45+ Best Open Source Flutter Games

If you are interested in building games or dreaming of being a game developer, This article is for you. We know that the Game Developer in you will be excited to know about the top open-source games built using Flutter; then what are you waiting for? Grab your drink and read this article till the end to know the best open source flutter games.

Top Open Source Flutter Games On GitHub

  1. Batufo – UFO Multiplayer Game Using Flutter
  2. Darkness Dungeon
  3. Borderless World Online Game With Dart And Nodejs
  4. Ghost Rigger – Cyberpunk-Inspired Puzzle Game With Flutter
  5. Pinball Game By Flutter Using Flutter
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I/O Pinball

It is a Pinball Game built with Flutter and Firebase for Google I/O. You can play this game in any language you wish because it supports multiple languages. You can play it against your friends or opponents, as it is multiplayer-ready. I/O Pinball is developed using Flutter, Firebase, and Flame Engine. If you really want to learn about Flutter Development, learning about the development of this game is the best way for you.


UFO multiplayer game using Flutter. The developers demonstrated that building multiplayer games like this with Flutter is possible. They also learned that making the server authoritative adds a lot of complexity.

This game has health packets available for the players; players can increase their health balance by picking up the health packets. It is a 2D multiplayer game. This game is supported on macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and the browser.


An infinity procedural online game using Flutter with NodeJS and Flames. It uses Firebase for the back end. The team is currently working on performance and planning to create a New Enemy, Enemy passive Aggressive, Code refactoring. The game got its name as the borderless world because, in this game, players can make their houses anywhere in the infinite world. The game is still in its developing stage.

Darkness Dungeon

This game was developed to test the use of the Bonfire package. Bonfire, Flame audio, Flame splash screen, and URL launcher are the packages used in developing this game.

Party Flutter

Party Charades game created in Flutter. This is a game where you need at least three people. There are a variety of categories available in this game; you can select what you like. This game is about guessing the name displayed on the screen. You have to hold the phone in such a way that you can’t see the screen while your friends can see it. You have to guess the word written by the clues given by your friends. Categories available are food, movies, games, Animals, etc.

Famous 2048 Game With Flutter

Famous 2048 game in Flutter. It has a colorful grid and cute Font. They are welcoming contributors for doing sliding grid animation. The development of this game was inspired by a need to ramp up Flutter.

15 Puzzle

It is a sliding Puzzle game with a frame of numbered square tiles in random order with one missing tile. The developer team of this game welcomes all developers to create applications on their platform. They also request not to use their standard logo as your app’s logo. This game is also known as Game of Fifteen, Gem Puzzle, Boss Puzzle Mystic Square, and many others.

Hangman Game

Hangman Game Written in Flutter. The player will have five lives in each turn. You have to fill in the correct word to earn a score. You can guess as much as you can. You will have one hint for each word. You can view the previous scores as you will have high scores saved.


A Ludo board game developed in Flutter using Canvas. Fludo is a Flutter app that uses canvas and animations to build a Ludo board game. You can roll your dice and move your pawns. You can kill the opponent’s pawns. Safe spots are available for you to protect your pawns. Free turns, as per basic Ludo rules, are available. The team has a Roadmap of Music integration, UI/UX improvements, Multiplayer, and Web support.

Tap hero

TapHero is a tapping arcade game. This game is entirely developed by using Flutter, without using any engines. This game is available for Android, iOS, and Desktop. This app uses only three plugins: share plugin, audio player, and simple animations. This game will automatically detect the width of the screen.

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Ghost Rigger

Cyberpunk-inspired puzzle game prototype created with Flutter and Flame. The game was a submission for the Flutter hackathon ‘Hack20’. The app contains standard Flutter layouts with a game view created using Flame. The player will be a ghost rigger who needs to solve puzzles to progress in the game.

Tetris Game Using Flutter

A Tetris game powered by Flutter. This game is currently supported only on Android. It supports landscape mode also. This game is developed by the inspiration of by Vue-Tetris.


A simple snake game with a two-player mode powered by Flutter. A very interesting part of this game is that you can change the color of almost everything at any time. You can have both single-player and Multiplayer modes in this same app. You can change the background color, left player, right player, scoreboard, and snakes. A scoreboard will be present to show your score and high score in it. You can get the app at the play store.

Flutter Hot Reload Game

The Flutter Hot Reload Game was first shown at Google I/O 2018. It connects three flutter applications: Tablet APP, TV APP, and Simulator APP. The animated components in the Tablet and TV App use the 2Dimensions custom libraries, Nima and Flare. Detailed video of how to use them in Flutter is also available in the ‘ Flutter Hot reload game repository.’

Dino Run

A 2D infinite side scroller made using Flame engine. The game is supported on Android, iOS, and Windows; however, windows will not support audio. Several games are inspired by Dino Run, For example, Fly Dash, Warrior Runner, Dino Running, etc.


