How To Create And Sell NFT In 2024?

Everyone’s riding the NFT wave. Like collecting cards, toys, and rare items, NFTs are now the future of Collectibles.

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are unexchangeable pieces of artwork that give the owner exclusive rights over what happens with that art. An NFT is verified on the blockchain.

Only one owner can own a particular NFT at once. This individuality gives the artists complete control over the price-setting of the NFTs.

An NFT includes videos, GIFs, music, photos, illustrations, digital art, tickets, media and music, video games, virtual things, etc. NFTs are generally in the format of PNG, JPG, JPEG, MP4, and MOV.

Some popular examples of NFTs are:

  • CryptoPunks – (John Watkinson & Matt Hall – $1.2 Million)
  • Azuki – (Zagabond – $15.6K)
  • NBA Top Shot – (NBA – $208,000)
  • Nike Cryptokicks – (Nike – $134,000)
  • Nyan Cat – (Christopher Torres and Charles Schmidt – $950,000)

Steps On How To Create And Sell NFT

How To Create NFTs

These steps are curated from thorough research on both Web2 and Web3 forums. You can take these however you may please.

1. Learn About NFTs

This step is for those who are new to NFT. NFTs are a generally new topic, and they don’t have much clarity on the internet. Although they have proven to be profitable, they are highly volatile.

Here are some courses and a YouTube video you may watch to ride the wave faster:

2. Learn About Art And How To Create NFTs

If you haven’t ever created artwork or never participated in an art competition, then this step will help you in your NFT journey tremendously. There should be no pressure on you to make money or be famous via NFTs.

Do whatever you want on the canvas, and don’t focus on the NFT’s success. Just do what you want with your Art. Although there have been cases of non-artistic tokens being bought for ridiculous amounts, not all NFTs are like that.

Most NFTs are created by artists and independent creators who want a platform to sell and show their art galleries.

This is convenient for the artists, as they get both exposure and huge payments on the same platform. You can start your art learning journey by joining these art courses:

3. Create A Crypto Wallet

A crypto wallet is necessary to be able to buy and sell NFTs. A crypto wallet enables you to buy an NFT, pay the gas fee for your NFT, and receive the buyer’s payment.

You can set up your crypto wallet with the most used “MetaMask Wallet,” a Web3 cryptocurrency wallet used extensively for the Brave browser and accepted on “OpenSea.” MetaMask is easy to set up and connects to most blockchains like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Other alternatives are MyCryptoWallet, Math Wallet, AlphaWallet, Trust Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet, also accepted in various NFT marketplaces. Set up a wallet according to the Marketplace you want to sell your NFT on.

To set up the MetaMask Wallet, follow the given steps:-

  • Download and install Brave Browser
  • Download the Metamask Wallet extension to your Brave Browser
  • Click on Get Started and Create New Wallet
  • Add a password and remember your Secret Phrase (Important)
  • If you want to buy some crypto for gas fees or NFTs, register your bank details and proceed to buy crypto from crypto exchanges. I would suggest Binance or Coinbase.

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4. Choose An NFT Platform/Marketplace

The most popular NFT marketplaces are “OpenSea” and “Rarible.” Other alternatives are WazirX, SolSea, Mintable, and Axie Marketplace.

Every Marketplace has pros and cons, so choose your Marketplace carefully. An NFT’s unique selling point is its exclusivity. If you list it everywhere, it loses its value, and people devalue it based on its availability.

The pros of OpenSea are that it accepts Ethereum, Polygon, USDT, and Solana cryptocurrencies. Rarible rewards its users with “RARI” coins, Raribles own cryptocurrency, for buying and selling NFTs.

5. Connect your Crypto Wallet

You can connect your wallets to multiple marketplaces. Here are the steps to connect your MetaMask Wallet to OpenSea:-

  • Create a profile on OpenSea
  • Click on the Wallet Icon
  • Select Metamask
  • Connect with Metamask

As the web browser you will use is Brave, the web application will pick up on the already signed-in wallet. You will have connected your MetaMask Wallet to OpenSea in no time.

NOTE: if you already have coins in some other wallet, then you can transfer those coins via ERC-20 for Ether, and SOL for Solana Networks, to your Metamask Wallet.

6. Create Your NFT

You can use various tools like Photoshop, After Effects, GIMP 2.0, Canva, and even tools provided on the NFT marketplaces to create your NFT. Let your imagination do its work.

For reference, you may browse the NFT marketplace for references and find what NFT collectors like and generally buy.

