List Of All ChatGPT Plugins With Prompts

Today, we’ll explore an extensive collection of Best ChatGPT Plugins, each with the potential to enhance various aspects of your life.

Whether you’re seeking greater productivity in your work or more enjoyment during your leisure time, these ChatGPT plugins list have you covered.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the details of each plugin and some example prompts for each ChatGPT plugin.

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ChatGPT Plugins List

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Best ChatGPT Plugins List And Example Prompts To Use With Them

1. Rask AI (One Of The Best ChatGPT Plugins And AI Tools)

Rask AI is an AI-powered video localization tool that allows easy translation of videos into over 135 languages.

It utilizes advanced speech-to-text, machine translation, and text-to-speech technology for dubbing and subtitling automation.

Rask has created 11 best AI tools and 1 ChatGPT plugin for translating audio and video into 135+ languages.

Key features Of Rask AI Tool And ChatGPT Plugin:

  • Upload any video/audio file for translation into the desired language.
  • AI transcribes, translates, and adds natural voiceover.
  • Voice cloning replicates the original voice in the translated version.
  • Identifies multiple speakers and assigns unique voices.
  • Download transcripts and translations as SRT subtitle files.
  • Rewrite the translated text to match the proper speech pace.
Try Rask AI ChatGPT PluginTry Rask AI Tools

2. Prompt Perfect

An exceptional ChatGPT plugin that empowers users to craft perfect prompts for the AI chatbot. Perfect is here to provide immense assistance if you struggle with creating perfect prompts.

Getting started is easy: just input a prompt for the desired interaction with the AI bot. But remember, before you enter your prompt, include the word “perfect” at the beginning.

Prompts For Prompt Perfect

  • “Give me a writing prompt for a mystery story”
  • “Provide feedback on this short story.”

3. World News Plugin For ChatGPT

Stay informed about global events with the World News plugin for ChatGPT. It’s a must-have for news enthusiasts, global citizens, or anyone who wants to stay updated.

This plugin collects the most important news stories, offers context and analysis, and even allows you to engage in discussions about current events. It’s an essential tool for staying in the loop and being well-informed.

Prompts For World News ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Give me the top news stories of today”
  • “Provide analysis on the recent election results”

4. Wolfram ChatGPT Plugin

Although it may seem technical for some users, the Wolfram ChatGPT plugin is highly regarded for its advanced capabilities.

This plugin harnesses the power of advanced data to provide ChatGPT users with access to advanced computation, mathematics, and real-time data.

Prompts For Wolfram Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Solve this integral”
  • “Explain the concept of a derivative”

5. VoxScript Plugin For ChatGPT

Improve your search efficiency with the VoxScript plugin for ChatGPT.

This plugin makes finding the exact information you need easier by allowing you to search YouTube transcripts and Google directly.

It’s a handy way to ensure precise results and save time during your searches.

Prompts For VoxScript ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Search YouTube transcripts for Elon Musk’s latest talk”
  • “Find me information on sustainable living practices”

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6. OpenTable ChatGPT Plugin

We found OpenTable to be one of the top ChatGPT plugins for effortless and speedy restaurant reservations. With this plugin, booking a table becomes a breeze.

Simply provide ChatGPT with essential details like the date, time, location, and number of guests, and the plugin takes care of the rest. It automatically finds suitable restaurants based on your preferences.

The plugin even provides reservation links that direct you to the booking page with pre-filled details. It’s one of the most convenient ChatGPT plugins for hassle-free restaurant bookings.

Prompts For OpenTable Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Book a table for two at an Italian restaurant”
  • “Show me the top-rated restaurants in my area.”

7. ABC Music Notation

The ABC Music Notation plugin is a game-changer for musicians and music teachers who frequently handle musical scores, transcriptions, and teaching materials.

It enables direct interaction with these musical elements within ChatGPT, significantly enhancing the creative process and teaching efficiency.

With the ABC Music Notation plugin, you can effortlessly compose new pieces, transcribe existing melodies, and generate teaching materials.

Prompts For ABC Music Notation Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Compose a new piece in C Major”
  • “Transcribe the melody line of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ into ABC notation.”

8. Kayak ChatGPT Plugin

Regarding travel planning with ChatGPT, Kayak stands out as one of the top plugins. It simplifies booking flights and hotels while offering travel recommendations to meet all your trip-planning requirements.

Just provide Kayak with your basic details, like the origin, destination, and travel dates, and it will present you with a range of flight options from your location.

You’ll receive comprehensive details, including the total price, potential layovers and delays, popular airlines, and more. Once satisfied with your choice, ask ChatGPT to generate the links, and Kayak will provide them.

