Apple Has Quit NFL Sunday Ticket Streaming Negotiations

Apple has quit the negotiations for NFL Sunday Ticket streaming rights. After months of negotiations, Apple has left the table because it doesn’t see a deal working in its favor. The negotiations have been ongoing for a while, with Apple being a part of the discussion. However, according to this new report, Apple may be done with the conversation.

We had previously reported about Apple not being interested in simply being a streaming service for the games. The inflexibility may have caused Apple to lose interest.

The report says that Apple left the negotiations because they didn’t see the logic. The Sunday Ticket gives access to all NFL out-of-market Sunday games. While the asking price was high, Apple could have easily afforded it.

Were there some flexibilities to the deal regarding international streaming rights and the fact that Apple TV+ might have had to increase the subscription price because NFL would demand so. So Amazon or Google may take up the deal now.

Both companies have their services ready for the package, and you likely will be able to watch the games on these services on the best Apple TV devices, but just not via Apple TV Plus, unless Apple changes its mind.

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