30+ Best Flutter GitHub Repositories

GitHub repositories are a great way to share knowledge with other developers. Flutter GitHub repositories are no different. Let’s say you are a beginner; you want to learn from industry experts; you want access to ready-made code files to enhance your understanding, you want to collaborate with fellow beginners who are also learning Flutter, and you want to stay updated regarding Flutter. Then Flutter GitHub Projects are a perfect tool for you.

In this article, we have curated and shared top 30+ Flutter GitHub Repos and Open Source Projects. Please stay with us until the end, as we have shared YouTube videos to help you manage and structure your Flutter GitHub repository.

best flutter repositories on github


This repo is maintained by the Flutter team itself. The GitHub Repo contains the framework of Flutter as it is open-source, and more than a thousand people are contributing towards this. It has multiple example applications which can enhance your understanding of Flutter. Going through this repo will make you aware of how Flutter works and aid you in becoming a good developer.

Awesome Flutter (One Of The Best Flutter GitHub Repositories)

Awesome Flutter GitHub Repository contains a huge amount of resources, including articles, videos, tutorials, templates, podcasts, etc. This can be helpful for beginners, intermediates, and advance level Flutter developers. Everything is properly organized for the ease of the programmers. Awesome Flutter can teach you Flutter in every way you want it to.


Firebase and Flutter pair with each other so well as they are both developed by Google. FlutterFire repo is a collection of Firebase plugins for Flutter. You can see how your authentication request from your app is processed and how other plugins work. You will learn a lot about Firebase through this.

Flutter Widgets

Flutter Widgets Repo is maintained by Google itself. One thing to remember is that the official Flutter team does not maintain this repo. With more than 36 contributors and one thousand stars, this Flutter repo can be helpful for you to enhance your understanding of Flutter Widgets.

Flutter Gallery

Flutter Gallery provides helpful resources to developers who are new to Flutter. It contains a collection of Material Design & Cupertino widgets, behaviors, and vignettes implemented with Flutter. Flutter Gallery has an application, too, where you can learn Flutter on the go.

Best Flutter UI Templates

If you want to get inspired by UIs designed in Flutter, this is the place for you. This guy has a lot of Great UI Templates, which could be helpful for anyone who is into the design side of Flutter. This GitHub Repo has more than 17K stars and 18 contributors. So, You can just imagine how helpful this repo would be for Flutter Developers.

Flutter By Example (One Of The Best Flutter GitHub Repository)

Flutter By Example repo contains a long list of sub-folders with applications intended to teach you a particular Flutter concept. Learning every concept with its live application can root the concept in your mind for a long time, making Flutter By Example stoop up to its name.

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Flutter UI Challenge

Flutter UI Challenge lists different application UI using Flutter. You can take inspiration from this repo and build your unique UIs. You will get an idea of how to work with animation, user flow screens, settings screens, etc.

Animation Sample

This repo is hosted by Dominik Roszkowski, a Flutter freelancer, who sums up his knowledge about Flutter animations. You will be showcased with different animation approaches to Flutter. When you know how to make standard animations, then you can move on to create more complex and customized animations.

Flutter Navigator 2.0 Example

Flutter Navigator 2.0 Example repo lays the foundation for navigating through different screens. In this repo, Pages API and Router Widgets are used to implement navigation in the application. Since now you can develop web applications using Flutter, you will also learn web address handling in this repo.

Flutter Architecture Samples

Flutter Architecture Samples repo aims to help programmers to implement different architectures in their applications. The repo contains multiple applications which are implemented with specific State Management tools. Mastering State Management can enable you to build better applications.


BLoC (Business Logic Component) is a State Management tool for Flutter. This BLoC GitHub Repo provides you with every possible resource to learn and implement it. You will be provided with app samples, videos, articles, etc. This repo contains web application examples to strengthen your foundation for developing web applications with good architecture.

Flutter Redux

Flutter Redux repo provides a step-by-step guide and sample application for developers to learn Redux, a State Management tool. With nearly 2k starts, this repo has proven to be useful to many other developers.

Flutter Example Apps (One Of The Best GitHub Repo With Flutter Example Projects)

Flutter Example Apps is hosted by Pawan Kumar, a certified GDE (Google Developer Expert). This repo contains applications to demonstrate Flutter features, functionality, and integration. You will get code and video links for clone apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Stack Overflow, Pokémon, etc. Pawan has also included Flutter apps for desktop and web to cover every aspect of Flutter. This repo might be a gold mine for developers who want to learn. Pawan has weekly widget series, library series, animation series, etc.

Flutter Hooks

Remi Rousselet, a developer with an insane amount of passion for Flutter, maintains the Flutter Hooks GitHub Repo. In this repo, you will learn about hooks, a concept from React modified for Flutter. The hook will let you manage widget life cycles, and hooks have the potential to work as efficiently as StatefulWidget to revamp the state of your application and make it more intuitive.

Flutter Translate

Have you ever felt the need to localize your application for people who speak different languages? Then Flutter Translate repo is there for you. This repo is a fully featured localization library for Flutter, which will let users use your application in their language. This library is easy to use and can be installed for mobile, web, and desktop. This repo also contains a sample app for you to try.


GetX is a great tool that provides State Management and Route Management efficiently. This repo promises three things performance, productivity, and organization. GetX does not rely on Streams and ChangeNotifier for State Management, which boosts its performance and makes GetX easier to use. When you start to use GetX, you will realize GetX is the next step in State Mangement after BLoC.

