25+ Best NFT Courses For Beginners And Experts

Want to learn about NFTs but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! We have created a list of the best NFT courses for beginners, intermediate learners, and experts.

Whether you’re new to NFTs or a seasoned pro, these courses will give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the world of non-fungible tokens.

Boost your understanding and take your NFT journey to the next level with our best NFT courses list.

best nft courses

NFT Fundamentals (One Of The Best NFT Courses)

This course is mainly focused on building up fundamentals. People who are new to NFTs but want to learn it, you are in the right place. Just start your learning process from this course. This course consists of what NFT is, how to create it, and different types of NFTs. It is one of the best NFT courses.

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Romtos Course: NFT – Product Management

The Romtos course provides only dry practice in building products in Web3.

This course includes:

  • Creating an NFT product as a Product Owner or Project Manager
  • Creating a GameFi product as a Product Owner or Project Manager
  • Creating a DeX product as a Product Owner or Project Manager
  • Hypothesis Test, Product strategy, Project goals, Setting objectives, Backlog prioritization, Market and digital assets, Key metrics, UNIT Project Economy, Funnel optimization, Tokenomics, and other sections.

Plus you will receive certification and a career path. Join and start your new career path today!

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The Ultimate NFT Course 2024: Buy, Sell, Create & Trade NFTs

Learn from an experienced digital agency owner about NFTs, covering buying, minting, selling, creating, and trading them.

What you’ll learn:

  • Basics of NFTs and Blockchain.
  • Understanding Gas fees and crypto wallets.
  • Purchasing your first NFT and discovering upcoming projects.
  • Getting whitelisted and avoiding common NFT scams.
  • Creating and trading NFTs on the marketplace.
  • Suitable for beginners and experts interested in NFTs.

Rated 4.7 Stars by 1460, this is one of the best NFT courses.

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NFT 101: Introduction To NFTs

The course starts with a basic introduction to NFTs and answers all your questions, like how to create NFTs. Where can you sell your NFTS? What is the basic requirement to create NFTs? Why it is so popular and many more. By the end of the course, you will know how to buy, create, trade, mint, and sell NFTs.

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Introduction to NFTs: Non-Fungible Tokens

This is a beginner-level course where you will learn much about NFT quickly. This course is available on LinkedIn Learning. The main goal of this course is to make people learn about NFTs, how to avoid NFT fraud, and how to do profitable trading with them.

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How to Launch A Successful NFT Project

It’s a 10-day journey to make you learn how to create an NFT project. The learning journey starts with the introduction of NFT space. The next step is to make well known the NFT’s basic requirements. Detailed information is given on how to mint the NFT and trade in different platforms.

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NFT Art Masterclass

It is designed for the beginner who wants to learn about NFT. This course provides information about how to create NFTs, the concept behind NFTs, and how to get profit from them. This course’s main purpose is to teach you how to use art to create beautiful tokens and valuable things for the market.

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Build An NFT Marketplace

It is an intermediate-level course, where you must be well aware of the fundamentals of NFTs. This course helps learners to create and deploy their decentralized apps.

There is some prerequisite knowledge required before you get this course. You must have some experience with the programming language and how blockchain works. This course gives more pathways to go ahead in NFTs.

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Certified NFT Expert

The certification course covers different aspects of NFT in the Ethereum blockchain. The Blockchain Council beautifully designed this course, giving detailed, in-depth information about NFT.

First, it discusses basic terms like decentralized apps, blockchain, and their functionalities. After that, You’ll learn about NFT, what it is, how to create it, what platforms you can sell and buy NFTs, how to profit from NFTs, and more.

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NFT Digital Artist Economy

In this course, you’ll learn about

  • How Art Is Minted Digitally
  • Create Your First Trade-able Art Show
  • Price Setting and Royalties
  • Bundle Digital and Physical Art History
  • And more.
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Complete NFT Course Online

In this course, You’ll learn about the NFT use cases, NFT Smart Contracts, NFT Minting, IPFS storage, Investing, Selling NFTs, and NFT Security. By the end of this class, students will know everything they need to open a crypto trading account and start building wealth.

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How To Spot The Next Big NFT Project

In this course, Vish will walk you through everything from how to evaluate NFTs, to creating your very own investment thesis with a free printable template – and he’s going to show you how to spot the next Bored Ape Yacht Club in its early stages. The only prerequisite for this crash course is knowing how to buy and sell NFTs.

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NFT Fundamentals by 101 Blockchain

This NFT course will help you:

  • Gain a deep understanding of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Learn the scope and goals of NFTs, including their practical applications.
  • Master the creation, purchasing, and selling of NFTs through best practices.

The course includes modules on NFT concepts, history, project ecosystem, use cases, marketplaces, and future challenges. It is ideal for beginners and NFT enthusiasts looking to capitalize on the growing popularity of NFTs.

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NFT Course And Workshop

The lessons covered in this NFT course are

  • What is an NFT?
  • Why are NFTs getting so popular?
  • Blockchain and platforms for NFTs
  • Ethereum and NFTs
  • Making your NFTs
  • Trading ideas in NFTs
  • NFT security
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Crypto And The NFT Frenzy

In this short course, You will learn about cryptocurrency, blockchain, mining, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This course is for absolute beginners and doesn’t require any experience.

