680k. Hallden also works with IoT and Python for different projects in Flutter. You can find many experimental videos; as an engineer, we should never stop experimenting and learning.

24. Desi Coder

Desi Coder has made videos on Java, Kotlin, React, JavaScript, and Flutter. The videos are quite informative and do not compromise on quality.

25. SeenickCode

The seenickcode channel has step-by-step guides, tutorials, and explainers related to Flutter and other topics. You can learn API (Application Program Interface) integration, Full-Service Web Service integration, PostgreSQL, Full Stack development, etc. You can learn from Nick and make your applications stand out.

26. Tech with Tim

Tech with Tim is a diverse channel because here, you will not just find Flutter tutorials but tutorials regarding Blockchain, Python, HTML, CSS, and Rust. These videos are produced with high quality and precision. Learning other technologies is as essential as learning and implementing Flutter, and this channel helps you to widen your horizon.

27. React Bits

React Bits is a YouTube channel maintained by Damodar Lohani with 9.6k subscribers. This channel has Flutter tutorials, tips, and tricks. You can also learn about web development and make websites and applications with your skills. React Bits hosts Q&A where you can post your questions.

28. Reso Coder

The Reso Coder channel is based in Slovakia, with a strong subscriber base of more than 105k subscribers. They have covered many topics, including Riverpod, Firebase, and Flutter animations. Their tutorials are informative and easy to follow.

29. Flutterly

Flutterly is a holistic channel for beginners who are looking for guidance during their initial phase of starting. You can attend some of the crash courses in the channel and become professional. Potec Tiberiu (creator) explains videos straightforwardly, making them a go-to for new developers.

30. Flutter Mentor

Flutter Mentor answers every beginner question and understandably. It covers topics like adding a date picker, using a Sized Box, using cases of Containers, adding a logo for your application, changing keyboard size inside your application, etc. Flutter Mentor’s videos are a perfect start for beginners and could give a head start to them.

31. SuperDeclarative

On the SuperDeclarative YouTube channel, you can find interesting use-case of Flutter and witness cool applications being built by Matt. Matt is based in the US and tends to explore unique UI kits using Flutter. His videos could never be boring and are a burst of information that can teach you many things about Flutter. You can read his blogs and visit his website for more information.

32. Tadas Petra

Tadas Petra is Google Developer Expert. He has created lot of videos on various topics like How he became GDE, How to become a flutter developer in 2023, Building your 1st Flutter app, and a lot more.

33. Flutter Widgets

If you are working with Flutter, you must have heard this “In Flutter, everything is a widget.” if you are searching for the right resources to learn them, Flutter Widgets can help you with that. Every video in this channel is about widgets, where widgets’ properties, use-case, and functions are discussed elaborately.


Congratulations, you made it this far; you are pretty serious about Flutter and want to improve your learning curve. Make sure that you keep in mind this list is nowhere presented in ranking order and that all the channels are distinct in their way of teaching.

If you are a beginner, you can follow Flutter’s Official YouTube Channel and HeyFlutter and switch any time you want if our suggestions do not work for you. YouTube is a great platform to learn from through videos, but you should ensure that you are also going through the documentation of Flutter, created by the very people who are developing Flutter itself. Reading documentation is a good habit, along with watching tutorials; using both in the right proportion can make a better programmer.

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