Prompts For Kayak Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Compare flight prices to Tokyo”
  • “Find the best-rated hotels in Barcelona”

9. ABCmouse Plugin For ChatGPT

Discover the ABCmouse plugin for ChatGPT, an immersive plugin for early learning.

Designed for parents, teachers, and educators, it offers interactive educational activities and content to support young learners in their foundational years.

Boost your ability to guide children through their early education.

Prompts For ABCmouse ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Find an activity related to phonics.”
  • “Create a custom learning path for a 5-year-old.”

10. Link Reader Plugin ChatGPT

If you don’t like using extensions or prefer a simpler approach, the Link Reader plugin for ChatGPT is a great choice. It can read the content of links like webpages, PDFs, and images.

To use it, give it a link and ask for information. ChatGPT works together with Link Reader to give you a detailed answer. So if you want a quick summary, this plugin is perfect.

Prompts For Link Reader ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Summarize this article”
  • “Estimate reading time for these links”

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11. AITickerChat

Explore the financial markets effortlessly using AITickerChat, a plugin created for investors, financial analysts, and stock market enthusiasts.

Combining this plugin with ChatGPT allows you to access real-time stock information, market trends, and timely financial news updates. Stay informed and navigate the complexities of the financial landscape with ease.

Prompts For AITickerChat ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Give me the latest news on TSLA stock”
  • “Show me the current market trends in the tech sector.”

12. Speak ChatGPT Plugin

For language enthusiasts, Speak is an exceptional ChatGPT plugin when utilized effectively. As its name suggests, Speak functions as a language tutor, enabling users to learn how to pronounce various phrases in different languages.

Beyond translation, Speak offers assistance with verbs, conjugations, intricate grammar, and more. Simply input your language-related question, and the ChatGPT plugin will swiftly respond.

Prompts For Speak Plugin ChatGPT

  • “Translate this English text to French”
  • “Teach me some basic Spanish phrases”

13. There Is An AI For That (One Of The Best ChatGPT Plugins)

Unlike most individual function plugins, this ChatGPT plugin stands out as an all-in-one solution, placing it on our best ChatGPT Plugins list.

It has an extensive database of tools catering to personal and professional needs.

This AI-powered plugin offers a wide range of functionalities, from basic image editors to PDF converters and beyond.

To find a specific tool, inquire about your specific requirement, and the AI will present you with a helpful list.

Prompts For There Is An AI For That ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Recommend an AI tool for organizing my digital photos.”
  • “Best Tools To Convert PDFs”

14. Algorithma Plugin

Curious about living a different life? Enter the world of Algorithma, the ChatGPT plugin that allows you to create and experience your virtual life through a life simulator.

Immerse yourself in new scenarios, make choices, and witness the outcomes of your decisions in this fascinating virtual realm.

Prompts For Algorithma ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Start a new life as a musician in New York”
  • “Show me what it’s like to be a farmer in the countryside.”

15. Instacart ChatGPT Plugin

While ChatGPT can provide you with recipes, it doesn’t assist in finding the necessary ingredients. That’s where Instacart comes in, earning its spot on our best ChatGPT plugins list.

This specialized plugin focuses solely on food-related content, intelligently generating food and drink recipes with detailed step-by-step instructions.

However, it stands out because Instacart seamlessly connects users to its main service page, allowing them to purchase the required ingredients in real-time.

So, if you find yourself running low on parmesan for your pasta, Instacart is where you can find it. The recipe and ingredient generation process is quick, accurate, and satisfying.

Prompts For Instacart Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Order groceries for this week”
  • “Suggest a recipe based on my pantry items”

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16. Ambition Plugin ChatGPT

Curious about job opportunities nearby? Ambition, the ChatGPT plugin, allows you to explore millions of job openings in your area.

Think of it as your personal job search assistant, giving you access to a vast job market conveniently. Start your career search with Ambition and find your next exciting professional opportunity.

Prompts For Ambition ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Find software engineering jobs near me”
  • “Show marketing job opportunities in New York City”

17. MixerBox OnePlayer

If you enjoy listening to music while you work, you’ll be delighted with this ChatGPT plugin. Previously, ChatGPT could only direct users to popular music websites, but now there’s an even better option.

MixerBox is an all-in-one music compilation plugin that gathers songs and creates playlists based on your preferences.

Simply share your taste in music, and the ChatGPT plugin will do the rest. Once the playlist is ready, MixerBox provides direct links to the songs to enjoy.

The best part is that the songs are free since they lead to YouTube videos. Now you can easily find and listen to your favorite tunes while you work.

Prompts For Ambition ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Play my workout playlist”
  • “Recommend songs similar to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’”

18. AskYourPDF ChatGPT Plugin

Get the most out of your PDF documents with the AskYourPDF plugin for ChatGPT.

