15+ Best NFT Podcasts For Beginners

The NFT market is very volatile, and there has been a great change in a short period. You must listen to the podcast to be aware of all the short and great new terms. It makes you updated with the great strategy and analysis of the NFT market and the new project launched. NFT podcasts from the vivid speakers and the investors give you all about depth analysis, strategy, and how to work and invest in NFTs.

Note: All the NFT podcasts listed below are active and regularly updated by the hosts.

Best Podcasts To Learn About NFTs

best NFT podcasts

The Money Movement with Jeremy Allaire

The Money Movement explores and chronicles the ideas and opportunities driving this new world of digital money. The Money Movement is hosted by Circle co-founder and CEO, Jeremy Allaire. Our mission is to raise global economic prosperity through the frictionless exchange of financial value.

Edge of NFT Podcast

If you are interested in learning about NFTs and what’s currently going on in the market, listen to the podcasts of Edge of NFT. This podcast is hosted by Jeff Kelley and Eathan Janney. The duo gives the latest information about NFTs and their market trends and the NFT, which will seek a high position in the future and the one which will fade soon. It is one of the best NFT podcast for beginners.

Two Bored Apes Podcast

This podcast is presented in a very interesting way. It attracts listeners as it contains huge information about the work going on NFT projects. It is one of the best resources to get insightful reflections about the most popular NFT projects. Jamie and Roy, hosts of this show, ensure that the listening every second of this show will be worthy and fantastic.

NFTs Now Podcast

NFTNow is a leading platform for Non-Fungible Token news, and they have a podcast called “Team Steams” hosted by Sam Hysell, Alejandro Navia, and Matt Medved. The podcast features interviews with trailblazing artists, collectors, and technologists about how NFTs are transforming the creative economy. Each episode is around 30-50 minutes and is released every Wednesday. The podcast provides expertise on specific NFT fields and covers various NFT-related topics.

Proof NFT Podcast

Kevil Rose is the host of Proof; on the other side, he is a serial entrepreneur and one of the top 25 most influential people in the world. In the Proof, he talks about NFT artists, new upcoming NFTs projects, generative NFTs, metaverse gaming, and new tools which cover all the NFTs. The way he delivers information attracts a huge crowd to listen to his podcasts.

NFT Catcher Podcast

Jennifer Sutto and Michael Keen make this podcast very informative for those interested in trading with NFTs. They make their audience updated on everything going on around the NFT world. Podcasts cover all about NFT market dynamics and how to earn huge profits from it. This is quite beneficial for those people who are interested in knowing the new upcoming tools in the NFT market.

NFT Talk Show

This NFT Talk Show gives you all short and detailed information about NFTS. This talk shows covers the strategy and tips followed by artists and NFT investors to shine bright like the sun in the NFT marketplace. It’s amazing where you will find answers to many of the questions in your mind. Check out all the podcast series where you will learn a lot about marketplaces like OpenSea and LooksRare.

The Nifty Show Podcast

It is one of the first NFT podcasts, which was launched in mid of the 2020s. It is an original talk with some of the best NFT pioneers. This podcast is very interesting, and you will find how two hosts have a usual conversation about NFTs, and it sounds so amazing. Nifty Show will make you entertain and will give you some collectibles in your wallet by making you invest in NFTs.

The Mint Condition

These podcasts cover in-depth talks about the various factors and tools that work on NFTs. The various working aspects and the interviews of the top artists and NFT pioneers cover all aspects of NFTs. The Mint Condition covers the flipping of NFTs to the new NFT projects launched in the market and the upcoming ones.

The First Mint

The first Mint happens when both NFT enthusiasts and experts come together. This podcast mainly covers the newly established projects of NFTs, mainly sports and entertainment based. Its main purpose is to make the community learn more about the pros and cons of NFTs.

NFT Heat Podcast

NFT heat is given by the co-host John Kraski and Justin ShenKarow, where he keeps the thoughts of great NFT leaders. It also deeply tells about NFT and how it will transform Metaverse, DeFi, and social Token. Whether you are a newbie in NFT or have gone deep through it, you will find all its episodes from zero to the top one.

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All About Affordable NFTs

You will find the expert’s advice and detailed talk about the NFTs that are highly profitable and merging in the market. Podcasts cover NFTs that can be easily purchased and how to trade and invest in them. The approach is the same whether you own one NFT or 100 in number.

NFT Alpha

It is the spot where you can get current information and project reviews of NFTs. Episodes come twice a week, and it will amaze you if you go through them. Here you will learn about great upcoming projects and tokens, their major influence, and their potential in the NFT marketplace.

NFT 365 Podcast

This NFT podcast is powered by $ADGD coin and hosted by Fanzo. Here you can listen to interviews and breaking news about upcoming projects and new trends and learn a lot from them. It also covers some other topics like cryptocurrencies and Metaverse.

Floor is Rising

The NFT collector, Sabretooth, and the art critic, Kizu, host this podcast. This platform invites those around three Cs, creating, collecting, and critiquing, to have an eventful discussion on non-fungible tokens. These shows last for 30 minutes. It also has subjective questions waiting to be answered by people with different aspects. You can listen to this show during short breaks.

Bankless Podcast

It is one of the best podcasts to get credible information on DeFi, crypto finances, and non-fungible tokens. The best part of this podcast is that it makes listeners understand the market’s highs and lows. The information provided will show you how NFTs will impact the web3 world.

Welcome To The NFT Jungle

This podcast covers all about NFTs and the ways to navigate the crazy world of NFTs. It gives you better essence of NFTs. Join the MetaJungle Discord for free access to tools and resources through which you can make NFT collecting successful. This podcast provides you wonderful experience of NFT Space.

My NFT Journey

Are you interested in learning about NFTs and what will be the next step in the NFT space? Clear all your doubts and learn more about the NFT projects. In this podcast, the host wants to share all the experiences related to NFT and the advice of artists, experts, investors, collectors, and people in the space.


Podcasts are considered a reliable source for learning a lot about NFTs. The best part is that you can listen anywhere, even on a short break, if you are an NFT lover or investor. Numerous podcasts cater to information from different aspects of NFTs. It will update you with new tools and the duping and pumping of the NFT marketplace.

We’ve covered all the best NFT podcasts for beginners and experts. Go through and extract all useful information from it and find how to fly high in the NFT marketplace. Happy learning!

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