Crypto MakerDAO Co-Founder Nicolai Muchgian Dies At 29

Nicolai Muchgian, coder and co-founder of MakerDAO, was discovered dead on the shore in front of Ashford Hospital in Condado, Puerto Rico. The crypto community extends condolences for the loss of the 29-year-old coder who worked on various projects like Ethereum, MakerDAO, BitShares, and DAI fork Rai, developed by Reflexer Labs.

Coder Nicolai Manygian was concerned that his colleagues at the CIA and Mossad were following him for reasons. Also, Nicolai Muchgian believed his girlfriend was a spy and planted the laptop so he could be implicated to face criminal charges.

Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson in a tweet, says he was acquainted with Nicolai Muchgian while involved in BitShares. Hoskinson says Nicolai had a broad range of interests, including Urbit, game theory, and blockchain technology.

Nikolai was among the pioneers of Ethereum and smart contracts in the early days. He was able to anticipate the potential for smart contract hacks. Also, He invented the security-oriented method of designing smart contracts.

Recently the MakerDAO community voted in favor of a plan to hold $1.6 billion USDC on Coinbase’s custody platform Coinbase Prime. Additionally, it will let the community earn 1.5 percent in rewards for the money.

MakerDAO can effortlessly burn, mint, or withdraw funds and settle into USDC instantly. Coinbase and MakerDAO also automate transactions between Peg Stability Module (PSM) and the Prime custody account via API or smart contract.

Nicolai Muchgian continued working on DeFi and making platforms more censorship-resistant. Maker (MKR) price is currently trading at $897.22 (at the time of writing) and has dropped over 1.27% in the past 24 hours.

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