Google To Accept Bitcoin And Crypto For Cloud Services

Google to accept cryptocurrency and bitcoin as payment options for its cloud services at the beginning of next year. Google announced on Tuesday that they had made a deal with the biggest currency exchange company in the U.S., Coinbase, to make it possible to use an entirely new way to pay.

“Powered with Coinbase Commerce – which allows merchants worldwide to accept cryptocurrency-based payments through a decentralized method, new payment experience will help Google Cloud’s partners and customers by expanding the possibility of accepting payments on Google Cloud products,” Google said in an announcement.

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, said the company’s mission is to create it “frictionless for every customer to benefit from our scalability, reliability as well as security and data services” so that customers can concentrate on innovation in the blockchain space.

Additionally, Google will use Coinbase Prime as its institutional cryptocurrency investment and custody system. While it’s unknown what specific services are provided through the exchange Google will use, Google has hinted at reporting and custody services in its announcement.

The partnership will also bring Coinbase’s global platform for data to Google Cloud, allowing cryptocurrency developers to use Google’s BigQuery public datasets. The latter is operated through Coinbase Cloud Nodes.

“The integration will enable developers to immediately and securely manage Web3-based applications without the requirement for expensive and complex infrastructure,” per the announcement. Will this decision of google to accept bitcoin and crypto create an impact on other companies or any cryptocurrencies?

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