Ideal for researchers, students, and professionals who frequently handle PDFs, this plugin allows you to easily search, extract, and analyze content from PDF files.

Simplify your workflow and make the most of your PDF documents with AskYourPDF.

Prompts For AskYourPDF Plugin

  • “Extract all mentions of ‘climate change’ from this PDF”
  • “Summarize the key points in this document.”

19. Show Me ChatGPT Plugin

In addition to entertainment, ChatGPT offers helpful productivity tools, and one of the best ChatGPT plugins is Show Me. This convenient tool allows ChatGPT to generate real-time diagrams of various types.

To use the Show Me Plugin, Provide a prompt like the ones given below. So, whenever you need to generate a diagram quickly, turn to this ChatGPT plugin for assistance.

Prompts For Show Me ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Show me a diagram of the human heart”
  • “Provide a mind map for ikigai”

20. BizToc ChatGPT Plugin

Stay on top of the ever-changing business landscape with the BizToc plugin for ChatGPT. Designed for entrepreneurs, business professionals, and those interested in the latest business news, this plugin directly provides curated news updates, market trends, and insightful analysis within your ChatGPT interface.

Prompts For Biztoc Plugin

  • “Show me the latest news on startups”
  • “Give me an analysis of the current e-commerce market trends”

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21. LikeWise

If you enjoyed using Instacart for recipe and ingredient suggestions, you’d also love Likewise, one of the top ChatGPT plugins for discovering Movies, Books, TV Shows, Podcasts, etc.

Likewise has its own database to search for across various moods and genres.

Let the plugin know what type of podcast you’re in the mood for, or ask for a list of trending episodes.

Likewise generates a curated list of podcasts in just seconds, complete with links to access them.

Prompts For LikeWise ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Recommend a thriller novel”
  • “Suggest a comedy series similar to ‘The Office’”

22. BlockAtlas

Discover valuable insights from the vast US census data with the BlockAtlas plugin for ChatGPT. This plugin enables you to explore various data sets, ask questions, and visualize the data for enhanced comprehension.

Whether you’re engaged in academic research or simply curious, BlockAtlas grants you easy access to the US census data at your fingertips.

Prompts For BlockAtlas ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Find data sets related to population growth in California”
  • “Visualize the age distribution in New York City.”

23. Chess Against ChatGPT

As the name suggests, this plugin allows users to play multiple rounds of chess against ChatGPT.

To start, you can choose a difficulty level based on your expertise. Once the game begins, you’ll compete against ChatGPT, and the overall experience is enjoyable.

The AI chatbot proves to be surprisingly skilled at winning, so be prepared to bring your best strategies. If you’re up for an intense game or two of chess, give this ChatGPT plugin a try.

Prompts For Chess ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Show me a chess puzzle”
  • “Analyze this game for potential improvements.”

24. Bohita Plugin

Have you ever imagined wearing a T-shirt or hoodie with your own design? The Bohita plugin for ChatGPT can turn this dream into reality!

With this plugin, you can create custom apparel showcasing any image you describe.

Just give it a prompt, and witness it as it transforms into a stunning graphic design for your clothing.

The best part is that your unique, self-designed apparel will be delivered straight to your door.

Prompts For Bohita ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Create a T-shirt design with a majestic dragon flying over a sunset-lit mountain range”
  • “Design a hoodie graphic of a vintage record player against a graffiti backdrop”

25. Change Plugin For ChatGPT

Unlock the potential of collective action through the Change plugin. Whether you’re an activist, community leader, or simply passionate about social causes, this ChatGPT plugin empowers you to create and promote petitions, gather support, and drive tangible change on the issues that hold significance to you.

Prompts For Change ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Start a petition for renewable energy policies”
  • “Transcribe the melody line of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ into ABC notation.”

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26. Bramework Plugin

Improve your content marketing strategy with the Bramework plugin for ChatGPT. It’s an ideal tool for content creators, bloggers, and digital marketers.

Bramework offers various features like analyzing keywords, optimizing for SEO, and generating content, all conveniently located in one place.

With Bramework, you can enhance your content and take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Prompts For Bramework ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Generate a blog post on digital marketing trends”
  • “Perform a keyword analysis for ‘sustainable fashion’”

27. BuyWisely Plugin

Enhance your shopping experience with the BuyWisely plugin for ChatGPT. It doesn’t matter if you’re a savvy shopper, a bargain hunter, or simply someone looking to make a purchase.

This plugin offers valuable product comparisons, reviews, and price alerts. With BuyWisely, you can make informed and confident buying decisions, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Prompts For BuyWisely ChatGPT Plugin

  • Compare the latest iPhone models”
  • Alert me when the price of this book drops.”

