30+ Best Flutter Tools And IDEs

Hello there, Flutter developers. We searched the entire internet to find the best Flutter tools and IDEs and made a list for you to look into and decide which tool you will make a part of your Flutter journey. Most of these tools are widely used by veteran and new developers in the industry. There are tools for automation, deployment, State Management tools, database, etc. Most of these tools are free and easily accessible.

So, let’s dive into this list of best Flutter IDEs and Tools that can enhance your coding experience and make your development process easy and convenient.

best flutter ides

Android Studio

Android Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) developed by Google. Android Studio is sometimes the default choice for developers working with Android and Flutter. It caters to many features, including debugging, testing, and application analysis.

This IDE provides its users with virtual emulators for testing their applications. Flutter also provides necessary features like widget tree visualization, hot reload, dart analysis, etc. We suggest you try Android Studio once if you are not using it now.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code, popularly called VS Code, is one of the lightweight and easy-to-use IDE. VS Code is open-source and developed by Microsoft; it supports each language or framework with a wide range of plugins. Many Flutter features can be accessed through this wide network of plugins, like hot reload, dart analysis, debugging, etc.

There may be a few features lacking in VS Code for Flutter, but there’s a huge community of developers who make plugins for VS Code that focuses on enhancing the existing features and bringing new features for VS Code.

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is a widely used IDE for software development, including mobile application development with Flutter. It is developed by JetBrains and provides a range of tools and features for developers to write, debug, and test code efficiently. Flutter development in IntelliJ IDEA is a smooth process; it supports creating new Flutter projects, managing dependencies, and integrating with other tools like Git, Android Studio, and Xcode.

It also includes a wide range of plugins to simplify and automate the development process. Like Android Studio and VS Code, it also supports basic Flutter features like hot reload, Dart Analysis, widget tree visualization, etc. It has a similar UI as Android Studio because Android Studio is based on IntelliJ IDEA, which makes its users switch easily.

Flutter DevTools

Flutter DevTools ensure developers get proper tools for development, debugging, and checking performance for their Flutter apps. Flutter DevTools is a web-based software that provides a graphical user interface for analyzing and inspecting various aspects of your app, including its widget tree, network requests, performance metrics, and more. Flutter DevTools also provides some features like memory view, network view, logging, timeline view, etc.

Flutter Studio

Have you ever thought about how you can have access to a Flutter IDE while you don’t have your system around? The answer is web-based IDEs. Flutter Studio is a web-based IDE that can be accessed from anywhere without installing software locally. Flutter Studio ranks high in an easy-to-use interface. It provides a drag-and-drop option for developers and the code editor to write the required code.


CodePen is like Flutter Studio, but it is not just limited to Flutter. This web-based editor provides a convenient way for Flutter developers to experiment with their Dart codes and quickly prototype their code without having any software locally or depending on system specifications.

CodePen is a great tool for developers around the globe to collaborate and share their code. Live Preview in CodePen is one of the most useful features; developers can see their application’s behavior in real-time.


DroidScript is mainly used by developers to create Android applications using JavaScript. You might wonder what’s the use of DroidScript in Flutter. Let’s say you know how to code using JavaScript and don’t want to switch to Dart. So, the DroidScript plugin can help you code Flutter apps using JavaScript. Using DroidScript, you can create native Android UI components without any hassle.


Firebase provides cloud-based services for mobile and web development; it helps developers build and scale their applications easily. Since it is developed and maintained by Google, it can be easily integrated with Flutter applications. It provides authentication, storage, hosting, messaging, etc. Firebase UI is easy to use, and everything is laid out so that even new programmers can use it efficiently.


In the deployment process of applications, there are many redundant tasks a developer must do. So, what should we do to automate building, testing, and deploying our applications? Fastlane is a popular open-source tool that can help you automate all redundant and necessary processes. It provides pre-defined automated workflows for all required tasks; these workflows or lanes can be customized to work in your way to ease your process of deployment.

GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions like Fastlane allow developers to automate software development workflow; the one advantage GitHub Actions has over Fastlane is you can directly do the automation within the GitHub repository.

GitHub Actions for Flutter allows developers to automate the build, test, and deployment through their GitHub repos, making it more accessible and open to collaboration.

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Flutter SDK

The Flutter SDK is a free and open-source platform that allows developers to create high-quality native applications for both iOS and Android platforms.