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Flutter WebRTC

If you ever felt the need to develop a web application that can support real-time video or audio calls, then you should try Flutter WebRTC. This repo is open-source and solves the complexities of managing calls inside your application, and can let you focus on different features of your application. It includes functionalities such as data channel, screen capture, media cast, and simulcast.

Flutter Form Validation

Many applications include forms for the user to fill up so that the application learns from them about the user and customizes itself to the user’s liking. Form Validator ensures that the user enters the right information and validates that data for you. Form Validator supports localization for your forms, allowing your app to cater to a vast spectrum of people.

Flutter WebView

Sometimes there’s a need to access the web in your app for payment gateways or when a user clicks on a link. But you don’t want to send your users to browsers every time. So, Flutter WebView can help you integrate web services and widgets inside your application. Flutter WebView is also backed by Flutter Community, and that’s how you know there is an opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with your fellow developers.

Flutter Audio Recorder

Flutter Audio Recorder repo is for those developers who want to integrate audio into their app. This library can be used to record audio, pause, resume, and stop using your application. In this repo, you will get sample applications and tutorials for more understanding of this repo. If you want to learn more about this repo, they have provided documentation for you to follow up.

Flutter Real-time Detection

Flutter Real-time Detection uses the image streaming capability of the camera plugin in Flutter. This repo is used to create an application that can detect objects in real-time. You can learn from this and apply the same feature in your application to enhance the capability of your application. This feature can come in handy for many purposes, like searching for a particular plant in a garden or knowing which breed your cat belongs to by just using your camera.

Flutter PDF Viewer

Flutter PDF Viewer repo is focused on opening and using pdf inside your application. This pdf viewer can be handy for many applications, such as ticket booking applications and e-commerce applications, which print their bills in the form of pdf. With 159 stars and five contributors, this repo is set to grow and improve in the coming years.

QR Code Scanner

QR Code Scanner repo is hosted by Juliuscanute, a Flutter developer with over 38 repos. This repo provides your Flutter application with not just a QR scanner, it also embeds the platform view inside your application. The scanning process in this library provides great integration with your application.

Flutter Barcode Scanner

Flutter Barcode Scanner repo provides a plugin for applications to add a barcode scanner. It laid down a step-by-step process for you to utilize the repo. The contributors of this repo have also provided a sample app for you to understand the working so that you can implement the function in your application.

Flutter Map

Flutter Map provides a versatile mapping package for Flutter while carrying the concept of Leaflet in JavaScript. Flutter Map has its discord community and proper documentation, which makes learning collaborative and easy. Flutter Map is highly customizable, which opens the gates for multiple use cases.


Panache is a material theme editor for Flutter, which lets you create beautiful material themes for your application which any code. This repo is helpful for developers who don’t want to spend much time on the front end and focus on the back end or developers who have started to use Flutter. With over 1.7k stars, this repo has proven useful for many developers.

Flutter Template

If you ever felt the need to see clean architecture, responsive design, state management, dynamic material theme, etc., in one application, then Flutter Template is here for you. This repo is perfect for learning all the mentioned topics and witnessing the live demo. The contributors of this repo have also provided proper documentation and a guide for you to utilize the repo to its full potential.

Flutter Native Splash

Flutter Native Splash repo helps customize your application according to the platform and device settings. This repo can generate native code for customizing splash screens for Android, iOS, and the Web. Flutter Native Splash supports dark and light modes. It provides developers with highly customizable options and a step-by-step guide to using the repo.

Flutter What’s New

Flutter’s What’s New repo aims to showcase new features after users update the application. The code is simple and sleek. You can implement it by just dragging and dropping while making your application more appealing to users. There’s a demo of this function provided in the repo for you.

Flutter Settings UI

Creating a settings menu for your application can be a hassle. Flutter Settings UI can be helpful in that regard, where you will get customizable settings UI. This repo contains a step-by-step guide to using the code and provides proper documentation. You will get to know about different parameters for the UI to implement various functionalities.

Flutter Course Resources (One Of The Best Flutter GitHub Projects)

Flutter Course Resource contains everything you need to start developing apps in Flutter. From setting up Flutter to managing State, this repo covers everything. This repo is hosted by London App Brewery which has its discord community, where you could interact with developers like you. The whole repo is structured in such a way it is beginner friendly as it starts from basic and progresses to advanced topics.

Flutter Blue

Flutter Blue is a simple Bluetooth solution for the Flutter application. This plugin can help you integrate Bluetooth features like connecting to a Bluetooth-enabled device, scanning nearby devices, receiving data, and sending data. The only constraint it possesses is that you must test this on a real device, not an emulator. It is easy to learn and implement.

Gorgeous Login

Hosted by Hugo, a Flutter, Android, and React Native developer who has created an eye-pleasing login UI that seems intuitive and highly interactive. You can use this in your app and make your app more appealing to your users. You can easily customize the UI and make it look the way you want it to.

And as we promised, here are some YouTube links for you to be good at using GitHub:

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Remember, learning is a continuous process, especially in the tech industry, where things change rapidly. Collaborative learning is an excellent way to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies, and GitHub is an ideal platform for that.

So, roll up your sleeves and start working on some awesome projects and start contributing to Flutter open-source projects to showcase your skills on GitHub. Don’t forget to network with other developers and make friends who can support you on your coding journey. Embrace the power of collaboration and Happy Coding!

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