20+ Best Flutter Experts And Developers To Follow On X

Hello developers, what’s the best way to get tips and tricks regarding Flutter? Experts are your way out. Flutter experts are the people who have good experience regarding this cross-platform application and have done something remarkable using Flutter, and that’s how they came into the limelight.

So, where can I find the list of best flutter experts? In this article, We have curated 50+ Best Flutter Developers And Experts for you.

Note: This compilation only includes developers/experts who are currently engaging on X (formerly Twitter).

best flutter developers to follow

Tim Sneath

Tim works as a product manager at Google for Flutter and Dart. He has 17 years of experience in building software. You can get every single detail regarding Flutter on his X.com feed. He even promotes and supports developers on his feed to encourage them in their Flutter journey.

Matt Carroll

Matt has previously worked with Google on Flutter and Google Nest. He has also published several blogs covering various topics ranging from an overview of Flutter 3 to how you can integrate a Photoshop color picker in your application.

You can follow him, and rest assured you will get the correct information regarding Flutter and become a good developer.

Salih Guler

Salih is a Google Developer Expert for Flutter and Dart based in Berlin / Ankara. Salih writes blogs about Flutter and its useful features.

You can follow Salih to learn more about Flutter and be a hero in cross-platform application development.

Craig Labenz

Craig is currently working with the Flutter team at Google. Following one of their developers is a good idea if you want to stay updated about what’s happening with Flutter.

You can also witness cool projects using Flutter on Craig’s X feed. He will keep you updated about Android and its upcoming features, which is helpful considering Flutter runs on every platform, and you should be updated about every platform it runs on.

Kevin Moore

Kevin works as a product manager at Google for Flutter and Dart. He has been featured on various YouTube videos revolving around Flutter.

Kevin has never missed an opportunity to join any podcast. He has shared his valuable experience with Flutter and Dart while working with both technologies.

Angela Yu

Angela Yu is a successful coding instructor with courses like Flutter and Web Development. She is a highly-rated world-renowned instructor with over 1 million students and 400,000 positive reviews.

She is the founder and CTO at App Brewery. Angela has a Discord community where people can share their problems, and developers worldwide can help each other find the solution.

Filip Hráček

Filip Hráček has worked with Flutter, and it is possible if you have ever searched for some Flutter-related queries, you might have seen Filip Hráček on some videos on the official Flutter YouTube channel.

You can visit Filip Hráček’s website and witness cool projects like games and bots. He’s a smart guy and can teach you more than ever, you can imagine.

Nishant Verma

Nishant Verma, a.k.a Nash, is a designer and co-founder at Foldmoney_. You can learn more about design language for your applications by following him. He also has some good design courses at SkillShare.

Simon Lightfoot

Simon Lightfoot has 20+ years of coding experience based in London, UK. He’s the Flutter Community Lead and a part of the Flutter Study Group. He’s also experienced in GoLang and CTO at DevAngels.

Rody Davis

Rody is a Senior Developer Advocate for Material Design at Google. Currently, he’s working with Firebase and trying to make Firebase and Flutter work better together. If you don’t know about Firebase, it is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform developed by Google.

Firebase provides services like authentication, hosting, storage, and cloud functions. Since Google developed Firebase and Flutter, they pair very well. Most developers prefer Firebase while working with Flutter.

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Andrea Bizzotto

Andrea is a Google Developer Expert in Flutter and Dart. He has a YouTube channel and multiple courses regarding Flutter.

You can follow him anywhere and ensure you are never compromising on learning. You can learn about hot topics such as Riverpod and GoRouter, currently sought-after packages.

Hillel Coren

Hillel is a Google Developer Expert for Flutter and Dart. He’s the co-founder at It’s All Widgets! which runs a podcast about Flutter widgets and other Flutter features.

Hillel is also a co-founder at Invoice Ninja, which helps people with invoicing. He shares important tips and tricks for other developers on his X.com feed.

Aseem Wangoo

Aseem is a Flutter developer who is based in Singapore. He has a YouTube Channel where he helps developers with being updated with the latest Flutter updates.

Aseem also writes blogs and content on the web. He’s a powerhouse who can help you excel in Flutter development and become a better developer.

Eric Seidel

Eric Seidel has worked with Google as a Director of Engineering and led the Flutter. Dev and Dart. Dev teams and empowered developers using Flutter and Dart worldwide.

Currently, he has founded Shorebird. Dev. With a follower count of around 15k, he’s recognized worldwide for his contribution towards Flutter and Dart.

Danny Tuppeny

Danny is a software developer based in Cheshire, England, UK. He has worked with Flutter, JavaScript, NodeJS, etc., and shares tips and tricks on his X (formerly Twitter) feed.

He answers questions and raises important points. He created Dart & Flutter for VS Code and runs his blog page, where he writes about Flutter, including other technologies.


Nilay works at Google as a Developer Relations Program Manager for Flutter and Dart. She is responsible for building Flutter communities, meetups, and events. Nilay is a must-follow personality who can teach you how you can build your communities, no matter how big or small.

Martin Aguinis

Martin worked as the lead of Global Marketing at Google for Flutter and YouTube. He’s based in the US and has started his venture Clipjoy.

If you follow Martin, Flutter isn’t the only thing you will learn; you will also learn about marketing and Virtual Reality (VR) and how it works well with YouTube.

Pooja Bhaumik

Pooja is a Google Developer Expert for Flutter and Dart based in Bangalore, India. She can guide you with Flutter interviews, and currently, she is also a LinkedIn instructor.

Pooja’s X feed is filled with cool application snippets that can inspire you to make unique and innovative Flutter applications.

Pawan Kumar

Pawan is a Google Developer Expert for Flutter and Firebase. He’s a passionate Flutter developer eager to learn about new technology. Pawan is also a blogger who shares his knowledge about Flutter with everyone.

Norbert Kozsir

Norbert has been working with Flutter since the initial push by Google. He’s a passionate engineer who is building Flutter desktop embedders. Norbert is also keen on joining Flutter communities and Flutter Cons.

Nash Ramdial

Nash is a young developer who loves to code in Dart. His love for Flutter and Dart pushed him to become a Google Developer Expert for Flutter and Dart.

Currently, he’s the lead for Marketing at Stream. He’s part of various Flutter communities and writes blogs to share his experience regarding Flutter.

Romain Rastel

Rachel is currently a lead developer in The Ring based in Brittany, France. He has contributed towards making Flutter better by making multiple packages used by many developers worldwide. His passion for Flutter has pushed him to make some cool applications.

Deven Joshi

Deven is a speaker and produced articles regarding Flutter. He’s a Google Developer Expert for Flutter. His feed is filled with cool applications and games he has made with Flutter. He can point you in the right direction if you want to learn Flutter and make applications as cool as his.


So, we have mentioned quite a few Flutter Developers and Flutter experts here. Now it’s your turn to use this list in the best way to connect with Flutter Devs.

Some of the people mentioned here are Flutter veterans who have worked with Flutter from the beginning and some who have helped develop the framework we love to code. Happy Coding!

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