It is built on Dart, a programming language that can be compiled into JavaScript or dart2js, making it a versatile and powerful tool for app development.


BLoC, which stands for Business Logic Component, is a tool used by Flutter developers to manage the state of their Flutter applications so that data can easily flow from one component of the app to another.

BLoC allows developers to put the presentation and business logic layers separately, making it easier to test and debug if any issues arise. BLoC is easy to use and can be learned quickly through online tutorials available for free.


Test Magic is a test automation tool for Flutter, which simplifies the testing and deploying of beta apps on iOS and Android. With its user-friendly IDE, Test Magic enables developers to run tests on devices such as mobile or desktop. Additionally, Test Magic can be used alongside Codemagic to manage provisioning profiles and incorporate test gadgets.


Riverpod is a tool like BLoC used for state management for the Flutter application across the widget tree. Riverpod aims at providing better performance and robust error handling, unlike the Provider library on which it is based.

Riverpod uses various providers such as Stream Provider, State Provider, and Future Provider to handle the different kinds of states it deals with. Riverpod provides much flexibility for developers to manage their state in Flutter.


Panache is a widely-used flutter development tool, with over 40 million developers relying on it. It is a Flutter material editor tool that enables developers to create material themes for their applications.

Using Panache, developers can easily customize shapes, colors, and designs to create a unique material theme. Moreover, they can conveniently convert their work into a dart file and store it in their Google Drive.


GetX is a state management tool that is easy to use for developers and uses reactive programming. Unlike other tools, it uses an observer pattern to update the UI whenever the user selects something that may trigger a state change. GetX provides support for routing, which may be helpful for Flutter developers.


Redux is used as a state management tool that is widely used for web and mobile application development. Redux provides a single source of truth for the application state, which makes it easier to code, test, and maintain. Actions and reducers are both used to listen and update the state of the application and, in turn, update the UI for the user.


MobX is a state management tool that is widespread among Flutter developers. Based on Observable and Observer pattern that provides flexible and easy-to-use state management tool.

Developers can define which observable variables represent the application’s state and updates in response to any change. Its separation of business logic and UI makes it an ideal state management tool for testing and maintenance.


DartPad is a simple online code editor or Flutter developers to test their Dart code logic or experiment with Dart anytime. It can write, run, and share code snippets among developers.

Flutter Inspector

Flutter Inspector comes with a Flutter development environment; developers use this tool to visualize the widget tree of the Flutter application. This in-built tool allows developers to debug their applications by examining and understanding the properties of each widget and their function in the application’s working.

Flutter Sentry

So, you want a tool that can report errors and crashes in your application? Then Flutter Sentry is the best tool for you; this library provides robust error monitoring and crash reporting capabilities. You can track and monitor errors in your applications and receive real-time error notifications when detected; how cool is that? It collects precise information about errors and crashes to smooth your debugging and troubleshooting journey.

Flutter Firebase Analytics

This plugin allows Flutter developers like you to integrate Google Analytics into their Flutter applications easily. You might think, why do you need it? This plugin can track user behavior and engagement with your application and get insights and a summary of the app’s performance on various devices and network settings.

Flutter Firebase Authentication

Flutter Firebase Authentication is a plugin that helps Flutter developers authenticate users signing or logging into their applications. This plugin can let developers provide seamless and easy authentication for their users. This tool is reliable and safe as Google developed it, and you can rest assured your data won’t be compromised.

Flutter Firebase Crashlytics

This tool lets Flutter developers integrate crash reporting into their application to report better crashes that occur in real-world scenarios. The developers can get real-time notifications when a crash occurs and resolve it immediately. It prevents you from providing bad experiences to your users and lets you analyze the problematic portions of codes you should change.

Flutter Firebase Storage

Many applications require cloud storage for various functions, and integrating cloud storage is not easy. To help developers to ease the integration of the cloud with applications, Firebase Storage is there. Firebase Storage can retrieve data, photos, videos, eBooks, etc. You can let it store user-generated data in a secure system that Google handles, so there are no questions about encryption and security.

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Flutter Firebase Realtime Database

Integrating a real-time database in an application and maintaining that database is a hassle and requires a lot of work. Flutter Firebase Realtime Database can let you focus on your application, and it will handle all the tasks; it can let developers store sync data in real-time across multiple devices and platforms, and developers can easily build collaborative and real-time applications like discussion forums, chat apps, online communities, etc.

