35+ Best Flutter UI Libraries And Packages

Flutter is the most popular framework used to make applications. Creating attractive user interfaces is time-consuming and sometimes frustrating, right?

You would agree with me on this. Now, you can make your job easier by using Flutter UI Libraries and Packages.

Flutter UI Packages and Libraries will help in creating awesome User Interfaces. In this article, we have curated the Best Flutter UI Libraries and Packages to help you get your job done easily.

By the end of this article, you will see some of the Best Flutter UI Packages and Libraries, their use cases, and more. Grab your coffee and read carefully.

Best Flutter UI Packages And Libraries

best flutter ui packages

Get Widget

Get Widget is an open-source UI kit library built with Flutter SDK and is completely free. This library provides you with 1000+ pre-build widgets that are reusable in developing the Flutter mobile app and web app.

You can customize the component as per your needs. It is one of the best flutter UI libraries.

Flutter Material Design

Flutter Material Design is an official UI library from Google that you can use while developing Flutter apps. It offers many ready-to-use widgets like cards, Sliders, and buttons.

Intro Slider

Giving an awesome intro to your app will be something every developer thinks about; for that, you can use this library. This will help you in creating catchy introductions. It is easy to use and speeds up your job. This library provides multiple animations and patterns.


GetIt is a professional tool with a proper format. It can be used to access service objects such as REST API Clients and Databases.

It is a popular and very helpful library. GetIt is a simple service locator for dart and flutter projects. It is extremely fast and easy to learn and use.

Flutter Sticky Headers

This library helps in creating sticky headers. This package lets you place headers on scrollable content that will stick to the top of the container while the content is scrolled.

No special wrappers or magic is required. Sticky headers will be visible at the top of the screen even if you navigate the app. It is one of the best flutter UI libraries.

Cached Network Image

Flutter library to load and cache network images. This flutter UI library helps display images and store them in the cache.

It also helps in saving info on the browsing device and history. It can be used for e-commerce and such platforms. It can also be used with placeholder and error widgets.

Local Auth

Local Auth is used to implement security settings. It can be used on both Android and iOS. It helps in unlocking features of mobile phones and also in authenticating biometric information.

It provides local authentication via fingerprint, touch ID, face ID, passcode, pin, or pattern. It is supported only on Android, iOS, and Windows. It is not supported on Linux.

Flutter Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a very popular free and open-source front-end framework. Flutter Bootstrap UI library makes it easier for app developers to incorporate Bootstrap into the Flutter app. It provides a wide range of widgets that can be customized to match your building app.

FL Chart

FL Chart is a highly customizable Flutter chart library that supports Line, Bar, Pie, Scatter, and Radar charts. This Flutter UI library also helps in drawing graphs. It provides multiple designs and patterns to create graphs. FL Chart is easy to use and design.


This is a UI library as well as a state management library. The provider will shield around the inherited widgets for state management. It helps pass data to widgets and stretch state objects’ lifespan. The Flutter community greatly supports this package.

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This UI library will provide additional stream subjects, operators, and classes. RxDart does not provide its Observable class as a replacement for Dart Streams. This package is based on Reactive X and offers API to add ExDart functionality.

RxDart is an implementation of the popular reactiveX API for asynchronous programming, leveraging the native Dart Streams API.

Flutter Cupertino

This library provides a set of widgets that replicate the look and feel of iOS applications. It’s a great choice if you want to build a Flutter app that feels native on both Android and iOS.

Path Provider

This UI library helps find frequently used locations on the filesystem and directs you to the correct data with keywords. The path provider will support internal and external storage.

It supports Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows. Also, all methods are not supported on all platforms; for example, External storage is supported only on Andriod among these four platforms.

URL Launcher

Flutter plugin for launching a URL. URL Launcher supports different URL schemes such as HTTP, SMS, etc. It helps open URLs to handle and is more useful when you want the OS to handle the URL.

It is supported on both Android and iOS. It supports Web, phone, SMS, and email schemes. Web URLs can be launched either in an in-app web view or in the default browser on some platforms.

Font Awesome Flutter

Font Awesome Flutter provides you with a variety of icons that you can use while developing your app. Particular icons for particular OS are also available.

About 1600 additional icons to use in the apps are provided by this package. This library makes app development easy and also user-friendly.

Flutter Animated Background

The function of this library is clear from its name; It helps in adding attractive animated backgrounds to your flutter apps. You are allowed to paint whatever you want on the canvas.

There exist packages that depend on this library. You can easily customize what your animated background for your Flutter app should be.

Flutter Neumorphic

The neumorphic UI kit for Flutter is fully customizable and ready to use. It is Dark-theming compatible and contains a variety of widgets. Flutter Neumorphic supports custom shapes, sizes, intensities, light sources, etc.

