30+ Best NFT Games To Earn Money In 2024

NFT games are becoming very popular in crypto because of their free-to-play and play-to-earn features. NFT games have NFT built into the gameplay, which allows users to make Money. Now You might have a question What are the Best NFT Games To Earn Money Without Investments? Your answer lies in this article. We’ve curated 20+ Best NFT Games, which you can play for Free and actually make Money.

Best NFT Games To Make Money

The Sandbox (One Of The Best NFT Games)

This NFT game is similar to Minecraft and has pixelated graphics. You can create your avatar in this virtual metaverse. This can be used to develop, trade, and monetize the virtual estate owned by the player.

How To Earn Money In The Sandbox?

You can earn money by creating and selling your own in-game content, such as assets, games, and experiences. By participating, you get $SAND and NFTs, which can be used globally.

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Axie Infinity

The gameplay is similar to that of PokemonGo and CryptoKitties, but in this, you have to catch creatures called “Axies” and train them. Adventure and PVP modes are available to choose from. It is based on Ethereum and Ronin blockchains.

How To Earn Money In Axie Infinity?

You have to collect SLP. SLP is Smooth Love Potion which can be obtained from daily login, completing daily adventures, and winning PVP fights. These SLPs can be exchanged for real cryptocurrencies. You can also sell Axies in the marketplace. Axie Infinity Scholarships can also be used to earn.

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My DeFi Pet

It is a lifestyle-based pet game based on KardiaChain and Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The gameplay involves training, raising your pets, and competing with other players.

This game combines NFT collectibles, players’ personalities, and DeFi. You can also breed your pets to produce more pets during battle. Rare pets have a higher value of DEPT tokens.

How To Earn Money In My DeFi Pet?

The DEPT token is the in-game currency. You can earn coins by farming and playing in this game. You can also earn through season rewards and auctioning monsters.

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It is another free-to-play game that involves crafting weapons and armor to upgrade game characters. You can recruit characters using the in-game currency.

How To Earn Money In CryptoBlades?

SKILL is the in-game currency. You can earn SKILL by defeating a player or monster. Then you can use it to recruit more characters or exchange them for real Money. You can also buy weapons in the marketplace to earn Money. 1 SKILL is equivalent to $36.

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This is another play-to-earn, digital card-based game where you can buy and sell your cards in the NFT marketplace. Every card is an NFT on the HIVE blockchain. It is very similar to games like Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering.

How To Earn Money In SplinterLands?

Gamers are rewarded with cards simply by playing the game. You can earn Money by buying, selling, trading, and collecting these cards. You can also rent your cards in the marketplace.

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Pixel is a virtual world game where players collect and breed creatures called Pixelmons, each with unique traits. It recently moved to the Ronin Blockchain and has over 900,000 players.

The game is free-to-play and blends multiplayer and single-player campaigns. Players can own land, use NFTs as characters, and experience farming.

The game starts with farming basics taught by NPC Barney on a small plot of land. After the tutorial, players move to Terra Villa’s main city to own land and participate in the game’s economy.

How To Earn Money In Pixel NFT Game?

Gameplay involves gathering resources like wood and pop berries to make sellable items for in-game currencies.

Key Features

  • Collect and breed diverse Pixelmons with unique attributes.
  • Engage in battles and quests within an immersive virtual world.
  • Craft and customize Pixelmons strategically.
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Gods Unchained

It is a free-to-play NFT card game like Hearthstone. The interesting feature of this game is that it gives complete ownership of the in-game items, which can also be sold.

How To Earn Money In Gods Unchained?

You can earn $GODS tokens by participating in daily token rewards, quests, weekend ranked rewards, seasonal rewards, tournaments, and special game modes. You can also craft NFTs using this token. Stacking rewards is also another easy way to earn $GODS tokens. You can convert these tokens into Ethereum and use them globally.

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It is a chess-based game combined with the gameplay of Pokemon. It is similar to League of Legends. It uses a combination of turn-based gameplay with action. You have to capture 150 Illuvials in the game. You can use these Illuvials to fight other players and defeat them. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is available on both Mac and Windows.

How To Earn Money In Illuvium?

ILV is the token used in this game. You can acquire these tokens by purchasing them from centralized or decentralized exchanges. Players can claim their staking rewards in ILV. 1 Illuvial (ILV) token is equivalent to $518.22.

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Sorare is a blockchain-based football NFT game that allows players to collect, trade, and manage digital cards featuring real-life football players worldwide.

The Sorare website offers an engaging and easy-to-use interface that provides players with the tools they need to build their perfect team and compete against other players.

How To Earn Money In Sorare?

In Sorare, You can earn money by collecting and trading rare digital player cards represented as non-fungible tokens. You can use the cards by participating in weekly competitions and get rewarded with more cards or ETH.

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Thetan Arena

This is yet another play-to-earn, online multiplayer battle royale NFT game. The gameplay involves fighting with other players using various in-game characters called “Heros”. There are multiple gameplay modes like deathmatch, power siege, and battle royale. It is based on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

How To Earn Money In Theta Arena?

