45+ Best Flutter Widgets Explained

Do you know Widgets play a significant role in developing the UI of your App? It provides a way for the user to interact with the app. Each element on the screen of the Flutter app can be said to be a widget.

So, knowing about different widgets while developing the app using Flutter is important. Today we’re going to dive into that topic.

In this article, We’ll share a curated list of 50+ best Flutter widgets and also discuss in detail about them.

Top Flutter Widgets List

best flutter widgets

Styled Widget

It simplifies the widget style in Flutter. The styled widget helps simplify widget tree structure by defining widgets using methods. This build tool enhances your flutter development experience and seamlessly integrates with your codebase.

Flutter Dynamic widget

A Backend-Driven UI toolkit helps you build UI with JSON. JSON format is very similar to Flutter widget code. It supports exporting your flutter code to JSON code.

Flutter Menu

Flutter Menu is a responsive UI framework developed for the web and Desktop. This package will provide you with a desktop-like experience on the web. Keyboard shortcuts are there for the context menu, Top menu, etc.

Flutter Sidebar

If you want an easy-to-configure sidebar widget for your Flutter mobile or web apps, then you should use this Flutter widget.

Flutter Arc Text

Flutter widget that renders text along the arc with a configurable radius.

Numeric Keyboard

A simple numeric keyboard widget. This can be said as a plugin to display a simple numeric keyboard. It is supported on both Android and iOS.

Flutter Gol Grid

A Cellular Automata Flutter widget. It’s a widget that shows a controllable square grid of cellular automata.

Flutter Useful Widgets

Widgets available in this package are FutureWidget, RefreshWidget, and SearchWidget. Flutter useful widgets make building apps easy by providing a list of simple and useful widgets.

Flutter Spinbox

Spinbox for Flutter is a numeric input widget with an input field for entering a specific value. It will also have a spin button for quick and accurate value adjustments.

Spinbox has two variants. It is suitable for apps that deal with large numeric values and where users can adjust previously entered values accurately.

Double Back To Close App

You have used the back button twice to exit from some applications. If you want your app to have that feature, you can use double back to close the app package.

Flutter Crop

This helps to crop any widget in Android, iOS, web, and Desktop with fancy and customizable UI in pure Dart code. It will not increase the size of your app’s output.

Neuomorphic Container

A widget that applies the concept of Neuomorphism in software using Flutter. This flutter widget also expresses the concept of neuomorphism in UI design. This package can be used just by importing the corresponding library.

Motion Tab Bar

An animated flutter widget where the tab bar will attempt to use your current theme out of the box; however, you may want to theme it.

Flutter Show More Text Popup

Flutter widget to show text in a popup or overlay container. Size and other features of the container can be configured.


A super powerful widget that helps developers to build complex views very quickly and comfortably. It supports rich text, rounded corners, borders, pictures, and small red dots and controls their relative positions.

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Flutter Background App Bar

If you want to preserve the background of the silver app bar when scrolling, You can use this. It is a background app bar plugin inspired by GradientAppBar.

Flutter Range slider

RangeSlider Widget for flutter. It is an extension of the Flutter Material Slider that allows selecting a range of values via two thumbs.

Height Slider

A customizable height slider for Flutter. It is used for retrieving a person’s height. It is supported on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Flutter Plugin Filter List

It will provide the utility to search or filter based on single or multiple selections from the provided dynamic list. It offers three ways to filter data from the list: FilterListDialog, FilterListWidget, and FilterListDelegate.


Groovinwidgets contains widgets and utilities created and edited by GroovinChip. This package currently contains Modal Drawer Handle, Outline Dropdown Button, Outline Dropdown Button Form Field, Groovin Expansion Tile, Split Color Background, Avatar Back Button, and Scroll Controller Builder.

Flutter Google Places

It autocompletes widgets for Flutter. It uses the Google Maps web service library, which directly refers to the official documentation for the google maps web service. This is supported on Android, iOS, Linux,macOS, Web, and Windows.

Analog Clock

Analog Clock widget for Flutter. Features provided are a Modern and clean analog clock interface, a Fully customizable, Live clock, and Custom DateTime.