28. C3 Glide

Take your flight experience to new heights with the C3 Glide plugin for ChatGPT. This plugin is designed for pilots, offering live aviation data to enhance your flying skills and confidence.

From up-to-date weather conditions to real-time air traffic updates, C3 Glide keeps you informed and well-prepared as you navigate the skies.

Elevate your piloting abilities with this invaluable tool and enjoy a smoother, more informed flying experience.

Prompts For C3 Glide ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Show me current weather conditions for JFK airport”
  • “Provide live air traffic updates for LAX”

29. Chat With PDF Plugin

Discover valuable information hidden within your PDFs using the ChatwithPDF plugin. This plugin is a valuable resource for researchers, students, and professionals, allowing them to ask questions, extract specific details, and gain insight from their PDF documents effortlessly.

Prompts For ChatWithPDF Plugin

  • “Find all references to ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in this PDF”
  • “Summarize this research paper”

30. Cloudflare Radar

Get a complete understanding of the internet with the Cloudflare Radar plugin for ChatGPT. It’s great for web developers, security analysts, or IT professionals.

This plugin gives you valuable information about web traffic patterns, cybersecurity risks, and the overall well-being of the internet.

Prompts For Cloudflare Radar Plugin

  • “Show me the web traffic trends for the past month”
  • “Alert me to emerging cybersecurity threats.”

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31. Comic Finder ChatGPT Plugin

This plugin helps you find new comics, discover different genres, and stay updated with the latest comic book news.

Prompts For Comic Finder Plugin

  • “Find comics similar to ‘The Sandman’”
  • “Update me on the latest Marvel comics news.”

32. Coupert

Experience amazing savings with the Coupert plugin for ChatGPT. Whether you love shopping online, hunting for deals, or just want to save money, this plugin is here to help.

It finds and applies the best coupon codes for you, so you can always get the most value from your purchases. No more paying too much – Coupert ensures you pay less and keep more in your wallet.

Prompts For Coupert ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Find the best coupon for my Amazon cart”
  • “Apply the highest discount code for this product.”

33. Craftly Clues

Sprinkle some joy into your ChatGPT adventure with the delightful Craftly Clues plugin. Get ready for an engaging word-guessing game that will test your vocabulary and quick-thinking abilities.

Whether you’re up for a brain teaser or want to enjoy a pleasant pastime, Craftly Clues plugin is the perfect choice.

Prompts For Craftly Clues Plugin

  • “Start a new game of Craftly Clues”
  • “Give me a hint for the next word”

34. CreatiCode

Turn your programming ideas into reality with the CreatiCode plugin for ChatGPT. This plugin lets you showcase Scratch programs as images and write your own 2D/3D programs using the Creaticode extension.

It’s an excellent way to visualize, create, and grasp coding concepts easily.

Prompts For CreatiCode ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Display this Scratch program as an image”
  • “Help me write a 3D program using Creaticode.”

35. Crypto Prices Plugin ChatGPT

This plugin provides real-time data on cryptocurrency prices, market caps, and trends, catering to the needs of investors, traders, and enthusiasts.

Prompts For CreatiCode ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Show me the current price of Ethereum”
  • “Give me the 24-hour change in Bitcoin’s value”

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36. Dev Community

Connect with the global developer community using this Dev Community plugin. This plugin provides a valuable resource for software developers, tech professionals, and technology enthusiasts, granting access to discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities.

Prompts For Dev Community ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Find discussions on React best practices”
  • Share this coding challenge with the community.”

37. Edx ChatGPT Plugin

Level up your knowledge with the EdX ChatGPT plugin. This plugin gives you the power to explore a wide range of online courses from renowned universities and institutions across the globe.

Prompts For Edx ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Find online courses on Data Science”
  • “Enroll me in the ‘Introduction to Artificial Intelligence’ course.”

38. Expedia ChatGPT Plugin

Expedia ChatGPT plugin tool is a game-changer for adventurers, travelers, or anyone considering a trip.

It hooks you up with flight choices, hotel bookings, and killer travel suggestions, taking the annoyance out of trip planning.

Prompts For Expedia Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Find flight options from New York to Paris”
  • “Book a hotel in Bali for these dates.”

39. FiscalNote ChatGPT Plugin

Explore policy and regulation with the FiscalNote plugin. This plugin is perfect for policy enthusiasts, government professionals, or anyone interested in policy matters. Get policy news, regulatory updates, and impact analysis in one place.

Prompts For FiscalNote Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Show me the latest policy updates in renewable energy”
  • “Analyze the impact of recent healthcare regulations.”

40. GetYourGuide ChatGPT Plugin

The GetYourGuide plugin for ChatGPT enhances travel experiences by providing access to unique local experiences, guided tours, and attraction tickets for travelers, adventure seekers, and locals exploring their cities.

