30+ Best Web3 Resources To Learn Web3.0 Development

Hi Web3 Developers, Professionals, and Enthusiasts. We have something more valuable pieces of stuff to share with you. In this article, we’ve curated some of the interesting websites and best resources that can help you to learn, interact, earn, share and keep yourself updated with Web3. Let’s dive straight into this collection of free web3 resources.

Free Web3 Resources

  • Blockchain Demo – Learn Blockchain Visually
  • Eth Build – Learn Ethereum Visually
  • NFTSchool – Learn And Share About NFTs
  • Solidity by Example
  • Odyssey – Web3 For Beginners
  • Crypto Zombies – Learn Web3 By Building Your Own Game
  • Buildspace – Web3 Projects
  • UseWeb3 – Best Web3 Resources
  • Web3 University
  • Metaschool – Learn Web3 Development
Web3 Websites

Blockchain Demo – A Visual Demo

Blockchain Demo is an attempt at demystifying the technology behind cryptocurrencies. It has a living blockchain, a peer-to-peer network, and a user tour. Don’t miss this website, just visit it once!

Ethereum Development Tutorials (Official Ethereum Website)

Ethereum Community members and enthusiast shares expert’s written guides and articles related to Blockchain, Alchemy, Defi, Aave, NFT, Metamask, Hardhat, Solidity, Truffle, The Graph, Web3js, Web3py, etc. It’s an official Ethereum website and on of the best source where you can learn from professional related to Ethereum and Web3.

Eth Build – Learn Ethereum Visually

An Educational Sandbox for Web3 Developers and Enthusiasts! Use the open-source building blocks to get a visual perspective of how Ethereum and other stuff works. In this tool, You can even drag and drop the blocks to build your own smart contract. Must recommended website!

Odyssey – Web3 For Beginners

Odyssey is a learning DAO on a mission to onboard the next 1 million people to web3. They’ve written quality ELI5 guides for intro to web3, DeFi, DAOs, NFTs, and more. We must recommend you to check this website as it is one of the best resource that can help you to learn Web3 in a very simple manner.

NFTSchool – Learn And Share About NFTs

What’s going on with non-fungible tokens, or NFTs? If you’re the one excited and wants to know, learn and keep yourself updated with NFTs, then this website is for you. NFT School is an open-source project that welcomes contributors of all specialties from all over the world! You can share your knowledge with your peers and contribute a tutorial, how-to, or concept guide to this open-source NFT site.

Solidity by Example

An introduction to Solidity with simple examples. It’s the best resource to learn Solidity from the whole list. Learning to read code is more important than writing code. Must recommended website for all who wants to learn Solidity.

Metaschool – Learn Web3 Development

Metaschool is a platform where developers hangout to learn web3 with each other, collaborate on projects, earn NFTs for completing their work, and connect with talented folks building the future of the web!

Crypto Zombies – Learn To Code Ethereum DApps By Building Your Own Game

CryptoZombies is an interactive code school that teaches you to write smart contracts in Solidity through building your own crypto-collectables game. The course is beginners friendly and is available for free.

Web3 is Going Great – Web3 News That Matters

Web3 Is Going Great is a project to track some examples of how web3 isn’t actually going as well as its proponents might like you to believe. The timeline tracks events in cryptocurrency and blockchain-based technologies, dating back to the beginning of 2022. So many websites won’t show you some realities related to Web3 but this website will.

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Buildspace – Web3 Projects

Learn Web3 by building some of the best web3 projects. Some of the projects available on Buildspace are

  • Build a Web3 App with Solidity + Ethereum Smart Contracts
  • Mint your own NFT collection and ship a Web3 app to show them off
  • Create your own mini turn-based NFT browser game
  • Build a Web3 app on Solana with React and Rust
  • Build your own DAO with just Javascript in a weekend
  • And More.

Coinbase – Earn Crypto While Learning About Crypto

Discover how specific cryptocurrencies work and get a bit of each crypto to try out for yourself. You can watch tutorials, then You’ll receive a simple quiz testing what you’ve learned. You can earn crypto for every quiz you complete.

UseWeb3 – Best Web3 Resources

UseWeb3 is a platform for developers to explore and learn about Web3. Whether you’re a new dev getting your hands dirty for the first time, or a seasoned developer making the transition into the Web3 space. On this website, You’ll explore one of the best web3 resources including movies, Podcasts, Videos, Tutorials, Jobs, Courses and a lot more related to Web3.