The game has three in-game currencies called Thetan Coin (THC), Thetan Gem (THG), and Power Points (PP). You can earn Thetan Coin (THC) and Power Points (PP) by progressing in the game. But Thetan Gem (THG) can only be obtained in tournaments and special events. All these tokens can be used to buy NFT items from the marketplace.

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The Six Dragons

The Six Dragons is an open-world role-playing NFT game. There is a 256 km2 world where players can farm, craft, and trade items. You can own every item you find in this world which is a decentralized economy. It is based on the Enjin blockchain.

How To Earn Money In The Six Dragons Game?

After playing the game and upgrading your character, you will be rewarded with NFTs which can be exchanged for monetary items in the market. You can invest in tokens and craft items to earn Money.

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Town Star

Townstar is a browser-based farming NFT game allowing players to build and manage virtual farms. The Townstar website provides a simple and colorful interface that immerses players in a fascinating and engaging world where they can grow crops, raise animals, and trade goods with other players.

How To Earn Money In Town Star?

In Townstar, You can earn Money by growing and selling crops, raising and selling animals, and trading goods and resources with other players in the marketplace. The game’s economy is driven by the supply and demand of various goods and resources, fluctuating prices based on market conditions.

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CryptoMines is a game where players manage digital miners called “Mines” to mine cryptocurrencies.

Key features include acquiring, breeding, and upgrading Mines for better mining, and strategizing to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Players need a digital wallet like MetaMask on the BNB Chain to start, and Dark Matter ($CRUX) as in-game currency.

To play, players deploy worker NFTs on different planets, manage mining operations, upgrade workers and planets, and sell mined resources for $ETERNAL tokens.

The game has seen a decline in popularity and increased difficulty, requiring strategic thinking and possibly higher initial investments.

How To Earn Money In Cryptomines?

Ways to earn money include selling resources, staking $ETERNAL tokens, trading worker NFTs, and participating in game events.

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Lost Relics

Lost Relics is a blockchain-based action-adventure NFT game that allows players to explore and fight their way through a variety of dungeons and quests. The website provides an intuitive and engaging interface that immerses players in a rich and detailed world filled with loot, weapons, and monsters.

How To Earn Money In Lost Relics?

In Lost Relics, You can earn money by finding valuable items and equipment in dungeons and quests and selling them as non-fungible tokens on blockchain marketplaces. Completing quests and defeating bosses can also earn rewards, and the game occasionally offers rare NFTs as prizes.

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Guild of Guardians

It is an NFT-based multiplayer fantasy Role Playing Game in which the players can own items through NFT. The players have to compete in a guild to earn rewards. Gamers have to lead their team of guardians through dungeons filled with monsters to collect in-game resources and experience points.

How To Earn Money In Guild of Guardians?

You can earn money in Guild of Guardians by acquiring valuable heroes and items, then selling them on various marketplaces as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). You can also participate in events and competitions to get rare heroes and items that can be sold on the marketplace.

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It is a turn-based RPG game with character breeding. You start with devices, which are your in-game characters. These need to grow in order to perform activities. The gameplay is very similar to that of Axie Infinity.

How To Earn Money In Devikins Game?

To earn Money, you should play PVP/ PVE battles, complete quests, scavenger missions, and participate in weekly leagues. These can help you fetch devi coins called DVK. DVK can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies, which can, in turn, be exchanged for real Money.

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Coin Hunt World

It is a free-to-play mobile metaverse and NFT game. The gameplay is similar to PokemonGo, where you have to explore the world and search for keys. You can unlock vaults with these keys. It is available on both Android and iOS.

How To Earn Money In Coin Hunt World?

You can earn Money in CoinHunt by discovering and collecting valuable virtual assets called coins. These virtual keys can be sold or traded on various blockchain marketplaces as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). You can also earn rewards by participating in various events and competitions hosted by the game’s developers.

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Alter Verse

It is a free-to-play metaverse type of game that uses the Unreal engine. The gameplay is a futuristic first-person shooter. You can shop, buy, socialize, and even craft NFTs. Alter Verse is still in its alpha testing stage. Other features of this game are in-built voice chat, sky cars, live events, and guns.

How To Earn Money In Alter Verse?

You can earn money in Alter Verse by acquiring valuable in-game assets such as virtual real estate, items, and currency. These assets can be sold on various blockchain marketplaces as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or used to participate in events and competitions hosted by the game’s developers.

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It is a 2D metaverse used to build, socialize, game, and earn. The in-game avatars are called Cosmic Kids. It is an arcade type of game. There is a limited number of Cosmic Kids available, and this can increase in the future. You can play multiple other games in this game, like Star Saber, RC Racer, Glowing Garden, and Mini Golf.

How To Earn Money In Osiris?

In Osiris Metaverse, you can make money by collecting rare and valuable in-game items such as characters, weapons, and other cool stuff. You can then sell these items on various blockchain marketplaces as NFTs and make a profit.