Prompts For GetYourGuide Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Find unique experiences in Rome”
  • “Book tickets for the Louvre Museum.”

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41. Giftwrap

The Giftwrap plugin for ChatGPT adds a personal touch to gift-giving by suggesting unique and thoughtful gift ideas based on the recipient’s interests, the occasion, and your budget.

Prompts For Giftwrap Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Suggest a birthday gift for a book lover,”
  • “Find a unique anniversary gift within $1000.”

42. Glowing Plugin

The Glowing plugin for ChatGPT simplifies your daily communications by enabling you to effortlessly schedule and send SMS messages to any phone number.

Whether you want to send reminders, updates, or just a daily text, Glowing makes the process seamless and hassle-free.

Prompts For Glowing Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Schedule a daily reminder SMS for 8 AM”
  • “Send a good morning text at 6:30 AM”

43. Golden Plugin

The Golden plugin for ChatGPT grants you access to vast factual information. Utilizing the Golden Knowledge Graph API, this plugin connects you to a database overflowing with data on different companies, including their financials, executives, news, and more.

Prompts For Golden Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Give me financial data for Google”
  • “Who are the current executives at Microsoft?”

44. Hauling Buddies Plugin

The Hauling Buddies plugin streamlines the moving process, making it easier for anyone relocating their home.

The plugin provides essential services such as moving and hauling assistance, cost estimates, and even helpful packing advice.

Prompts For Hauling Buddies Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Estimate the cost of moving from Boston to Chicago”
  • “Give me tips on packing fragile items”

45. KalendarAI ChatGPT Plugin

The KalendarAI plugin for ChatGPT, specifically the SalesGPT feature, empowers your sales efforts. By leveraging this plugin, you can quickly generate meetings with potential customers from a database of over 340 million companies in less than 30 seconds.

Prompts For KalendarAI Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Set up a meeting with potential customers in the software industry”
  • “Find leads from tech startups in California.”

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46. KeyMate ChatGPT Plugin

The KeyMate plugin for ChatGPT improves the efficiency of your web searches. With this plugin, you can use a custom search engine that delivers precise and relevant results.

Prompts For KeyMate Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Search for recent articles on AI advancements”
  • “Find recipes for vegan desserts”

47. Keyplays Live Soccer ChatGPT Plugin

The Keyplays Live Soccer plugin for ChatGPT keeps you informed about the soccer world. Designed for soccer fans, sports journalists, and enthusiasts of the beautiful game, this plugin provides real-time match updates, player statistics, and game highlights.

Prompts For Keyplays Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Give me live updates on the Premier League match”
  • “Show statistics for Lionel Messi this season”

48. Klara Shopping ChatGPT Plugin

The Klara Shopping plugin enhances your online shopping experience. This plugin provides personalized product recommendations, price comparisons, and shopping alerts tailored to your preferences.

Prompts For Klara Shopping Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Find the best deals for headphones”
  • “Alert me when the price of this dress drops”

49. Kraftful ChatGPT Plugin

Kraftful, a plugin for ChatGPT, acts as your personal coach to help you find and guide through product development difficulties.

Whether you’re generating new product ideas, devising launch strategies, or resolving challenges, Kraftful offers guidance and support at every stage of the process.

Prompts For Kraftful Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Help me brainstorm features for a new fitness app”
  • “Give me strategies for a successful product launch”

50. Lexi Shopper ChatGPT Plugin

The Lexi Shopper plugin for ChatGPT helps consumers to make informed shopping decisions. It provides valuable resources such as trustworthy product reviews, price comparisons, and detailed product information.

Prompts For Lexi Shopper Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Compare reviews for these smartphones”
  • “Find detailed specifications for this laptop”

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51. Manorlead ChatGPT Plugin

The Manorlead plugin for ChatGPT simplifies navigation in the real estate market. It is an important plugin for prospective home buyers, real estate agents, and anyone interested in the property market by offering listings, market trends, and property evaluations.

Prompts For Manorlead Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Show listings for two-bedroom apartments in New York”
  • “Evaluate the market price for this property”

52. Metaphor ChatGPT Plugin

The Metaphor plugin for ChatGPT revolutionizes the way you engage with internet content. By seamlessly integrating with external APIs, this plugin grants access to the internet’s finest content through a robust neural search engine.

Whether you’re seeking articles, videos, images, or information on specific topics, ask Metaphor; it will deliver it all to you.

Prompts For Metaphor Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Search for the latest articles on climate change”
  • “Find me a video tutorial on painting techniques”

53. Ndricks Sports ChatGPT Plugin

The Ndricks Sports plugin for ChatGPT keeps you updated on the dynamic sports world. This plugin offers the latest sports news, player statistics, and insights into your favorite teams and games.