You can build the sudoku game just for your own. You can download the apk directly from the GitHub repository. The developer team plans to do a sudoku solver with a camera scan. Both the platforms, Android and iOS, are supported. The web is not supported.

Impossible Blocks

This is a complicated memory game with simple rules. If you love Rubik’s Cube or brain training games, you will also love this game. This game is a mental ability game for both adults and children, which will help stimulate your brain.

There are 40 levels available in this game. In classic mode, you must get a high score in 2 minutes. In Arcade Mode, new elements like fire and lightning are added. Libraries used are Redux, Flutter Redux, Flutter Persist, Flutter SVG, Flare Flutter, etc. SQLite database is used.

Tic Tac Toe Game In Flutter

The Tic Tac Toe game is built with Flutter and Firebase. It is a multiplayer game. This game is supported on both iOS and Android. This game has a very simple UI.


Flutters is a Demo game powered by Flutter and Flame. It has an awesome hot reloading feature. This app is supported on both iOS and Android. This is a simple-to-learn project. It will compile to native. Contributions are appreciated, so if you want, you can work for it.


A simple trivia game built with Flutter. Features of this Game include State management, Animations, Text shadows, JSON data, a Settings page, Streams and BLoC pattern, a Dynamic theme changer, and Switchable quiz API, etc. The Frideos Flutter package is used to build this app. A different version of the app using the rebuilder package is available in the official GitHub repository.

Wordle Game Using Flutter

This wordle game in Flutter is supported on all platforms. The hidden words for the game are selected from one of the English wordlists. This will be a long-term project with awesome features coming soon (including a history page, online version, ranking, sharing, versus mode, etc.)

PI Ultimate

This app will help you easily learn PI decimals. You have to enter the values to earn points. You can get combos to increase your point if you enter pi decimals as fast as possible. Collecting more combos will increase your points highly. It is a dart projected when the developer wanted something similar to his React native pi training app in Flutter. But he added a points system which will be a way to build combos to earn lots of points.


This game was an entry for Flutter PH Hackathon 2019. This game is both a single-player and multiplayer scavenger hunt. You can log in via Google authentication. Firebase is used for the multiplayer scavenger hunt. Hive, ML Kit, Firebase Auth, and Firestore are the packages used to build this app.

Block Breaker

This Flutter project is a game of block breaker made by Flame. It is a simple clone of the game Breakout made with Flutter and Flame Engine. Block breaker is a game where you have to break the blocks by hitting with a ball, provided you can control the ball’s movement. It is a type of arcade game.

Break Guns Using Gems

Break Guns Using Gems is an open-source mobile game for Android and iOS. It is developed using Flame. This game is a fast-paced side-scrolling platformer where you will get innovative controls and a gun-related twist. In this game, you need to go through many obstacles and collect coins. You have to collect coins in an adventure journey throughout the game. Later you can use these coins to buy different kinds of skin for your robot in the game. There are about 30 skins available in the game.


A 2D top-down space shooter made using Flutter and Flame engine. The tools used are Dart, Flutter, and Flame Engine. This is a very simple game with only two colors on the screen. The task is to control the airship to dodge obstacles.

Club Penguin

A simple 2D multiplayer online game built using Flutter and Flame Engine. This game is about penguins and has an anonymous chat in a virtual 2D world. Flutter BLoc and provider are used for state management. Google Fonts package is used for different fonts. For database this app uses the Firebase database. Freezed, Dartz, Injectable, Lottie, Lint, Mockito, Build Runner, and Firebase Core are other main packages used in developing this game.

Bob Box

Bob Box is a simple game made using Flutter and Flame. It is a simple game to function as a tutorial. The game is ad-free. You have PowerUps and Dozens of hats to collect. This game will provide you with endless gameplay. The game is about a boy who loves bouncing from one side to another; what you have to do is that you have to help this boy from enemies.

Flutter BananaMon

A bomb man-like game in Flutter. You can touch the left side of the screen to move, and you can touch the right side of the screen to deploy the bomb. You can download the Android App directly from the GitHub repository. There is also a html5 version available which contains a stage editor. It is a well-completed Bombman game.

Space Empires

This game has a basic custom computer AI. It is supported and tested on Web, Android, and iOS. It will work amazingly on all screen sizes. The provider is used for state management. For data persistence, they have used the package shared preferences. Lottie and Rive are used for animations. So many TODOs are available in this project; if you are interested, you can work on them.

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This simple and small game was developed because the developer just wanted to test it out. There are no tests, and code quality is also simple. You can run this application by cloning and running it on your computer. For that, you will need Flutter and git installed on your computer. The game is to pass the ball through the rings of different heights provided at different places of the game journey.