There are also events and competitions that you can participate in for additional rewards. If you’re looking for a more passive income, you can also stake the game’s native token, OGN, and earn a share of the game’s revenue.

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Reward Hunters

It is a role-playing game with different characters. It has 1v1 and 1v8 modes. RHT is the in-game currency in Reward Hunters.

There is a limited supply of only 1,000,000,000 RHT tokens. An interesting feature is that you don’t have to claim your rewards every time; the token is automatically sent to your crypto wallet every hour.

The RHT you earn can be traded with other cryptocurrencies, which can be exchanged for real Money.

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By playing Impulse, you can travel through different worlds and eras, ranging from medieval times and western plains to futuristic landscapes that are beyond imagination. Along the way, you can collect NFTs that unlock special items such as clothing, weapon skins, and unique cosmetics to customize your gaming experience.

It is powered and managed by Enjin. Players can range from a minimum of 6 to 16. The avatars are called silver synthetic humanoids, which can be modified into other creatures. EncrypGen is the in-game currency of this game.

How To Earn Money In Impulse?

You can compete in the paid arenas and earn real money rewards. You can also collect trophies and DNA as NFTs. This game is still under development. It follows a play-to-earn model. Further updates about the token system are available on their official website.

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Crypto DrakeBall

It is a play-to-earn game based on Binance Smart Chain. DBALL (DrakeBall Token) is the in-game currency of this game. In the game, you have to acquire legendary dragons and powerful heroes. You can also train and modify them.

How To Earn Money In Crypto DrakeBall?

DBALL can be earned by killing villains and training with friends. It costs $0.33 per token. You can also collect and trade strong Drake claws in the marketplace. The NFTs minted on the ERC-721 standard can be traded on the marketplace.

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Every Farm

It is a farming simulator game. The gameplay is pretty simple, like most farming games on the internet. You are given a plot of land where you have to rear animals, run factories, sow various crops, harvest them after some time and sell them to earn points or in-game currency.

The base storyline of the game is that a rich tycoon only wants profit from farmers and does not care about the well-being of the netizens. You must complete multiple quests to level up and advance in the story. This game is available on both iOS and Android devices.

How To Earn Money In Every Farm?

To earn Money, you need to first earn hearts. You can earn hearts after reaching level 35 and selling some items in the restaurant in exchange for hearts. You get FLERO tokens, which can be exchanged for WEMIX, which can be exchanged for real Money.

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Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX

It is a blockchain game with idle RPG and shooting game elements. Different characters called heroes and commanders, have different skills and rankings. You can upgrade your character and their weapons. These commanders can also be converted into NFT.

How To Earn Money In Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX?

You should play the game to earn hero stones. After buying HERCO tokens, you can exchange them for WEMIX. WEMIX can be exchanged for real Money.

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Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict

It is a military strategy game that requires high critical thinking. You have to operate and manage a base and aircraft carriers. Then you should carry out attacks on enemy bases to earn points and upgrade your base. It is available on iOS, Android, and Windows.

How To Earn Money In Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict?

You need to spend enough time on this game and clear the rookie phase to earn Money. After getting past the rookie phase, you have to collect rewards and its in-game currency, ‘Titanium.’ Titanium can be traded in exchange for MILICO tokens. MILICO tokens can be exchanged for WEMIX, which can be exchanged for Money.

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Battle Cometh

It is a free-to-play tactical card game. The gameplay is 1v1 space battles and tournaments. Over $1 million worth of rewards have already been distributed in the game. You can build your own customized deck of cards and even trade them.

How To Earn Money In Battle Cometh?

You can play to earn NFT cards, NFT spaceships, and resource tokens. This cards can be traded and turned into real money.

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Mist is an open-world, action, role-playing game where you can explore various maps. It has a dynamic combat style which is unique in the world of MMOs. It has NFT land and item ownership. It is available on Windows and Mac OS. This game has nine classes of characters and eight races of creatures.

How To Earn Money In Mist?

MIST is the in-game currency. You can earn MIST tokens by farming them. You can trade MIST with other players. Other ways to earn are by creating sandbox dungeons, staking MIST, and completing quests.

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Players can do In-App-Unlocks using QUDO in all adherent games, while game developers can improve their games through the QUDO B2B marketplace or give back to the community by creating additional rewards. It is a free-to-play game that rewards the game developers and the players for playing it.

How To Earn Money In Qudo?

The users are basically awarded for playing the game. You can earn kudos tokens, which can be used to unlock in-game items. It also rewards the game developers for how active their game is. These Qudo tokens can be used in other games too.

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Crypto Raiders, Illuvium, Devikins, Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX,
Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict, Crypto DrakeBall, SplinterLands, and Guild of Guardians are some of the most popular free-to-play and play-to-earn games in the NFT world.

These games offer the best gameplay, graphics, and storylines to engage the users. Different games are based on blockchains; you should invest in these assets / in-game currencies carefully.

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