Prompts For Ndricks Sports Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Update me on the latest NBA news”
  • “Show stats for LeBron James this season”

54. Noteable ChatGPT Plugin

Noteable ChatGPT plugin boosts your coding experience by enabling you to create Python and SQL notebooks. If you are a coding beginner, working on a data analysis project, or sharing your work with others, Noteable simplifies the process with its user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Prompts For Noteable Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Create a Python notebook for a data visualization project”
  • “Start a SQL notebook for a database management task”

55. One Word Domain ChatGPT Plugin

The One Word Domain ChatGPT plugin helps you find the perfect one-word domain for your business or personal brand. This plugin is for you if you’re an entrepreneur, blogger, or simply seeking to establish an online presence.

Prompts For One Word Domain Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Suggest a one-word domain name for my fitness startup”
  • “Check the availability of ‘’”

56. Open Trivia ChatGPT Plugin

The Open Trivia plugin for ChatGPT is an engaging way to test your knowledge and have fun. This plugin provides various trivia questions covering various categories and difficulty levels.

Prompts For Open Trivia Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Give me a hard science trivia question”
  • “Start a trivia game in the category of ‘History’”

57. Options Pro ChatGPT Plugin

The Options Pro plugin for ChatGPT empowers you to become a master of the options market. This plugin provides real-time options data, comprehensive market analysis, and valuable trading strategies.

Prompts For Options Pro Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Show me the options chain for Apple Inc.”
  • “Suggest a straddle strategy for my options portfolio.”

58. OwlJourney ChatGPT Plugin

OwlJourney ChatGPT plugin acts as your personal travel assistant, offering recommendations for lodging and activities.

With its user-friendly interface, OwlJourney provides an engaging and seamless travel experience, providing you with the best suggestions to enhance your journey.

Prompts For OwlJourney Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Find me a cozy B&B in Vermont”
  • “What are some must-do activities in Rome?”

59. Playlist AI ChatGPT Plugin

The Playlist AI plugin for ChatGPT creates a personalized music journey for you. This plugin curates music playlists that align with your unique tastes, mood, or specific activities. It’s an essential tool for audiophiles seeking a tailored and enjoyable music experience.

Prompts For Playlist AI Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Generate a chill playlist for studying,”
  • “Create an upbeat playlist for a workout session.”

60. Polarr ChatGPT Plugin

The Polarr ChatGPT plugin revolutionizes how you enhance your photos, turning them into captivating works of art.

This plugin provides valuable image editing tips, suggests filters to enhance your photos, and offers creative photography ideas to unlock your artistic potential.

Prompts For Polarr Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Suggest a filter for a beach photo”
  • “Provide tips on portrait photography”

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61. Polygon ChatGPT Plugin

The Polygon ChatGPT plugin informs you about market data, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc. If you’re an experienced investor or a beginner, Polygon provides the essential data and information you need to make informed decisions.

Prompts For Polygon Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Show me the latest data for Bitcoin”
  • “Give me stock performance updates for Apple”

62. Portfolio Pilot

The Portfolio Pilot plugin for ChatGPT empowers investors to navigate their investment portfolios effectively. This must-have plugin offers insightful portfolio analysis, timely market updates, and personalized investment suggestions, making it an invaluable resource for investors.

Prompts For Portfolio Pilot Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Analyze my current investment portfolio,”
  • “Provide investment suggestions based on current market trends”

63. Public Plugin

The Public plugin for ChatGPT simplifies navigating the intricate stock market landscape. This essential plugin offers comprehensive stock information, market trends, and personalized investment advice.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned investor, this plugin provides the insights necessary to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the world of stocks.

Prompts For Public ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Provide information on Tesla’s stock”
  • “Show me the top-performing stocks this week”

64. Redfin Plugin ChatGPT

The Redfin plugin for ChatGPT streamlines your home-buying journey. This plugin offers up-to-date property listings, real estate market trends, and useful tools such as mortgage calculators.

Prompts For Redfin ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Show me listings for homes in Colorado”
  • “Calculate the mortgage for a home priced at $900,000”

65. Rentable Apartments Plugin ChatGPT

This plugin provides a comprehensive collection of apartment listings, allowing you to explore and compare various options.

Additionally, it offers rent comparisons to help you make informed decisions and detailed neighborhood insights to ensure you find the perfect location.

Prompts For Rentable Apartments ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Find apartments for rent in Manhattan”
  • “Compare rent prices in Los Angeles neighborhoods”

66. Savvy Trader AI Plugin For ChatGPT

This ChatGPT plugin provides real-time market data, comprehensive risk analysis, and strategic trading suggestions.

It’s a useful plugin that empowers traders to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and optimize their trading approaches for better outcomes.