Motion Tab Bar

With the help of this package, you can have an animated Bottom Navigation Bar for your flutter apps. It is a beautifully animated Flutter widget package library.

It supports all six possible platforms: iOS, Android, Web, Windows, MacOS, and Linux. The tab bar will use your current theme, but you can theme it according to your wish.

Responsive Framework

A responsive framework makes it easy for flutter apps to be responsive. It also helps in automatic adaptation to different screen sizes.

It is so time-consuming and repetitive to create the same layout multiple times for different screen sizes; a Responsive framework is a solution for this. It also makes responsiveness simple.


A powerful and easy-to-use timeline package for Flutter. This package has separate widgets for all UI components in this package. It is not stable since the package is in an early stage.

Some APIs may change. You can customize each range with themes. Combinations with flutter widgets are available.

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Calendar View

A Flutter package that helps to implement all calendar UIs and Calendar event functionality. You can add events to the calendar. You can synchronize events between calendar views. It is customizable to show only working days.

Flutter Screenutil

A flutter plugin for adapting screen and font size. It will provide you with a reasonable layout for different screen sizes. Some APIs might not be available because this package is still under development.

Styled widgets

Styled Widget helps in simplifying widget tree structure by defining Widgets using methods. This build tool enhances your flutter development experience and seamlessly integrates with your codebase.


This package helps in creating Instagram stories like UI. A variety of animations are available and are customizable. It is supported on iOS, Android, Windows, Web, and Linux. Its popularity is about 94%, and it has 135 pub points in a pub. dev.

Flutter Glow Package

This package helps you in creating glow widgets and glow themes. The glow theme is an Inherited widget, so you can use it to handle whole app changes.

It supports all six possible platforms. The available widgets are GlowButton, GlowIcon, GlowText, Glow Checkbox, GlowRadio, and GlowSwitch.

Flutter Next

A flutter Package for faster UI development. It helps you build responsive applications across all platforms. Building applications with responsiveness is easy with Flutter Next.

This package will also provide a handful of extensions. You can add animations with a single line and develop a Responsive UI.

Quds UI Kit

This library consists of Animating Widgets with simple controlling, events capturing; Page Transitions; Toasts; Bottom Sheets; Dialogs; Pagination; Simple Drawer; Splash Screen Views, and Another viewer.

There exist packages that depend on the Quds UI kit. Installation of this library is easy and is supported on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Web, and Windows.


A Set of high-level Flutter UI components and Stand-alone widgets. This makes easier implementation of the most used UI features.

The components are StatefulData, ResponsiveLayout, CheckboxUic, ListUic, and LoginUic. Widgets available are ActionButton, Deck, InlineTextField, and StepIndicator.

Flutter Menu

Flutter Menu is a responsive UI framework. This package is developed for the web and app. Keyboard shortcuts are there for the context menu, top menu, etc.

A flex factor sets pane sizes for the UI to stay nice and responsive. An extra topbar to be used as a toolbar or information bar and more callbacks on change are available.

Gradient UI widgets

Flutter widgets that support gradients. This package supports widgets like Elevated/TextButton, FloatingActionButton, Icon, IconButton, Text, SelectableText, etc., with more to come.

Basic UI widgets are available with gradient support. This package is compatible with all six possible platforms.


A UI framework inspired by React. The main building blocks are components, which can be implemented as classes or functions. It is supported only on the web. It consists of 2 parts: Package and generator.

Package: The Dart package
Generator: A generator to generate HTML element API.

Platform UI

Platform UI mimics the native UI widgets as much as possible in Flutter. It has a wide collection of platform-specific widgets and UI toolkits. The widgets APIs are similar to Flutter material UI widgets.

Another exciting feature is that it exposes the internal API to build widgets on top of it. It supports Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows platforms. It is simple and customizable.


It is a common flutter library comprising Scale View, Swiper, Pull Refresh, Water Mark, Gradient Circular Progress Indicator, etc. All the widgets available are useful, making your UI more attractive and user-friendly.

Neon Widgets

Some applications need a neon touch in their UI to provide the feel of that app. If you need to add a neon touch to your APP’s UI, then the Neon widgets package is for you.

This package will provide you most commonly used widgets in their normal and neon form. You can create more theme widgets using the different types of widgets available.

Assorted Layout Widgets

Many widgets like ColumnSuper, RowSuper, FitHorizontally, Box, WrapSuper, TextOneLine, Delayed, Pad, ButtonBarSuper, NormalizedOverflowBox, showDialogSuper, and much more are available in this package.

Even though the package name is related to layout, All the widgets available are not only related to layouts.


Making a UI for your flutter app that will stand out from others is every developer’s dream. You can build creative and unique UIs with the help of Flutter UI libraries and packages.

We have provided the best Flutter UI Packages and Libraries to make your job easier. So, now it’s your turn to do something great with this list. Happy Coding!

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