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Complete NFT & Crypto Wealth Building Masterclass

StackSocial offers a bundle of courses from beginner level to advanced level. This course is very useful if you want a good hold on NFTs.

The lessons covered in this course are:

  • Complete NFT Master Class for Artists & Entrepreneurs
  • Cryptocurrency Mastery: The Complete Crypto Trading
  • Cryptocurrency Wealth Creation – Staking, Lending & Trading
  • Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Trading Masterclass
  • Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Trading: Candlestick Pattern Mastery
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NFT Course – From AI To NFTs

This course is designed to show the transformation of Art in the digital world and the shift from AI to non-fungible tokens.

It consists of projects where the participants will apply all their learning and get the application of it. The course also includes guest speakers from the heart of the NFT conversation.

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Master NFTs In 7 Days Course

It gives more fire to your learning thought of NFTs, in detail, provides an understanding of minting, creating, and trading NFTs in a different marketplace. It is designed in such a way that no prerequisites are required. Pick up this course if you want to go ahead step-by-step.’

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NFT Crypto Master Class: Buy, Sell, And Create NFTs

It is one of the best courses available on Udemy to understand the basic concepts of NFTs and the relationship between NFTs and Blockchain. Aleksandrov has made this course very simple to understand and to grasp the concept.

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NFT Basics: Sell, Buy, And Create NFTs

It is an excellent NFT basics short class designed for beginners to make their learning start. One of the best parts of this course is that the instructor makes learners post their newly created NFTs to generate interest and gear up their learning process.

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Turn Your Art Into NFT

Are you an artist looking to expand your creative reach and venture into the world of digital art? Then this half-n-hour course is perfect for you!

This course teaches you how to turn your art into an NFT (non-fungible token) and take advantage of the booming digital art market.

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The Complete NFT Web Development Course – Zero To Expert

In this course, You’ll learn how to build an NFT Marketplace using Solidity, React, and Truffle. Become a Complete NFT Web Developer by learning the best in-demand skills taught by well-known engineer and full-stack developer Clarian North.

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The Complete NFT Course – Learn Everything About NFTs

This course is properly divided into beginner and intermediate levels. The one who wants to go ahead must get this course.

After completing this course, you will be well-equipped with great knowledge about trading NFTs, blockchain wallets, MetaMask, marketplaces, smart contracts, and many more.

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Build An NFT Marketplace from Scratch

This course teaches you how to build an NFT marketplace from scratch. You must know programming languages to have a good understanding of them. Some basic understanding of JavaScript, solidity, React, etc., will greatly help you.

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Certified NFT Developer

To benefit from this course after enrolment, you must have prior knowledge about NFTs, how it is created, what the blockchain is, and the role of the blockchain. By the end of the course, you will know well about polygon and how to build NFT projects with React.

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Certified NFT Professional

It explains how digital currency is making a new way in our lives. Important concepts are covered in these topics, which give you a clear understanding of Metaverse, the digital landscape, transferability of NFTs.

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How Brands Should Enter The Metaverse & NFT Space

This course is designed mainly for the professional who wants to build branded metaverse projects for the company and clients.

It will also give you an understanding of how to get the transition in this space. One of the best course designs for professionals to go ahead with new projects and business in web3.

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Metaverse And NFTs For Marketing

It is an advanced level course, where you must know how Metaverse and NFTs work together. The main perspective of this course is to get a real understanding of how marketing works between them.

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How To Create NFT Characters Using Procreate

This course will teach you how to use the Procreate App and create NFT characters. You will also learn here to upload characters in Opensea.

Including proper composer, composition, lighting, and shadows, along with making various layers to give unique traits to your NFT characters. You’ll learn step-by-step how to develop your style and the importance of utilities behind your NFTs.

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Complete Guide To NFT Blockchain Automation

This course helps you learn how to create a new blockchain application using Python, Web3 js, and Web3 py. It gives detailed information about the latest automation tools used in NFTs.

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NFT Gold Rush

This course is for those who want to dive into NFT trading deep. Most NFT courses highlight technological components; this course introduces NFTs from IT and financial/legal perspectives.

It is a how-to user guide that covers trading in the NFT markets, understanding the legal issues involved with NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and the technological solutions NFTs can offer to create a digital asset.

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The list of courses gives you the pathway to learn about NFTs systematically with numerous interesting and informative videos. Courses should be picked according to the level by analyzing what you need. Choose the appropriate courses and upgrade your NFT journey. Have a happy learning!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Become A Certified NFT Artist?

To become certified NFT artist, You can pick any of this course (Certified NFT Expert, Certified NFT Developer, Certified NFT Professional), learn from it and get certification.

Where Can I Learn More About NFT?

You can learn more about NFTs from courses like NFT Fundamentals, NFT 101: Introduction To NFTs, How to Launch A Successful NFT Project, Build An NFT Marketplace, Certified NFT Expert.

Which Platform Is Best To Learn About NFT?

If you want to learn about NFTs for free, then YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Discord, etc, are the best platforms.

What Are The Best NFT Courses?

The Best NFT Course For Beginners Are NFT Fundamentals, NFT 101: Introduction To NFTs, The Best NFT Course For Intermediate Are Build An NFT Marketplace from Scratch, NFT Gold Rush.

Best NFT Courses For Experts Are Certified NFT Expert, The Complete NFT Web Development Course – Zero To Expert.

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