20+ Best NFT Apps For iPhone

Are you looking for NFT apps for iPhone? You’re at the right place. In this article, we’ve curated 20+ best NFT apps for iPhone. Creating or browsing NFTs on an iPhone is made easy with these apps, some of which are also available for Android devices. No laptop or extensive understanding of NFTs or blockchains is required.

nft app for iPhone

NFT Go (Best NFT App For iPhone)

Best NFT Apps for iPhone

This platform gives vivid chances to make entry into the NFT world. Here you can mint pre-made art as NFT and use it in the marketplace. This single app allows you to carry all processes in the same place. You can mint NFT on any of the blockchains, Ethereum or Polygon.

Things To Know About This App:

  • You can share NFT with multiple marketplaces.
  • Pre-made art can be minted easily.
  • Best app to mint NFT in multiple marketplaces.
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The Best Overall NFT Creator App With Tutorials

This NFT app is for the one who wants to create simple and catchy NFT art. The app uses augmented reality training to create art NFT, and it has various drawing tools and digital canvas. Using this app, you can create AI art from photos and AR masks for Snapchat. On this app, we not only create NFTs, but we can buy, sell and mint NFTs.

Things To Know About This App:

  • Free drawing courses and a very simple interface for users to handle.
  • It has its marketplace.
  • You can create NFT art in the app.
  • Best overall NFT creator app with tutorials.
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Ninja NFT

Best App To Mint NFT In Multiple Marketplaces For iPhone

It is one of the best NFT apps because it uses the Binance Smart chain; it is one of the cheap, most secure, and most established. Here you can’t create original art, so first, you have to upload artwork on your phone, and then you can create the NFT. This app is very flexible.

Things To Know About This App:

  • Give the flexibility to connect a crypto wallet in the app.
  • Uses the secure and well-established Binance Smart Chain platform.
  • Best NFT Apps for iPhone to create your own art.
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Go Art (Best NFT Creator App For iPhone)

Best NFT Apps For iPhone

It is the most used app for NFT creation on iPhone. You can create “proper” art here, and another side, you can create NFTs from the photos of the phone gallery. This app uses AI to turn into NFT using various styles. It consists of enough filters to adjust the style and style of the AI. Here you sell NFT on various NFT marketplaces.

Things To Know About This App:

  • Uses of AI filters.
  • Very easy interface to create NFTs.
  • Can sell NFTs on different marketplaces.
  • Best app for easy and quick NFT creation.
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NFT Creator (Best NFT iPhone App)

Best NFT Apps For iPad

Here you can’t create an original NFT. Rather you pick your photos and import them into one of the app templates, such as Zombie, Art, Doodles, etc., it makes you familiar with how minting of NFT takes place. You can sell NFT in a marketplace such as Nifty Gateway and Binance Smart Chain.

Things To Know About This App:

  • Create images using old photos.
  • Sell NFT on the well-established marketplace.
  • Very easy to create NFTs.
  • Best app to turn pictures into crypto art.
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OpenSea NFT Marketplace

Best NFT App For iPad

It is the largest NFT marketplace where you can find almost all types of NFTs. You can keep an eye on NFT drops and their prices. As it lacks a connection with the Wallet, it still has numerous features to connect with NFTs. You can search it by collection and connect your OpenSea profile to the app to view all the collections of NFT.

Things To Know About This App:

  • You will find varieties of NFTs in one place.
  • World’s largest NFT marketplace.
  • Best valued NFT creator app for beginners.
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Token Art

NFT App For iPad

Token Art supports almost all blockchains and displays art in the form of cards. It even supports staked items in NFT games like R-planet and Green Rabbit. Staking NFTs can generate regular income in the form of interest. The best feature of this app is that all the NFTs can be seen in the same place.

Things To Know About This App:

  • All NFT art collections can be viewed in the same place.
  • Connect almost all NFT-used blockchains.
  • Best to app to showcase NFT and connect to blockchain.
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NFT Apps For iPad

It is the platform where you can create cartoon avatars using various tools and customize them. This well-developed platform where you can have social connections with SuperMe NFT avatars. Every unique cartoon and feature is given by a professional artist and is based on Ethereum Blockchain.

Things To Know About This App:

  • Best app for creating amine characters.
  • You can share your creations all around the world and can have social connections on this platform.
  • It is the best platform to have fun without spending money.
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8bitPainter (Best NFT Maker App For iPhone)

NFT Apps For iPhone

This app is well known for its simplicity in creating pixel art with different canvases and using fewer tools. You can convert pixel art into NFTs; fewer operations make things smoother. It focuses on ease of creation rather than the richness of multiple functions.

Things To Know About This App:

  • Very simple interface to create pixel art and convert it into NFTs.
  • It has the option to re-import the image which you deleted from the app.
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Nifty Gateway

NFT App For iPhone

This platform is well known for buying and selling NFTs in the marketplace. It is an exclusive place for music and artwork. Here you can explore more about NFTs. Famous basketball players and various musicians and artists are part of this network.

Things To Know About This App:

  • Price alerts are provided by this app, which is fantastic.
  • Easy to navigate and browse to airdrops.
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Crypto. com NFT App

This NFT app provides multiple chain support and covers various kinds of NFTs like music, artwork, games, and sports. You can purchase NFT here without paying any transaction fees. The platform runs on the crypto blockchain.

Things To Know About This App:

  • Gasless buying of NFT.
  • Transactions are accepted by both debit and credit cards.
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NFT Art Creator App

Best NFT Art Creator App

This app instantly helps create free Ethereum NFT and digital art using various drawing tools. You can mint NFT here and get it into your MetaMask Wallet. You can sell your Ethereum NFT in various marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, etc.