Prompts For Savvy Trader AI ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Show me real-time data for NASDAQ,”
  • “Suggest a risk-averse trading strategy for my portfolio.”

67. ScholarAI Plugin For ChatGPT

The ScholarAI plugin for ChatGPT maximizes your academic potential. This plugin offers academic paper summaries, research trend analysis, and even assistance with your own research work.

It’s a comprehensive resource that helps you stay updated, gain insights, and excel academically.

Prompts For ScholarAI ChatGPT Plugin

  • ”Summarize this academic paper on AI ethics”
  • “Help me formulate a research question on climate change”

68. Shimmer ChatGPT Plugin

As a trusted companion for wellness enthusiasts, this plugin provides personalized health tips, fitness advice, and even mindfulness exercises.

It’s a comprehensive plugin that helps you prioritize your well-being, offering guidance and support along your path to a healthier lifestyle.

Prompts For Shimmer ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Suggest a fitness routine for weight loss”
  • “Guide me through a 5-minute mindfulness exercise”

69. Shop Plugin

The Shop plugin for ChatGPT enables seamless navigation of your shopping needs. A must-have for shoppers, this plugin assists in finding the best deals, provides personalized shopping suggestions, and even tracks your deliveries.

Prompts For Shop ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Find the best deal for a new iPhone”
  • “Track my delivery for order #1234”

70. Speak ChatGPT Plugin

The Speak plugin for ChatGPT eliminates language barriers, ensuring smooth communication. Whether you’re a traveler, part of a multicultural family, or simply interacting across languages, this indispensable tool provides real-time translations, language learning tips, and cultural insights.

Prompts For Speak ChatGPT Plugin

  • “Translate this English text to French”
  • “Teach me some basic Spanish phrases”

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71. Speechki ChatGPT Plugin

The Speechki plugin for ChatGPT effortlessly transforms your text into audio. Whether you’re creating audiobooks, or podcasts or simply prefer listening over reading, this plugin provides a convenient and efficient solution.

Prompts For Speechki Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Convert this blog post into audio”
  • “Turn this chapter into an audiobook”

72. Tablelog Plugin For ChatGPT

The Tablelog plugin for ChatGPT opens up a world of culinary delights. This plugin provides local restaurant recommendations, helps decode exotic menus, and offers tips for food and wine pairings.

Prompts For Speechki Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Find a sushi restaurant nearby”
  • “What wine pairs well with lamb?”

73. Tasty Recipes Plugin ChatGPT

The Tasty Recipes plugin for ChatGPT is a source of inspiration in the kitchen. Designed for home cooks, meal planners, and anyone who enjoys experimenting with food, this plugin offers a diverse collection of recipes, cooking tips, and personalized meal suggestions.

Prompts For Tasty Recipes Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Show me a recipe for chicken tikka masala”
  • “Suggest a dessert using apples.”

74. Trip Plugin

Perfect for frequent flyers, vacationers, and anyone organizing a trip, this ChatGPT plugin provides convenient access to flight and hotel bookings, personalized travel recommendations, and travel alerts.

It simplifies the task of planning and organizing your travel arrangements, making the experience effortless and enjoyable.

Prompts For Trip Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Book a flight to Tokyo”
  • “Find hotels in Paris”

75. Turo ChatGPT Plugin

The Turo plugin for ChatGPT revolutionizes the car rental experience. Whether you’re a road-trip enthusiast, a business traveler, or need a rental car, this plugin provides:

  • A seamless booking experience.
  • A wide selection of vehicle options.
  • Valuable tips for a smooth rental process.

Prompts For Turo Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Book a car in San Francisco for next weekend”
  • “Show me sports car options in Miami”

76. Tutory ChatGPT Plugin

The Tutory plugin for ChatGPT helps you find the best tutor available online. This plugin is perfect for students, lifelong learners, and anyone seeking knowledge enhancement.

The plugin matches you with qualified tutors, facilitates online learning sessions, and provides resources to maximize your study time.

Prompts For Tutory Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Find a math tutor for my 10-year-old
  • “Schedule a tutoring session in physics.”

77. Upskillr Plugin ChatGPT

This ChatGPT Plugin provides curated online courses, career advice, and personalized learning paths. It’s a valuable resource that enables you to enhance your knowledge, acquire new skills, and confidently navigate your career journey.

Prompts For Upskillr Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Find a course on project management”
  • “Suggest a learning path for a data scientist”

78. Video Insights Plugin

The Video Insights plugin offers valuable insights into viewer behavior, content performance, and strategies for video optimization. With Video Insights, you can make data-driven decisions and elevate your video marketing efforts.

Prompts For Video Insights Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Analyze the performance of my latest YouTube video,”
  • “Give me tips to increase viewer engagement.”

