30 Best NFT Discord Servers You Must Check In 2023

If you’re an NFT enthusiast who is looking forward to learning more about NFTs, you would want to join groups of like-minded individuals who can share their experiences. NFT Discord servers are among the best places to find people with similar interests.

There are hundreds of discord servers with irrelevant information and spam. It can become very confusing to decide which server to join. We’ve curated the best NFT discord servers in this article.

If you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced NFT enthusiast, this NFT discord servers list will have something valuable for all.

NFT Discord servers List

NFTs World Discord Server

It is one of the biggest NFT Discord Servers with over 392k members. It’s the best server to join for newbies, as it facilitates easy contacts for trading your NFTs. Members share a lot of information about NFTs and cryptocurrencies. NFT projects, recent developments, latest news, and investments are also major discussion topics.

VeeFriends Discord Server

VeeFriends is the second biggest discord server with over 348k members who help you regarding the purchase and selling of your NFTs. It was created by Gary Vaynerchuk to help people learn more about NFTs and share their experiences. He is famous for predicting the rise of NFTs and social media. It is a very friendly server that aims at combining business with friendship.

OpenSea NFT Discord Server

OpenSea NFT Discord Server has over 254k members and is one of the most active servers. On OpenSea, all of your questions and doubts get answered. It has numerous features for both newbies and intermediate developers. It has a news channel that provides the latest news and a community help channel to assist members facing problems.

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) Discord Server

It has over 205k members in the discord server. The majority of the content on this server is about ‘Blue Chip NFTs. They have the best branding strategy and provide a lot of information on upcoming drops and new developments regarding NFTs.

Crypto Punks Discord Server

This server has a community of over 79k members who actively participate in sharing information regarding NFTs and cryptos. It was one of the first groups to make the PFP NFTs. Digital security and NFT projects are important topics discussed on this server. It is popular for CryptoPunk, Autoglypha, and Meebits.

Reddit NFT Discord Server

This server has a community of over 144k members. It is the official discord server of the r/NFT community on Reddit. Information about new NFT developments, projects, and news are shared on this server. There is also a lot of information regarding investments and the latest news on upcoming drops. It is extremely active, and users can get answers instantly.

Rarible Discord Server

It is the biggest marketplace for NFTs after OpenSea. It has over 54k members in the discord server. Popular projects like Creature World, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and MekaVerse were initially featured here. It is a perfect place to educate yourself about NFTs and investments. It also has memes, stages, and support channels.

Decentraland Discord Server

It has over 171k members. It is a virtual world like a metaverse with its own DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). It provides an excellent marketplace for in-game assets like wearables, gear, and land. It has channels for memes, NFT, and crypto talks. They also have a channel regarding NFT news that is regularly updated.

Hangout Café Discord Server

It has over 119k members. It has a wide range of members ranging from art, crypto, and even gaming. You have many texting and chatting options available, making the server very active and educational to learn about NFTs.

Enter Discord Server

With over 41k members, this server is ideal for users solely interested in NFTs only. If you want to learn more about NFT artists, this is a must-join server for you. Musicians, artists, and blockchain developers are also members of this community.

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Crypto Dads Discord Server

It has a small community of 29k members. There are 10000 NFTs that were created by popular “Dads” in the crypto community. This server provides multiple channels to learn about new investors, NFT trades, cryptocurrencies, and future drops. A lot of content on how to purchase and sell NFTs safely without getting scammed is available on this server.

NFTverse Discord Server

Most of the content shared on this server consists of DeFi trends, NFT projects, new developments, collaborations, and investors. It has a community of over 35k members. NFTverse was created with the aim of making it the most decentralized DeFi solution for NFTs. It has a huge community with active members comprising both collectors and artists.

Web3 Tribe Discord Server

It is considered one of the best places to learn about Web 3.0. Initially, this was a private group, but now it is available to the public. News on NFT projects, collectors, and investments is shared regularly on this server.

MekaVerse Discord Server

Created by artists who were anime and manga fans, this server has a community of over 26k members. It is based completely on a collection of 8888 Mekas. Most of the content is inspired by the Japanese Mecha universes. It provides updates on recent developments in Mekaverses.

BFF NFT Discord Server

It has a community of over 25k members who actively share a lot of information regarding NFTs and cryptos. It was first created by 50 members. It provides a very friendly space where users can share their problems and seek solutions. This server is not ideal for any promotional work.