Things To Know About This App:

  • Ethereum blockchain minting with zero commission.
  • Digital futuristic Filters and Neon themes.
  • Ethereum NFT can be sold in various well-established marketplaces.
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It is regarded as one of the best platforms for crypto exchanges. The finance marketplace is also used for accessing NFTs. NFTs are hosted on both Binance smart chain and Ethereum. Here you can sell, buy, and trade NFTs.

Things To Know About This App:

  • Have a “Mystery Box” feature that generates completely randomized NFT.
  • Trust wallet is used to keep NFT safe.
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best NFT Apps for iOS

It is an excellent platform for starting the trading of NFTs. Rarible marketplace is developed on Ethereum Blockchain. It allows you a diverse selection of NFTs like art, music, games, etc. This platform is open-source and free to use.

Things To Know About This App:

  • It offers lazy minting features.
  • RARI token holders can vote on the proposals, and this affects the platform.
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It is the best combination of DeFi and NFT to create a platform to play and earn easily. You can earn rewards by getting engaged with the app it runs on Binance Smart Chain. It allows to creation, buying, selling, and minting of NFTs.

Things To Know About This App:

  • Wallet transfer is very easy.
  • They are fully decentralized.
  • It is listed on coinmarketcap.
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Kukai Wallet

This platform runs on the Tezos Blockchain, the longest-running web3 Wallet. The Wallet mainly focuses on three principles: security, community, and reliability. Here NFT Enthusiasts can access various digital assets and collectibles.

Things To Know About This App:

  • It allows you to replace your long wallet address with the google, Twitter, Reddit, or Facebook username, making it easier to receive funds.
  • It shows better support for NFT drops.
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This marketplace allows you to mint, bid, purchase, and trade NFTs. It supports the Ethereum blockchain for minting NFT, and the Solana blockchain is used for listing NFT. People can buy and sell their favorite NFTs, including GameFi and Metaverse NFTs.

Things To Know About This App:

  • You can buy, sell and trade NFTs of metaverse and GameFi.
  • They have Defi Mining and Cloud Mining, which makes it different from other apps.
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NFT iPhone App

This app is mainly used to track all the trends of various NFTs. It tracks NFT stats like floor prices, charts, market cap, and discovery news. It also updates you about the newly issued NFT in Ethereum and Solona Blockchain.

Things To Know About This App:

  • It offers multi-wallet support.
  • It fetches floor prices and various stats about NFTs from different places.
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It helps enthusiasts to trade and mint the best NFT collections. Roverex also verifies the legitimacy and authenticity of the NFT projects and ongoing work. It gives real-time information about the NFTs, like their floor prices, sales volume, etc.

Things To Know About This App:

  • It stops you from investing in false projects by giving authenticity to NFT projects.
  • It gives real-time information about NFTs.
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This app is also known as an NFT tracker. It tracks prices, performances, ETH address trades, and more about NFT collections.

Things To Know About This App:

  • You can track prices, top NFT collections, and great projects in one place.
  • It’s free of cost.
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CryptoBytes Farm

It is one the best NFT gaming platform, where you can create your portfolio by owning assets and then buying and selling to other players. You can collect NFTs by playing games here—own pro assets to generate regular income in the form of crypto.

Things To Know About This App:

  • By owning assets, you can generate income in the form of cryptos.
  • Play and earn at the same time.
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It is a browser-based app used for creating pixel art. You can mint NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and sell on Opensea; everything is done in one place. The simple grid is used for painting pixel creations, and mirror mode is used to do the process faster. This is the best app for creating NFT of pixel art.

Things To Know About This App:

  • The easiest way to create pixel art.
  • Minted on Ethereum and sold on Opensea in the same place.
  • Best NFT pixel art creator app.
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This app is very helpful in tracking the price and stats of NFT art on the famous Nifty Gateway Marketplace. It has various filter options to choose the NFT selectively. You can find the good NFTs of your choice here.

Things To Know About This App:

  • Various options to filter the NFTs.
  • Connected to the popular Nifty Gateway Marketplace.
  • Track the prices and stats of NFT.
  • Best NFT app for monitoring NFT gateway.
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Axie Infinity Marketplace

It is a pretty popular game where players purchase NFTs of cute monsters, and they fight battles against each other. The play-and-earn program is making people more tilted toward this game.

Things To Know About This App:

  • Fun and generation of income are dual benefits.
  • Trading of earned SLP tokens is possible here.
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As digital art becomes more popular, more mobile apps are available for NFTs. These NFT apps for iPhone and iPad allow users to make, buy, and sell NFTs on marketplaces. Enjin and OpenSea are good apps for people who want to do everything in one place. There are also apps like 8bit Painter, GoArt, and Sketchar that are mobile-friendly and help users make pixel art, turn images into NFTs, or use AI to create art. Finally, token. Art is useful for people who want to keep a portfolio of their NFTs and share it on different platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Create An NFT On My iPhone?

Yes, You can create NFTs on your iPhone but you need to download one of the NFT creator app for it. You can check our list of 20+ best NFT apps for iPhone.

Can You Buy And Sell An NFT On iPhone?

Yes, You can buy and sell an NFT on iPhone. Apps like Sketchar and NinjaFT have their own marketplaces where you can buy and sell NFTs on your iPhone.

What Is The Best NFT Creator App For iPhone?

SketchAR is the best NFT creator app for iPhone. Other NFT creator apps on iPhone include NFT Maker, NFT Art Creator, GoART, Pixel Chain and 8bit Painter.

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