Drag And Drop

A Drag and Drop kid’s game made with Flutter. It is a very simple game without many developments. It has a simple basic UI. The game is not much interesting for adults but entertaining for kids. The game is to drag an item from the right and drop it to the same color displayed on the right side of the screen. The score will be displayed on the top of the screen. The score will increase as you drag and drop correctly.


Numbers is a simple game to improve problem-solving skills. A target number will be provided on the screen on top, and many blocks having random numbers will also be provided below that. The game is to gain the target Number by selecting the two numbers with the sum as the target number. In this way, you have to match the target shown by adding one or more number blocks. This game is purely based on numbers to improve problem-solving skills.

Solitaire Flutter

The classic Game of Solitaire is made entirely on Flutter. This game is a simple implementation of Solitaire or Klondike, implemented originally by Microsoft. Solitaire by Microsoft is a single-player game. This game is not an exact copy of that but is similar to it.


Vintage Pacman Game developed in Flutter. This vintage Pacman game is presented with Flutter Animations and Sound Effects. The I/O includes mostly interaction with touch, and there is a chance that maybe in the future, a keyboard/joystick interaction will be possible to make it accessible on PCs. This game is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Pair Game

A simple pair game created with Flutter. Friedoes-flutter is a package used to develop this game. BLoC pattern is also used in this game. A tunnel pattern is used to share data between two blocs. Widget streaming is another feature used to switch the widget to show. A custom library to work with streams and stateless widgets is available. Multiple selections and animations are also can be included in the features.

Master Mind Game

Mastermind or Master Mind is a code-breaking game for two players. It resembles an earlier pencil and paper game called Bulls and Cows that may date back a century. Scoped Model, URL Launcher, and Font awesome flutter are the packages used in developing this game. You can download it from Google Play as Code Breaker. This app is supported on both iOS and Android.

Card Matching Game

A Card Matching Game Made with Flutter. This game comes in 3 different levels. When you start with low difficulty, it will give you the tendency to play more and to solve the very difficult level. This game will make you forget the time; once you start, it will make you play for hours, even without realizing the time spent.

Sliding Chess

It is easy to play this game; you just need to hold and drag a piece to move it. And You can Tap a Tile to slide it. This was a submission for Flutter Puzzle Hack and was developed by ShiroYacha.


Dashtronaut is a slide puzzle game set out in space with Dashtronaut, Dash the Astronaut, floating in space and interacting with the user. You can move the tiles by swiping. The time left is visible to the user; a stopwatch is present that will automatically start on the first tile move.

Sliding Puzzle

It is a simple slide puzzle game where the player needs to arrange the squares into sorted order. This app is tested on iOS, Android, and Google Chrome browsers. A timer is present in the game. Both Dark and Light mode is available for this game. A Dropdown menu is present, which contains mute and Info options. This app uses some third-party packages developed by the open-source community.


Everest is a mathematical puzzle game. This game is available in many languages, such as English, French, German, Spanish, and Ukrainian. This game is free and fully open-source. Even though this is a mathematical puzzle, You don’t require any mathematical knowledge other than arithmetics.

Slide Z

Slide Z is a 3D sliding puzzle game. The aim is to solve the 3D puzzle based on the height of the pillars. Mind AR is used to run the App in AR Mode. We can play the game in 3D or AR mode. In 3D mode, You can view the board from any angle to identify the pillar of various heights. In AR mode, the player can move without restricting screen space. Also, players can better differentiate the various block heights in AR mode.

Slide Puzzle

A sliding puzzle game built for Flutter Puzzle Hack. This is a puzzle game where you can play this game in two modes. You can play in number mode or picture mode. In number mode, You can slide the tile in one direction, either horizontally or vertically. In picture mode, you need to arrange the tiles to form a picture like the original one.


A matching colors Flutter game. The goal is to reproduce the top right pattern on the nine center squares with as few moves as possible. The app is not completely developed; it is still in development. This is a multiplayer as well as a single-player game.

Color Mixer

This game is exactly described by its name itself; what you have to do in the game is to mix the colors to break the obstacles. The Flame engine is the tool used to build this game. You will be provided with four colors. You need to mix the right colors to break the obstacles. The color of the obstacle coming will be provided in advance as you need that information to choose what colors to mix.

Color Matching Game

This game is developed without using any plugins. The game is played using three buttons Red, Green, and Blue. When you launch the app, the maximum hint and theme color will be displayed. We have to set the buttons blue, red, and green in 3 steps in such a way that they have the same color. The color can be changed even after viewing the result using red, green, and blue buttons. You can go to the next theme color using the ” Next color” button.

Color Game

In this game, a Color in a circle will be displayed on the screen, along with a color display of various colors. The game is that the player has to pick the one most similar to the color given in the circle from the display of colors. This game is supported on both Android and iOS.


You must have got an idea of different types of games developed using Flutter and different packages used for developing games. Thank you for reading this article. If you like this list of best open source flutter games, Please share it with your friends. Happy learning!

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