20+ Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

ChatGPT is a very powerful chatbot developed by OpenAI which has many use cases in daily and professional life. But it has some limitations, like not being accessible everywhere, limited third-party integration, etc. To overcome these limitations, you can use Chrome Extensions. In this article, we’ve curated 20+ Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions to enhance your ChatGPT experience and take over all the limitations.

Top ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

  • WebChatGPT – ChatGPT With Web Access
  • Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT Powered Assistant
  • Tactiq – ChatGPT Meeting Summary Chrome Extension
  • Voice Control For ChatGPT Extension
  • ChatGPT Prompt Genius Extension
  • LinkedInGPT (Engage AI Extension)
  • ChatGPT For Google Extension
  • TweetGPT
  • Harpa AI Chrome Extension
  • ChatGPT For Amazon And Shopify
Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

WebChatGPT Chrome Extension

YouTube video

As ChatGPT is limited to the data available till 2021 only, the results are outdated for certain questions. This limitation of ChatGPT can be overcome by using the WebChatGPT extension.

It will add relevant results from the web to the question asked. After you enter a prompt, the extension will allow ChatGPT to search for relevant results. The bot then displays the search results, and all the information from different links is compiled.

It is a serverless extension, meaning there is no backend server, and no data is collected. Filters like region, time, and number of results are also available.

This extension can easily be turned off to get authentic ChatGPT functionality only. The information content increases, but it also increases the risk of plagiarism.

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ChatGPT Merlin Chrome Extension

YouTube video

It is similar to the ChatGPT for Google extension but can be used across different browsers instead of just the search engine. As it works on Open AI’s GPT-4 AI model, it responds similarly to various prompts.

This extension can be activated by pressing CTRL (CMD on Mac) + M on the keyboard. You need to select the text to use it, and the response will be generated in a few seconds.

It also gives YouTube video summaries, a summary of long blogs in just a few points, generates fast email replies, and auto-drafted responses on LinkedIn, Gmail, Twitter, and AI writers for social engagement on Twitter and LinkedIn.

It gives a ChatGPT response on all Google results without keeping Open AI logged in. It is available only on Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Chromium-based browsers. Only 51 free queries are available for free per day. For more, you need to subscribe to Merlin Pro versions.

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YouTube Summary With ChatGPT Extension

YouTube video

This is a very useful free tool for YouTube and articles summary. After installing the extension and logging in, a summary box of any YouTube video you play on the website appears beside the video. On clicking the box, the YouTube transcript of the video opens up.

The View AI Summary feature opens a new tab with ChatGPT. Now the extension pastes the transcript and runs a command to provide a summary. The accuracy is pretty good and depends on the AI chatbot. Dark mode is also available.

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Tactiq: ChatGPT Meeting Summary

YouTube video

This is a very unique extension that creates a summary and meeting transcription of your meetings. Using it, you can record sales calls, team meetings, online classes, interviews, product research, and presentations. It supports Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex.

It also gives the top 5 highlights, tasks, follow-ups, and the next meeting agenda. Additionally, you can highlight important information, transcript with speaker identification and timestamps, tag action items, and save chat history and screenshots.

It is trusted by almost 180,000+ people across 5,000+ companies. These transcripts can also be exported in PDF format. The information is stored privately and securely in your browser or Google Drive.

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Voice Control For ChatGPT Extension

This extension is similar to Talk-to-ChatGPT Chrome extension. You can have voice conversations with ChatGPT using it.

After installing it, a microphone button will be seen below the input field. Pressing it lets you record your voice and submit the question to ChatGPT. You can also press and hold the spacebar key on your keyboard to activate this extension. The responses are also in audio format only.

This feature of audio output can be turned off as per your preference. It supports many languages. It uses native speech recognition from your browser. It supports Chrome for desktops and Edge (Windows only). It does not support Brave and mobile browsers.

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This extension acts as a powerful Search Engine Optimization tool to boost productivity. It basically has prompt templates for SEO, SaaS, marketing, art, programming, etc.

These prompts help to increase your rankings on the search engine results page. These prompt templates can also be shared. Most of the features are available for free.

Some features like favorites, hidden, custom lists, custom writing tones, and styles are available after a premium subscription. You require an AIPRM account to use this extension.

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ChatGPT For Amazon & Shopify – ShulexVOC

YouTube video

Amazon & Shopify Review Analysis, Listing Optimization and Shopify Review Generator using ChatGPT. It supports all major global e-commerce platforms.

The Analysis and Download button is above the title whenever you open a listing page. With just 1-click, Shulex will automatically generate analysis using the power of ChatGPT/GPT4 without any import manually, and you can download data and formats under the listing into an xlsx file.

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ChatGPT For Google

YouTube video

This extension allows you to get ChatGPT to search engines. A limitation of ChatGPT is that it is restricted to a single browser tab, and it cannot be accessed at all times. Using ChatGPT for Google, you can overcome this limitation.