Hollow Discord Server

Even this server has more than 100k members. It was created by professional NFT collectors and artists to raise awareness about the importance of mental health in the crypto world. It is majorly based on the ‘Hollow Community’ NFT collection, which is on the Ethereum blockchain. So most of the content on this channel is about it only.

Aspen Labs Discord Server

With over 12.5k members, this server is owned by a decentralized app-building company. Their main aim is to provide users with NFTs, De-Fi, and Social Lending platforms. Ethereum and blockchain are also major topics to be discussed actively on this server. This is a perfect place for NFT buyers who want to learn more about trading and investing.

NFT Hideout Discord Server

Hideout has about 9.5k members. Unlike other servers, NFT Hideout is a private server having a smaller community. This enables you to educate yourself on upcoming NFT developments, investors, collectors, and artists. You can also promote your work on this server and review others’ work too.

Crypto Baristas Discord Server

It is an NFT-sponsored café. NFT projects and their practical applications are the most discussed topic on this server. It consists of Barista Bank and caffeine-loving characters controlled by 60 owners.

Nouns Discord Server

Nouns Discord Server is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It has a community of over 13k members. The NFTs contains avatars of 32*32 pixels. These NFTs are called nouns that are generated and auctioned every day. This is one of the most innovative NFT projects on the internet. Stay upto date by joining this discord server from the above-given link.

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Mutant Cat Discord Server

With over a community of 10k members, Mutant Cat is based on the Ethereum blockchain. This server purchases blue-chip NFTs from various platforms and then sells them to its members.

Art Stars Club NFT Discord Server

Art Starts Club has a community of over 12k members. Their tagline is ‘Steal like an artist, paint like a thief .’They have a crypto villains and crypto masters theme. It is basically a collection of artworks that are stored on the blockchain. They share info related to everything they do on their discord server.

Foxxies Discord Server

It has a community of over 9k members who are interested in NFTs and cryptocurrency. They claim to be a collection of 4500 NFTs. Every foxxie holder is given access to the ‘Elite Club.’ He also owns an equal share of the DAO-curated art platform.

Galaxy Gang Discord Server

It has a community of over 5k members who are from all over the world. A lot of events are held daily on this server. Information regarding new developments, projects, and investments is uploaded regularly. One advantage of joining this server is its weekly nitro giveaways.

CrypToadz Discord Server

CrypToadz is a small community of more than 7.5k members. This server is filled with content that is both entertaining and educational. It was created by Gremplin, a famous artist. It has members who guide newbies on the new NFT content and share a lot of information on new developments in the NFT world and projects. The community is very popular for its memes and great sense of humor.

Museum The White Room Discord Server

With over 6k members, it is a generative persona-based NFT project. It was created to make people aware of the cultural, historical, and artistic significance of the NFTs.

Friends with Benefits Discord Server

It is basically a DAO and a crypto-backed social club. This server is perfect for someone trying to learn more about crypto, NFT, and investments. It is also a great place to find new music. It has more than 10k members and is known to have received funding from Andreessen Horowitz.

NFT News Pro Discord Server

It is a universal server on which everyone can access its features, unlike other servers where only the users who trade on that server can access the features. A special channel on this server is that of Shill NFT. It allows users from multiple platforms to share their NFT collections and promote their items. This server also has platforms like Rarible and OpenSea linked to it.

Mavs Collectibles NFT Discord Server

It was created by Mark Cuban, who is a popular investor. It also has a channel with Instagram linked to it where artists can share their projects from Instagram. This is a great way to promote your art and connect with other artists. You can follow this server for the latest news on NFTs.

NFT Now Discord Server

They wish to redefine how creators and their communities share their work. This server provides information and analysis of various NFT technologies and collectors. Podcasts, videos, news, articles, and guides are regularly uploaded on this server.

You can join multiple discord servers to keep you up to date about the NFT world. Some of the best options are NFT World, r/NFT, OpenSea, Decentraland, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), and Hangout Cafe, which have the largest communities.

This list of best, free and new discord servers are extremely active and will surely help you to learn more about profitable NFT projects, new changes in the marketplace, new trends and to make better investments. Here you can get more insights into trading and learn from the experience of the top investors, artists, or collectors.

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