Apple Fined 1 Million Euros By Paris Court

The Paris Commercial Court fined apple for imposing abusive clauses on French app developers to gain access to its App Store.

The ruling said that Apple does not need to be ordered to modify the App Store’s clauses, as the upcoming Digital Markets Act of the European Union would require modifications.

Although it is small compared to Apple’s enormous profits, the fine by the Paris court is yet another indication of the legal pressure Apple faces to loosen its grip on the App Store. This store was the only way for other app developers to reach customers.

A spokesperson for Apple stated that the company will review the ruling and believes “in vibrant and competitive markets where innovation can flourish.”

The spokesman said that the App Store had helped French developers of all sizes share their passion and creativity worldwide while also creating a safe and trusted customer environment.

Apple is now under increased antitrust scrutiny for its contractual practices after adopting EU legislation. This EU legislation targets “digital gatekeepers” online, tech firms whose software and platforms have become inextricable to smaller digital companies.

Particularly, the Digital Markets Act (DMA) will require Apple and Google to make available space for third-party apps on their respective iOS or Android devices.

The DMA entered into force on November 1. There is now a six-month implementation phase before it begins to apply in most cases, starting May 2, 2023.

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