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Apple To Shut Down Dark Sky App

Apple recently announced that it would shut down Dark Sky, a weather app it purchased in 2020. The app will be shut down on January 1, 2023; This means that it will close in just a few weeks.

Apple has published a document to help Dark Sky users switch to Apple Weather. Cupertino emphasizes that Dark Sky’s features are now integrated into the Weather app.

The Weather app provides hyperlocal forecasts of your current location, next-hour precipitation, hourly forecasts over the next ten days, and notifications.

This support document guides Dark Sky users to help them navigate Apple Weather and find the required features.

Apple claims that Apple Weather can provide you with up-to-the-minute precipitation forecasts for any location. The app also provides an hourly forecast for ten days.

Additionally, Apple Weather can display full-screen high-resolution weather maps. This allows you to see the currents for your area and worldwide.

These maps provide information about temperature, precipitation, and air quality. Remember that next-hour precipitation, air quality, and temperature are only available for certain countries and regions.

Apple emphasizes that the Apple Weather app’s weather forecasts are hyperlocal. These forecasts are accurate to within 0.001deg for a particular place. This gives you a forecast for your entire block, not just your city.

Apple also provides you with up-to-the-minute notifications about when precipitation will begin. Last but not least, the Weather app can send you severe weather warnings.

These are warnings from the government about weather conditions in your area. You can see if there will be strong winds, gusts, thunderstorms, or any other type of severe Weather.

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