This ChatGPT for Google extension will display Google search results and the ChatGPT response. It is very easy to set up. You simply need to log in to Open AI using this extension and be ready to use it.

It does not require special prompts to activate; it comes alive when you open Google. After enabling it, the knowledge panel will be replaced by a ChatGPT panel on the right. The ChatGPT response will be displayed here. The extension supports all the popular search engines.

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Sider – ChatGPT Sidebar with GPT-4


As the name suggests, this extension will add a ChatGPT sidebar in your Chrome browser. It helps to make ChatGPT easily accessible without having to change tabs.

It helps you as a reading assistant by summarizing articles, translating, explaining code and concepts, and finding similar pages. It helps as a writing assistant by writing video scripts, ad scripts, rephrasing, correcting grammar, and expanding content.

You can make handy prompt templates to use them in a go. It supports light and dark modes. It also has markdown rendering, code highlighting, stop-generating responses, and copy the response to clipboard features.

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ChatGPT Prompt Genius

YouTube video

As the name suggests, ChatGPT Prompt Genius is an extension that gives you hundreds of prompt ideas if you run out of them.

To use it, you have to click on the extension in Chrome, and you will be redirected to a page full of prompts. Then click on the yellow play prompt button, and the ChatGPT window and prompt will automatically open.

You can also sort them according to the category. Users can sync chat history locally and save chats as HTML, PNG, and PDF.

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Superpower ChatGPT

YouTube video

This extension allows you to store the AI chats in different folders. After creating different folders for different chats, you simply need to drag the chat into the folder and close it. You can view them whenever you want and also download the ChatGPT chats.

Auto sync helps to keep a copy of the chats on your computer in case you lose it. You can export any chat in any format (.txt, .json, .md).

Options for highlighting text, pinning important messages, archiving chats, timestamps, and group deletion are also available.

All the prompts that you enter are saved on your computer. These can be added to favorites and shared too. Preset prompts and community prompts are also available.

The extension supports about 190 different languages. You can easily switch models between the conversation. It has GPT-4 support.

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Engage AI Chrome Extension

YouTube video

Just like tweetGPT is for Twitter, Engage AI is specifically for LinkedIn. It acts as an excellent comment facilitator.

It works similar to tweetGPT and allows you to choose from multiple tones of reply. Friendly, funny, disagree, congratulate, and question are some of the tones available.

After choosing a tone, the extension generates a reply to the post automatically. If you are unsatisfied with the response, you can run it any number of times until you get the desired response.

Users can also make custom prompts. Some basic features are free; you need to purchase the pro versions for others. It supports all languages and improves lead generation too.

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TweetGPT Chrome Extension

The tweetGPT extension is specifically designed for Twitter users. After installing TweetGPT, a robot icon in the “New Tweet” pops up. Here you can choose the type of reply you want for your posts.

The options available are supportive, snarky, optimistic, controversial, excited, smart, humorous, passive-aggressive, etc. After selecting one of the options, ChatGPT will automatically generate a tweet for you. It is the best extension for drafting humorous replies.

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Harpa AI – ChatGPT Chrome Automation Copilot

YouTube video

HARPA AI integrates ChatGPT and automation into your Browser: from answering Google Search queries to writing tweets, blog posts, email replies, monitoring prices & data on websites. It comes with 100+ page-aware prompts for LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube.

It’s a great extension that saves users time by automating interaction scenarios with Π‘hatGPT and parsing data from web pages.

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ChatGPT To Notion

Save your discussions with ChatGPT directly into Notion. After installing this chrome extension, on ChatGPT’s page, you’ll notice a new pin icon under each of its answers. You can use it to save specifically that answer and the related prompt to your Notion database of choice. If you want to save the whole discussion, you can do so from the extension popup.

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TeamSmart AI

YouTube video

This extension has most of the features of different bots in one. It has a collection of multiple AI agents, each designed to perform a special task.

For example, according to the field of expertise of the AI agent, Marc is a software engineer, Sam is a page analyzer, Christina is a professional writer, Carlos is a comedian, Kim is a health coach, Andrew is a marketing expert, etc.

You do not need a subscription to ChatGPT Plus, but you need to enter your OpenAI API key. It is very responsive and accurate as it uses ChatGPT.

It can help you with programming and even generating images to inspire your project. The data is not shared with third parties as it is stored locally.

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ChatGPT For Gmail

YouTube video

ChatGPT for Gmail is a Chrome Extension that brings smart composing and auto-reply capabilities to your Gmail account. With ChatGPT, you can write emails faster and more efficiently using predictive text suggestions and natural language processing.

