How To Use ChatGPT To Write An Essay

ChatGPT was developed by the AI research lab OpenAI and launched on November 30. It is one of the most advanced chatbots that the world has ever seen. Chat GPT has more than 1 million users worldwide in just a week. It can also write almost anything you want. It can even write essay in seconds. This is excellent news for some students.

ChatGPT can write complete essays with excellent proficiency, and the pupils have realized this. Examiners will never be able to see it.

For more specialized assistance, like thesis writing, services like are available where you can request “write my thesis for me.”

ChatGPT is currently in the research phase. OpenAI is seeking feedback from users to determine its strengths and weaknesses. The model is still in beta, and anyone can use it.

Once you’ve created an OpenAI account, go to the dashboard and provide the data for an essay. You can ask it to write a college essay on any topic. If the essay written by ChatGPT is small and you want a detailed version, type “more, please” or “make it longer,” and the bot will return more.

To get more information, you can ask questions specific to the topic of your essay. Please copy the text and paste it into another document.

Here Are Some Essay Examples Written Using ChatGPT:

👉 ChatGPT Essay Writing

👉 College Essay Writing Using ChatGPT

👉 Essay On Why ChatGPT Will Replace Written Assignments, Written By ChatGPT

👉 Example Essay On The American Revolution By ChatGPT

👉 Short Essays Examples Using ChatGPT

Here Are Some Twitterians Responses To ChatGPT Essay Writer:

Some Students are amazed at the essay-writing ChatGPT on Twitter, and some have different opinions. Many students who aren’t in school wish it had been available years ago.

One person wrote, “Wow, ChatGPT just wrote my 20-paragraph final essay.” I can skip the two-hour movie and write the essay.

Another replied, “Um… I had a 20-minute conversation with ChatGPT over modern physics’ history.” “If this was my tutor in high school or college, I would be very fortunate.”

“I believe we can reinvent the idea of education at scale. The Twitter user said that college, as we know, will end up dead.

One student shared her experience with the AI chatbot. She tweeted: “Since people were asking, I tried to answer a question from my Korean philosophy course and checked it against Grammarly’s plagiarism checker — it says it’s 88% plagiarised, so it’s still a pass. PS: The answer is so poor that I wouldn’t use it in class.

Another person said: “Why wasn’t ChatGPT a thing while I was still in high school?” I would have been the greatest essayist in history.”

ChatGPT is a problem for teachers because it allows students to cheat on essays. This model has severe moral issues that very few understands.

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