50 Best Flutter Packages Worth Checking In 2024

The Flutter framework is widely used among developers, and they are all searching for the best Flutter packages to make their projects the finest.

Developers are finding it hard to select the packages because so many packages are available on the internet. We are here to simplify that job for you by curating the top flutter packages for you.

Take a breath and check out the flutter packages list given below. Don’t worry; even if you are a beginner or intermediate, we have covered everything for all.

best flutter packages

Flutter Launcher Icons

A simple package that removes the task of updating your Flutter app’s icon. It is just a command line tool that is fully flexible and allows you to choose what platform you wish to update the launcher icon.

JSON Serializable

JSON serializable automatically generates code for converting to and from JSON by adding extra information in dart classes. It is possible to customize the encoding or decoding of any type.

Charts Flutter

Charts Flutter is a material design charting library for Flutter. This project is internally developed at Google and published for external consumption.

You can use it for creating beautiful, animated, and high-performance charts, which are used to craft high-quality mobile app user interfaces using Flutter.


Shimmer is a package that provides an easy way to add a shimmer effect in a flutter. There are packages available depending on shimmer, which will provide different shimmer effects. This will help you get different experiences in your app and is very easy to use.


Freezed is a code generator for data classes, unions for cloning, etc. It helps reduce your number of codes and saves you from writing error lines. Installation and setup are easy; you can do that by using some commands.


An amazing flutter package that helps handle your application routing on all platforms. It uses the router’s power and executes all the underlying logic for you. It is easy to use and provides lots of customization.

In-App Review

In-app review is used for showing the rating pop of your app. It helps users to rate your app easily. It can be used on Android, iOS, and MacOS. It is a widely used plugin among Flutter developers.


Riverpod is a state-management library that catches programming errors at compile time rather than at runtime, removes nesting for listening/combining objects, and ensures that the code is testable.

Flutter Flavorizr

Flutter Flavorizr is a flutter utility to create flavors easily in your app. You need to install some other software to use this package, but Android users can skip this step. It is a perfect rescue for you from the troubles when you use a multi-environment.


Retrofit makes it easy to generate everything necessary for sending and receiving data from your API. It is possible to hide the files generated by the retrofit. Freezed, JSON Serializable and Retrofit is a perfect combination to use.

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Google Fonts

Google Font package will provide you with 1000+ fonts to use freely. It is very easy to use and will help you get attractive, decent, and stylish fonts in your API. You can preview the content in the selected font before using it. I love using this.

URL Launcher

This is a flutter plugin that will help you in launching a URL. It is supported on the Web, phone, SMS, and email schemes.

This package is useful in opening external links. The web URLs can be launched in an in-app web view or the default browser.


Crypto helps implement SHA, MD5, and HMAC cryptographic functions – a set of cryptographic hashing functions implemented in pure Dart.

The following hashing algorithms are supported:

  • SHA-1
  • SHA-224
  • SHA-256
  • SHA-384
  • SHA-512
  • SHA-512/224
  • SHA-512/256
  • MD5
  • HMAC (i.e. HMAC-MD5, HMAC-SHA1, HMAC-SHA256)


Fancy pre-built animations that can easily be integrated into any Flutter application. This package comes with some commonly desired animation effects. Users can customize the effects according to their content.


BLoC is the most popular library and is recommended by Google. It helps in developing fast and reactive apps. BLOC makes it easier for a team to work on some uniform patterns.

BLOC supports undoing and redoing states. Efficiency in working is excellent, and reuse components both within our application and across other applications.

Easy to test and make sure that our app is responding properly. BLoC is widely used by the flutter community.


The collection package for Dart contains several separate libraries with utility functions and classes that make working with collections easier. The package has functions that work on lists. The language used is Dart.

Cupertino Icons

Default icons asset for Cupertino widgets based on Apple-styled icons. This is supported on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Web, and Windows platforms.


A composable, Future-based library for making HTTP requests. HTTP packages contain high-level functions and classes that make it easy to consume HTTP resources. It supports mobile, desktop, and browser.

Shared Preferences

This is a plugin used for reading and writing simple key-value pairs. It helps in wrapping platform-specific persistent storage for simple data. This plugin is not preferable for storing critical data.


A support package that aims to make golden testing in Flutter easier. It will provide functions, extensions, and documentation to support golden tests. It has many extensions and mechanics to accommodate advanced golden testing.


Coverage provides coverage data collection, manipulation, and formatting for Dart. This package will help us avoid many errors in our code. It is supported on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Cloud Firestore

Flutter plugin for Cloud Firestore, a cloud-hosted, NoSQL database with live synchronization. It also has offline support on Android and iOS.

This plugin allows us to use Cloud Firestore API. This allows your app to read, write, and react to changes in the Firebase database.


A Dart package that helps implement value-based equality without explicitly overriding == and hashcode. By default == will return true if it finds two are the same instance.