79. Vivian Health

The Vivian Health plugin for ChatGPT is your personal job hunt assistant in healthcare. The plugin provides valuable assistance in discovering job opportunities that align with your skills and interests, making the job search process easier and more efficient.

Prompts For Vivian Health Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Find nursing jobs in Boston”
  • “Show me available positions for physical therapists in San Francisco.”

80. Wahi ChatGPT Plugin

Whether you’re an urban explorer, tourist, or simply interested in local experiences, this ChatGPT plugin provides personalized recommendations for attractions, restaurants, and unique local experiences.

Prompts For Wahi Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “What are the top attractions in New York?”
  • “Recommend a unique dining experience in Texas”

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81. Weather Report ChatGPT Plugin

Stay prepared for the weather with the Weather Report plugin for ChatGPT. The plugin shares real-time details related to accurate weather forecasts, weather alerts when necessary, and even suggests activities suitable for current weather conditions.

Prompts For Weather Report Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “What’s the weather like in New York tomorrow?”
  • “Suggest a sunny day activity for this weekend”

82. WebPilot ChatGPT Plugin

Simplify your webpage quality assurance process with the WebPilot plugin for ChatGPT. This plugin is designed to make browsing and QA (quality assurance) of web pages easier and more efficient. With WebPilot, you can streamline your QA process and optimize the performance of your web content.

Prompts For WebPilot Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Browse and QA this list of product webpages”
  • “Check this blog post for quality assurance”

83. WishBucket Plugin For ChatGPT

With the WishBucket plugin, you can explore and discover a wide range of Korean products all in one place. The plugin provides a unified product search across various Korean platforms and brands, making it your personal shopping assistant for all things Korean.

Prompts For WishBucket Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Find me the latest K-beauty products”
  • “Search for BTS merchandise on Korean platforms”

84. Yabble Plugin ChatGPT

Level up your market research with the Yabble ChatGPT plugin. The plugin equips you with industry trends, competitive analysis, and strategies to comprehend your target audience effectively. It’s a perfect plugin for entrepreneurs, marketers, and those seeking market insights,

Prompts For Yabble Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Show me the latest trends in the tech industry”
  • “Perform a competitive analysis for my startup”

85. Yay! Forms ChatGPT Plugin

Effortlessly design forms with the Yay! Forms plugin for ChatGPT. The plugin offers customizable templates, valuable tips for effective form design, and assistance in analyzing responses.

Yay! Forms is perfect for event organizers, HR professionals, and anyone in need of creating forms.

Prompts For Yay! Forms Plugin For ChatGPT

  • “Help me create a feedback form for my event”
  • “Analyze the responses from this survey”

84. Zapier ChatGPT Plugin

Enhance your productivity with the Zapier plugin for ChatGPT. This plugin is perfect for businesses, freelancers, or anyone seeking task automation.

With the Zapier plugin, you can effortlessly create personalized workflows, seamlessly integrate multiple applications, and receive valuable tips for optimizing your automation efforts. It’s a must-have for streamlining your work processes.

Prompts For Zapier ChatGPT Plugin

  • Create a workflow to save my email attachments to Google Drive
  • Help me integrate Slack with Trello


In conclusion, this is a complete list of ChatGPT plugins, and example prompts you can use with them.

With 80+ plugins at your fingertips, from travel planning and language translation to market research and creative writing assistance, there is something for everyone.

Using these plugins and the best prompts for ChatGPT plugins, You can unlock a whole new level of productivity, creativity, and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are ChatGPT Plugins?

ChatGPT plugins are additional tools and functionalities that can be integrated with ChatGPT.

These plugins expand the capabilities of ChatGPT, allowing users to perform specific tasks, access specialized knowledge, or receive personalized assistance in various domains.

Are ChatGPT Plugins Free?

No, ChatGPT Plugins are not free. You’ve to buy ChatGPT Plus Subscription to use all the ChatGPT Plugins.

How To Install ChatGPT Plugins?

To install ChatGPT plugins: Open ChatGPT, go to Settings > Beta Features, toggle the Plugins setting.

Select New Chat, switch to GPT-4 model. From the dropdown menu, choose Plugins > Plugin Store, and select the desired plugin for installation.

What Are The Best ChatGPT Plugins?

The Best ChatGPT plugins vary depending on individual needs and preferences.

However, some popular and highly regarded plugins are Outlook ChatGPT Plugin, Zapier ChatGPT Plugin, Prompt Perfect ChatGPT Plugin, Wolfram Plugin, Kayak ChatGPT Plugin, There Is An AI For That Plugin, etc.

How Many ChatGPT Plugins Are There?

There are around 85 ChatGPT Plugins. We’ve covered the list of all ChatGPT Plugins in this article along with Best Prompts.

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