55,000 Bitcoin Worth $1.1 Billion Just Withdrawn From Binance

Bitcoin has witnessed record-breaking purchases as BTC/USD rises to its six-week highs. The most recent data released by an analytics firm CryptoQuant indicates that more BTC was leaving the crypto exchange Binance in just one day than at any time in the past.

Although warnings about a macro bottom might not have yet occurred, Bitcoin investors have wasted no time buying BTC at or above $20,000.

The two days of gains have brought about a radical shift in the behavior of exchange users as BTC balances dived all over all levels.

The largest exchange in quantity, Binance, was of particular attention and witnessed net position changes of more than 55,000 BTC recently, which was the largest ever.

The outflows surpassed all previous purchases, including the plunge of $17,600 that occurred in June of this year and the crash of March 2020.

CryptoQuant participant Binh Dang further noted that the platform’s derivatives outflows set records for months.

“In one year, October 26 was the date that saw the highest number of bitcoins taken out of the exchange: 71,579 Bitcoin,” he wrote in one of the company’s Quicktake posts in which he noted that internal movements could have accounted for a small portion of it.

Dang said that derivatives outflows were previously associated with lower sell-side pressures on Bitcoin. “While there’s no confirmation on the chain of Bitcoin reaching its bottom, if we look back to the past of the last quarter of 2018, we’ll notice the distinction,” he concluded.

Looking at exchanges’ stocks of BTC starting from October 25 to October 26, the main platforms monitored by CryptoQuant reported about 42,500 BTC in net outflows. Contrary to Binance and other platforms, the cross-platform change in position did not establish a worldwide record.

To summarize the situation, the fellow CryptoQuant participant IT Tech warned that the great times aren’t likely to last for long. It is possible that the United States Federal Reserve meeting regarding interest rates could result in an unwelcome change. “For me, it could mean that there is a fake pump ahead of FOMC meeting 2/11/2022,” he wrote.

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