The extension also features auto-reply functionality, using AI to suggest contextual responses to incoming emails. With ChatGPT for Gmail, you can save time, reduce errors, and improve your productivity with the help of cutting-edge AI technology.

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ChatOnAi – Unlock The Power Of ChatGPT4

ChatOnAi was earlier known as “ChatGPT for Search Engines.” Most of the extensions don’t support all the search engines. This extension is very useful for search engines other than Google, like Bing and DuckDuckGo.

ChatGPT for Search Engines works very similar to most extensions and has its basic features. After you enter a search query, the response from the search engine is displayed alongside a response from ChatGPT on the right side of your screen.

Another interesting feature is that you can control when you want the extension triggered. It can be set to always manual or invoking when the query ends with a question mark. Highlighted text can be directly sent as a prompt to ChatGPT by right-clicking on the mouse. It has over 70 prompt templates for SEO, marketing, art, and programming.

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Botrush Browser Plugin For ChatGPT

YouTube video

This free Chrome extension similar to FancyGPT is used to optimize the user interface of ChatGPT. ChatGPT has a very simple chat design. To upgrade this, you can use the GPT-EZ extension.

You can change the font styles and colors. There are about 15 color and 25 font options available. Copy and continue buttons are also attached to the chats. Users can also download the chats in PDF, DOCX, TXT, MD, and PNG formats.

These can also be shared privately with others. A multilingual word counter helps to measure the length of the questions and answers. Output language for each conversation can be chosen. It supports all languages, ChatGPT Plus and GPT-4.

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Summary With ChatGPT

Summary with ChatGPT is a free Chrome Extension that lets you quickly access the summary of the YouTube videos you are watching or any articles.

This extension provides various features including generating bullet point summaries for articles, customizing the ChatGPT prompt, supporting both OpenAI API Key and ChatGPT login, and offering example prompts such as summarizing an article in three bullet points or 50 words, translating text to Spanish, simplifying text for a five-year-old, and writing a caption based on the content.

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TextCortex: Zeno ChatGPT AI Writing Companion

YouTube video

You can use this extension to level up your writing skills, make your content more authentic, and assist you in creating. Its toolbar gives quick access to features like expanding, summarizing, text-to-speech, and rewriting.

You have to highlight the text to use it, and the toolbar will appear. The recently added creator suite has a creative studio and more than 60 efficiently categorized templates.

Some templates are daily life, academic life, email writing, E-commerce, blogging, YouTube, social media, Ads, marketing, business, and website copy.

Additionally, features like word count, character count, reading time, and writing statistics are also available. The free trial allows you a maximum of 10 creations each day.

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ChatGPT Writer – Write Mail And Messages

YouTube video

This helps you write emails and messages on all websites. You need to log into OpenAI to start using it. Then you have to enter input stating what you want the email or message to be composed of. After entering the prompt, the response will be generated immediately.

It specializes in writing emails and texts, you can also use it for talking with ChatGPT, but it takes more time. It works on all websites and has enhanced support for Gmail. The extension also supports all languages and Chromium-based browsers like Chrome, Brave, and Edge.

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ShareGPT: Share your ChatGPT Conversations

YouTube video

In most extensions, you need to first export and save the conversation on your device before sharing it. This might be too hectic for someone who wants to share a few snippets from the conversations quickly. You can use the ShareGPT extension that allows you to share conversations in one click.

After installing the extension, a small share button will be on the screen. To share a conversation, click on this share button, which opens in a new tab. Now copy the link and share it with anyone.

You can also delete the conversation whenever you want. Another interesting feature is that it shows the number of people who have viewed the link.

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These ChatGPT chrome extensions are meant to overcome limitations a enhance and simplify your ChatGPT experience. From summarizing text, generating engaging social media content, voice input to a better user interface, and exporting conversations, these extensions will definitely increase your productivity and help you stay ahead of others on social platforms.

These little add-ons will level up your content and make using ChatGPT easier.

ChatGPT for Google, AIPRM for ChatGPT, WebChatGPT, ChatGeine for ChatGPT, Merlin, and YouTube Summary with ChatGPT are some of the Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions with the highest number of users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A ChatGPT Chrome Extension?

There are 100s of ChatGPT Chrome Extensions available on the internet and we’ve filtered that list and curated 20+ best ChatGPT Extensions.

What Is The Best ChatGPT Chrome Extension?

The best chrome extensions for ChatGPT are WebChatGPT, Merlin Chrome Extension, Tactiq, Voice Control, ChatGPT Sidebar, ChatGPT Prompt Genius, etc.

How Do I Add ChatGPT To Chrome Extension?

To add ChatGPT to Chrome, open the Chrome Web Store and search “ChatGPT.” Click on the desired extension and add it by clicking “Add to Chrome.”

Confirm the installation and wait for the download and installation to complete. The plugin icon will appear in the browser’s top-right corner. That’s it!

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