Top ChatGPT Projects, Tools And Resources

ChatGPT could be used for some fantastic things, but small developers wanted it to have more possibilities.

Although there is no official API, the active open-source community has created many projects, apps, tools, and extensions allowing Chat GPT users to access its fantastic features.

ChatGPT Projects, Tools, Websites And Extensions

Over the next few minutes, we’ll look at some of the most interesting and unique ChatGPT projects, tools, websites, extensions, etc.

Best ChatGPT Tools, Websites, Extensions And Projects

1. ChatGPT for Google

Display ChatGPT response alongside Google Search results. This is a simple extension that shows responses from ChatGPT alongside Google and other search engine results

2. ShareGPT

Easily share permanent links to ChatGPT conversations with your friends.

3. Voice to ChatGPT

Use your voice to talk to ChatGPT with the spacebar! Use the spacebar to use your voice to talk to ChatGPT, instead of typing.

4. Emergent Mind

The best source for ChatGPT and AI-related news, articles, etc, from around the web. The website creator’s goal is to create a resource for anyone who wants to learn more about ChatGPT and AI.

5. ChatGPT Telegram Bot

This is a Telegram bot that lets you chat with the ChatGPT language model using your Telegram app.

The bot uses Playwright to run ChatGPT in Chromium and can parse code and text, as well as send messages.

It also includes a /draw command that allows you to generate pictures using stable diffusion.

6. Sensitive Topic History Quiz Game

This game was entirely written by ChatGPT, including the JS code, the CSS style, the questions in the quiz, and this very readme.

All of the jokes and sarcastic remarks were invented by the Chat GPT, but the prompts were given by a twisted human.

7. Reverse Engineered ChatGPT

Lightweight package for interacting with ChatGPT’s API by OpenAI. Uses reverse-engineered official API.

Features are no moderation, programmable, email/password authentication, cookie-based authentication, access Token authentication, captcha support, etc.

8. Commit GPT

Automatically generate commit messages using ChatGPT. Learn more about this tool from the above-given link.

9. DocGPT

ChatGPT directly within Google Docs as an Editor Add-on. This is still in development. There may be times when it doesn’t work, because of OpenAI’s overloads.

10. ChatGPT Desktop App

OpenAI ChatGPT desktop app for Mac, Windows, & Linux menubar using Tauri & Rust. Download the Chat GPT app and enjoy!

11. ChatGPT Export And Share

A Chrome extension for downloading your ChatGPT history to PNG, PDF, or a sharable link.

When you want to share some of your chats, it’s very difficult to snapshot the entire chat. This tool will add the functionality of exporting it to an image, a PDF file, or creating a sharable link.

12. Text ChatGPT

Hyperwrite has released a service that lets you text ChatGPT. It works the same way you interact with it on its official website. You can text your question to +1 (631) 801-7599. To continue, you will need a Hyperwrite account.

13. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT is a free Chrome Extension that lets you quickly access the summary of the YouTube videos you are watching with OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI technology. Use this extension to save time and learn quickly.

14. ChatGPT WhatsApp Bot

This is a WhatsApp bot that lets you chat with the ChatGPT language model using your WhatsApp app.

15. ChatGPT Twitter Bot

ChatGPTBot is a Twitter bot that you can mention with a prompt, and it will respond with a Twitter thread containing the ChatGPT response.

Just create a tweet mentioning ChatGPTBot containing your prompt.

Then wait until the bot responds, which can be anywhere from a few seconds to a minute, depending on how much usage the bot receives.

The ChatGPT response will be split up into multiple tweet-sized replies.

16. ChatGPT Discord Bot

Integrate ChatGPT into your own discord bot. This is a project that provides you to build your own Discord bot using ChatGPT.

17. ChatGPT WeChat Bot

Use ChatGPT On Wechat via wechaty. It supports the OpenAI accounts pool, uses a proxy to log in, adds conversation support (everyone will have their own session), auto-reloads the OpenAI accounts pool, etc.

18. ChatGPT Chrome Extension

ChatGPT Chrome Extension is a free Chrome Extension that lets you quickly access OpenAI’s ChatGPT on the web. Use this extension to ask anything to ChatGPT.

19. ChatGPT API

Node.js client for the unofficial ChatGPT API. This package has been updated to use Puppeteer to automatically log in to ChatGPT and extract the necessary auth credentials.

20. ChatGPT Extension for VSCode

This Visual Studio Code extension allows you to use the unofficial ChatGPT API to generate natural language responses from OpenAI’s ChatGPT to your questions, right within the editor.

21. ChatGPT API Dart

This package is a Dart wrapper around ChatGPT by OpenAI. You can use it to start building projects powered by ChatGPT like chatbots, websites, etc.

22. ChatGPT Raycast Extension

Straight from your command bar, ask anything that you want and get ChatGPT’s generated answer without opening any browser app.

23. ChatGPT API Python

Python client for the unofficial ChatGPT API with auto token regeneration, conversation tracking, proxy support, and more.

Note: As OpenAI added additional Cloudflare protections that make it more difficult to access some APIs. So, some API for now may not work but developers will update them as soon as possible.

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