GetX is the second most popular state management library and is very simple for new Flutter Developers.

GetX is secure, stable, and up-to-date. Transferring information inside an application with the state management is possible.

The application’s state is updated whenever information is passed. It offers a range of built-in APIs that are not present in the default Flutter SDK. It is possible to fully reuse your code made on the front of your backend.

Firebase Auth

Flutter plugin for Firebase Auth, enabling Android and iOS authentication using passwords, phone numbers, and identity providers like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. It helps us to use the Firebase authentication API.


Flame is a game engine for Flutter that is modular and offers a comprehensive range of solutions for game development. By leveraging the robust infrastructure offered by Flutter, it streamlines the code required to create your projects.

Flame Bloc

If you are using Flame, then you should try flame bloc, also. It is an integration for the Bloc State management library to Flame games. The flame bloc is similar to the Flutter Bloc.

Flutter gen

The Flutter code generator for your assets, fonts, colors, etc. It helps you to get rid of all String-based APIs. In addition to that, it allows you to use custom fonts. It also supports generating colors from XML format files.


Hive is a very powerful and simple flutter package written in pure Dart. Hive can be used just like a map. It has strong built-in encryption and Great performance.


Pana is a library for analyzing dart packages. The name pana is derived from ‘PAckage aNAlyzer.’ It is called a package analyzer because it provides a report summarizing the health and quality of dart packages.

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Provider makes Inherited widgets more simple and easy to use. The BLoC package is used internally to provide and access BLoC objects in the widget tree. The Flutter team supports the provider state management library.

Google APIs

Google APIs have generated dart libraries for accessing Google APIs. This is supported on Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, and the Web. Installing just this one package allows you to use a ton of APIs.


The membrane generates a Dart package from rust. It has fast performance with memory management and strict typing. It helps you to port code into Dart.

Modal Bottom Sheet

Modal Bottom Sheet is a package where you can make awesome and advanced modal bottom sheets. The sheet is a new package that will reimplement the modal bottom sheet from scratch. It is expected to be more user-friendly, stable, and customizable.

Purchases flutter

Purchases Flutter is a package that helps us to make in-app purchases and subscriptions easily. This plugin is supported on iOS, MacOS, and Android. This is an open-source framework that is well-maintained and has many integrations.


Mason is a Dart template generator that helps teams to generate files quickly and consistently. It has tools that allow developers to create and consume templates generated that are reusable and called bricks. It is a new package.

Flutter Commands

The Flutter command is a way to manage your state based on ValueListenable and the command design pattern. ValueNotifier can hold just one value. It doesn’t recreate the whole widget tree on calling setState(). Flutter offers the same that BLoC does but in a more logical way.

Flow Builder

A Flutter package that is useful in simplifying navigation flows. The flow state will be the state which drives the flow. A new navigation stack is generated whenever there is a new flow state. It is flexible and easy.


Recase changes the case of the input text to the desired case convention. It is a small yet useful package. This package requires at least Dart 2.6.


Formz is a unified form representation in Dart. It aims to simplify form representation and validation generically. It has automatic validation. The package is easily understandable.

Very Good CLI

It will help you do tasks like ‘creating a new flutter app’ in a one-line code. It will make your job easier with some commands.


Mocktail focuses on providing a familiar and simple API for creating mocks in Dart. This package simplifies mocking with null safety support and no manual mocks. The new package allows users to mock and verify navigation behavior.


Fleasy is very useful and provides very easy-to-use extensions. It makes creating flutter apps easier. It helps you in writing less and more clean code and readable code. This package is still in the early stages, some bugs may be present.


It is an SQLite plugin for Flutter. It has high reliability and a SQL database engine. Linux, Windows, and DartVM support using it; however, the Web is not supported. It supports transactions and batches.


This package will help you to build RPG games similar to the power of Flame Engine. This is an ideal package for game developers.


Niku helps you to create Flutter UI. If you are a UI designer who wants to create Flutter UI in an easier, smarter, faster way, try this package.


This is a simple and powerful package inspired by CSS. It has a very simple syntax and will provide more readable code. This package also makes animations easier.

FL Chart

It is a powerful Flutter chart library. FL Chart is highly customizable and supports Line Charts, Bar charts, Pie charts, Scatter charts, and Radar charts.

Flutter Blue

Flutter Blue is a Bluetooth plugin for Flutter. Using this package, you can scan for and connect to nearby devices. Flutter Blue is compatible only with version 19 of Android SDK.

Auto Updater

This plugin allows Flutter desktop apps to update themselves automatically. This is a time-saving package for users as it will update the app automatically without doing manual updation.


All these flutter packages are very useful in one way or another; it is hard to pick the best. We have provided a good idea about each one.

We hope this will help you choose the apt one according to your needs; also, try out other packages that interest you. Thank you for reading this. May this help you out while developing your application. Happy learning!

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