Or do the extraordinary and create a sensation! PNG is the most widely used format for NFT artworks. Try to export your art in that format.

7. Choose A Blockchain

On OpenSea, the Ethereum Blockchain is the most popular NFT blockchain. But it comes at a cost. You have to pay a hefty gas fee. “Gas” is the transaction fees paid to miners on a blockchain to get a node’s transaction in the blockchain.

The gas fee to buy an NFT is about $10, and to list your NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain is roughly $40 and can reach up to $200 according to the demand and nodes connected.

To avoid this gas fee, you can opt for the Polygon blockchain when listing your NFT.

8. Buy Cryptocurrency For Gas Fees

This is an optional step. Using the Ethereum blockchain is more beneficial than Polygon, as it is more popular than Polygon. Hence you will be able to sell your NFT much quicker than your Polygon listing.

Also, most users trust the Ethereum blockchain more than Polygon, as it powers most of the Dapps and has a higher market capitalization than Polygon.

You can buy Cryptocurrencies on Binance or Coinbase. If you are in India, WazirX is a better alternative.

9. Mint And Sell Your NFT

You are now finally ready to sell your NFT. Your chosen marketplace should have a built-in method to upload and mint NFTs.

This will turn your created artwork into a newly minted NFT. To be able to list your NFT on OpenSea, Follow these steps:-

  • Upload Image, Video, Audio, or 3D Model
  • Write the Name of your NFT
  • If you want to give it an external link, please do so. (To your NFT gallery or artwork showcase)
  • Write its Description
  • Select Collection (If you are making a collection of NFTs as a series)
  • You can choose to give Unlockable Content (NFT Preparation Video/Message for buyer etc.)
  • Choose Supply (Amount of NFTs to be sold)
  • Choose Blockchain (Preferably Polygon)
  • List items for sale via Fixed Price or Auction
  • Choose Starting Price
  • Choose the duration of the listing (The time after which the highest bidder gets the NFT)
  • Now, you will get notifications regarding sign messages on the Brave browser. Accept them and List your NFT.

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10. Promote Your NFT

This is an optional step. You may want to promote your NFT. My advice would be to join communities and promote good information about your projects and NFTs via Discord, Meta, Instagram, Reddit, and other social media outlets.

You could also try online marketing by publishing adverts or joining crypto podcasts on YouTube. Try to interact with the NFT community by doing free projects and setting up a good reputation for yourself.

You can collaborate with fellow NFT creators and journalists who write about NFTs. This step is optional as not most NFTs require marketing. They sell sometimes.

Call it luck or talent; the NFT sphere is an artist’s wildest dream.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is An NFT?

A non-fungible token is a digital artwork consisting of digital data stored in a blockchain, a form of the distributed ledger.

How Does NFT Work?

An NFT is minted from digital formats. Their links are stored on the blockchain and used as collectibles and concert tickets. Only one person can own a particular NFT.

How To Create An NFT?

You can create any music, artwork, video game, graphic design, or even a meme as an NFT. You have to list it on NFT Marketplaces to be able to sell it after Minting it.

How To Create An NFT Art For Free?

The most used method of minting free NFTs is using the Polygon Blockchain on OpenSea.

How Much Does It Cost To Create An NFT?

The prices of Minting NFTs can go up to $200 and as low as $10, depending upon the demand.

What Are The Best Platforms To Create, Buy And Sell NFTs?

The two most popular NFT marketplaces are OpenSea and Rarible.

How To Buy NFT?

You need a Crypto wallet with coins, and it must be connected to one of the marketplaces to place an order for an NFT.

How To Sell NFT?

You can sell NFTs on the same platforms where you buy NFTs. To sell them, you must mint an NFT, then choose the blockchain and duration.

How To Make Money With NFT?

The only way to make money with NFTs is by selling them at a profit. Either you buy one and sell it at a margin or create one and do the same process.

What Does It Mean To Mint An NFT?

It means that the NFT has been listed on the blockchain.

Why Are NFTs So Expensive?

The demand for NFTs as an art form creates an upsurge in prices. Sometimes the NFTs are expensive due to hype.

What Is Staking NFT?

NFT staking means attaching your non-fungible tokens to a platform or protocol. In exchange for this action, you receive staking rewards.

What Are The Best Platforms To Create NFT?

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Canva, GoArt, PixelChain, and Krita.

Is It Easy To Create NFTs?

If you have a history in arts, then yes. If you can create good memes worthy of millions of likes, yes.

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