Syncfusion Flutter Widgets

Syncfusion flutter widgets are written in pure Dart. It helps create rich, high-quality iOS, Android, and web applications from a single code base. It is supported on iOS, Android, and the Web.


It is an in-built widget that is present in Flutter SDK. It helps in adding limitations to the child widgets. It allows developers to add flexibility concerning the height and width of the child widget.


SafeArea helps add a child with sufficient padding to avoid intrusions by the OS. Basically, it can be said as a padding widget.

If you are wrapping any widget with SafeArea, it adds any necessary padding to keep your widget from being blocked by the rounded corners, system status bar, and other creative features.


The opacity widget can be referred to as a simple property that can have huge effects on the UI of the app. It makes its child partially transparent.

Wrap Widget

Wrap widgets help in aligning widgets horizontally and vertically. Also, it will maintain space between the two widgets.


It is a stateful widget that will respond to the asynchronous data procession. It will have two parameters: a Stream and a Builder.


FittedBox that will fit and align its child. It will resize the child but prevent child widgets from increasing their sizes beyond a limit. Properties of FitedBox are: Contain, cover, fitHeight, fitWidth, none, Alignment, and child.

Floating Action Button

The Floating Action Button Widget is a unique type of widget in the Flutter. By default, it will be present at the bottom right. It is one of the important widgets and is a part of the scaffold widget.

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Text Widget

A run of text with a single style. This widget displays a string of text with a single style. Text is not selectable by default.

Column Widget

A widget that displays its children in a vertical array. The column widget does not scroll. It helps in creating a flexible layout and is important in developing UI.

Row Widget

The row widget is a horizontal variant of the column widget. It displays children in a horizontal format. The Row widget also does not scroll.


Spacer creates an adjustable empty spacer that can be used to tune the spacing between widgets like rows or columns. The spacer widget will take up any available space.

Flutter Logo is in widget form, which respects IconTheme. Some properties of this widget are key, size, style, duration, curve, hashCode, textColor, and runtime.


This widget is used to specify the image in the Flutter app. Some of the image widget properties are color, errorBuilder, Alignment, fit, etc.


This widget is one of the most useful widgets during the development of applications. By default, it is sized to fit its container. Placeholders can size themselves.

Flutter DataTable

It will style every element in a DataGrid easily. It helps in exporting data to Excel and pdf. Flutter DataTable is commonly used to display data in a tabular view.

Flutter Calendar Widget

It helps schedule recurring events and appointments in different time zones. It can style calendar elements easily. A variety of built-in view modes are available. It also allows you to customize every view.

Flutter Radial Gauge

It is a highly customizable widget used for displaying values and ranges on a radial scale. It is a Data visualization widget and is written in Dart.

Flutter PDF Viewer

It helps in viewing PDF files seamlessly and efficiently. It offers easy navigation and interaction and also customizable appearances.


It is a widget that expands a child of a Row, Column, or Flex; as a result, the child fills the available space.


Flexible controls how a child of a Row, Column, or Flex flexes. It will provide flexibility to the child of Row, Column, or Flex to expand and fill the available space in the main axis.


A widget that positions its children relative to the edges of its box. It is very useful if you want to overlap several children in a simple way.


The Tooltip widget displays a textual description of the widget in a floating label when long-pressed or hovered over it. It is very useful when the UI is not spacious to simultaneously display all the information on the screen.


A rectangular area of a material that responds to touch.
The inkwell widget must have a material widget as an ancestor.


The Flutter app can run on both Android and iOS, so it would be great if we could keep the UI the same for both. Adaptive widgets help in keeping the UI of the app the same on both Android and iOS platforms.


It is a material widget in Flutter. It allows us to add a choice chip to our application. Some properties of choice chip allow customization like changing the background color, shadow color, etc.


It shows a full-screen search page and returns the search result the user selects when the page is closed. The search page consists of an app bar with a search field and a body that can either show suggested search queries or the search results.


If you have read this article till this end, it will be clear to you what widgets to use to make your Flutter app amazing.

Choose the best flutter widgets for your app and also try out others whenever you want something to experiment with. Hope you find this top flutter widgets list helpful. Happy learning!

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