Flutter Firebase Remote Config

You don’t want to bother users with too many updates (take note, Microsoft) but want to change a few properties, such as testing different color schemes, updating UI based on different times of the day, etc. Flutter Firebase Remote Config can be your savior; it allows developers to remotely control certain aspects of their Flutter applications in real-time without pushing updates.

Flutter Lints

This tool is implemented using Dart Analyzer. It is a set of static analysis rules for Flutter that can help developers adopt best industry practices to make their code readable and easy to maintain. Flutter Lints catches common code errors and style issues. It has Flutter-specific rules such as widget naming conventions, class name conventions, etc.; if anything goes wrong, it notifies developers about it.

Flutter Firebase Performance Monitoring

The one thing developers require after the launch of an application is to check its performance and get real-time performance, and work on the issues; Flutter Firebase Performance Monitoring is the ideal tool. It measures the performance of the Flutter applications in real-time using Firebase. It can record screen rendering time, startup time, and even network latency and visualize all the data in the Firebase console.

AWS CodeBuild

AWS CodeBuild is a service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It helps users automate the code’s build, test, and deployment phases. It is highly scalable and can be implemented with frameworks like Flutter.

AWS CodeBuild helps in detecting bugs early in the software development lifecycle. It ensures your code is always release-ready and new features reach users in due time. CodeBuild ensures you won’t need to provision or manage your build servers.

Video Player

Video Player plugin for Flutter is one of the most popular packages; with more than 2k likes, it supports mobile and web applications. This plugin is used for playing videos on a widget surface. The installation is standard and easy; it supports every format depending on the OS.

File Picker

A function that is always needed in any application is a good file picker for users to upload locally available files on the device they are using. The file picker plugin will help developers add a file-uploading function without many complications. With more than 3k likes and 120 pub points, it has proven useful for many developers.


The HTTP plugin is useful for developers dealing with Future-based APIs and HTTP resources. It supports all major platforms, including Linux, and has gathered 6k likes with 140 pub points. This plugin has made it easy to access top-level functions that can enhance your application’s capabilities.

Font Awesome Flutter

Font Awesome Flutter is made by the official Flutter Community, and you get 1600 icons to work with; how awesome is that? This package has gathered too much attention and more than 3k likes, with popularity touching the perfect 100. You should check this out.

Flutter Facebook Auth

Many users prefer to sign in or log in to your app through Facebook, and you, my friend, should give them plenty of options. Because you never know what might repel a user from your application. This plugin is the easiest way to add Facebook Authentication to your application; this supports mobile, web, and macOS.

Sign In With Apple

By integrating this plugin, you allow your users to sign in through their Apple IDs. This is the easiest way to integrate this function, this plugin supports Android, iOS (obviously), macOS, and the Web. This is one of the most popular plugins and has gathered 1.3k likes and 140 pub points with the Flutter Favorite badge.

Image Picker

Image Picker, a plugin made by the official Flutter team, can come in handy when your app involves a function where users must pick images from the gallery or click new images. It supports mobile and web only, with 5k likes and popularity touching 100; this is the perfect plugin for people looking to integrate an image picker.

Permission Handler

With people becoming aware of data privacy, apps nowadays are not allowed all the permission soon after installation, and developing a user permission function is a long task. Permission Handler, developed by Baseflow, can ask for all the permission your app might require; with more than 3.6k likes and popularity touching 100, this is the perfect permission handler for you.

Google Play Services

This is an excellent resource for developers looking to build robust Android applications. This package will allow developers to integrate various Google services such as Google Sign-In, Google Analytics, Google AdMob, Google Cloud Messaging, Google Drive API, Google Play Billing for in-app purchases, and much more. Integrating these services has been made easy by the Google and Flutter team, wherein you get examples online of how to do it.


We know that’s a long list of tools and IDEs, but trust us, these tools will make your life much easier when you bring your ideas to real life. Is that it? And the answer is no; thousands of tools are out there, and we have selected these for you to start.

Whenever a need arises for some tool, you can just search for it or create it. You can try all the tools if you want, as they are free and easily accessible, and decide which suits your need best. Tools are just a way to make your development process easier; how you use them depends on you. Hope you like this list of best flutter tools. Happy Coding!

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