Web3 University

A small university for web3 enthusiasts. It covers the fundamentals of web3 development: from writing Solidity, to minting NFTs, to building full-stack dApps. Web3 University has partnered with Alchemy, Buildspace, OpenSea, Polygon, Chainshot and other big platforms.

Web3 Predictions – Best Twitter Threads On Web3

A Curated Collection of 50+ Twitter threads to get ahead on NFTs, DAOs, DeFi, P2E, BTC, ETH, L1s, L2s, etc.

Pointer – Learn Web3 Development & Earn Crypto Rewards

Start learning the skills for the web3 programming economy and get paid while you learn. Follow along with their interactive tutorials to build and deploy full-stack web3 apps. Once the team verify your deployment on-chain, you’ll earn a cool NFT and tokens. The pointer is backed by YCombinator, Orange DAO and other Crypto & Web3 Experts.

Learn Figment: Learn Web3 The Easy Way

The Web3 education platform for developers and by developers. On this website, You’ll find tutorials that will you to learn web3 in depth. The resources are classified into three parts i.e. beginner, intermediate and advanced. Some of the tutorials are

  • Make a Solana Explorer clone using React
  • Building a 3D art gallery using Unity3D and Nethereum
  • Create an Automated Market Maker (AMM) on Avalanche
  • Build a Crowdfunding dApp on NEAR
  • Write an NFT contract & mint your NFT
  • And More.

Questbook – Learn to Code in Web3.

Easy to understand concepts for beginners and intermediates. It also provides detailed tutorials and examples to grasp the complex topics. Questbook also partners with the top blockchain projects and ensures the content is top-notch. Their free courses will help you in finding blockchain jobs and exciting web3 opportunities.

The Ethernaut – Learn Web3 by Playing Game

The Ethernaut is a Web3/Solidity based wargame. Each level in the game is a smart contract that needs to be ‘hacked’. The game is 100% open source and all levels are contributions made by other players.

Cryptokitties – Play And See The Power Of Ethereum DApps

CryptoKitties is a game centered around breedable, collectible, and oh-so-adorable creatures we call CryptoKitties! Each cat is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you; it cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed.

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How To Web3

A handpicked collection of Tutorials, Frameworks, APIs, Boilerplates, Testnets, Blogs, Wallets, Projects, Community, NFT Marketplace, Tools and other free web3 resources for beginners, intermediate and advanced web3 developers.

Web3 Jobs

Learn Web3 With These Free Resources (Updated 2023). Learn How to Develop Smart Contracts for Ethereum Blockchain, Listen to Web3 Podcasts like How Miguel Piedrafita Shipped 160 Apps By 19 Years Old, Pivoted To Web3 and How You Can Get Started In It Too, If you’d want to start a new Web3 project today, what’s the stack you would use, etc. Apart from this the best part is they also list best web3 jobs on their platform.

Learn Web3

Curious about Web3 as a developer? Wonder what are NFTs, DAOs, DeFi, and Smart Contracts? This is one of the website for you! Learn web3 by building small web3 projects. On this website, You will find four tracks namely fresher, sophomore, junior and senior roadmap. You can choose whichever category fits you to learn web3 for free.

Remote Web3 Jobs

Discover remote Web3 Jobs around the world at companies working on blockchain, smart contract, DeFi, NFT, crypto etc. Connect and hire remote workers in web3 space. Apart from jobs, they also provides tutorial and blogs related to web3.

Crypto Hack

CryptoHack is a fun platform for learning cryptography. The emphasis is on breaking bad implementations of “modern” crypto, such as AES, RSA, and Elliptic-curve. The format is a series of puzzles that teach small lessons and motivate further research.

Web3 Words

A searchable glossary for Web3, NFT and Crypto Terms. If you’re newbie you must checkout this website. You’ll learn about so many new terms like Copypasta, Diamond Hands, Wagmi, Wagbat, Rekt, Poap, Mint, Nocoiner, etc.

Everything Web3

It’s a community where you’ll be able to:

  • Learn about Web3
  • Explore concepts around Web3 like community, network effects, token models, incentive structures, & more
  • Discuss Web3 with others
  • Share new projects & discuss them
  • Connect with some of the top minds that are deep into Web3

Soldev – Web3 Community

Learn to Develop using Solana. Soldev is a community where you can connect with Web3 community and keep yourself updated with Web3 Tutorials, SDK’s, Twitter Threads Frameworks, Developer Tools, Security, Scaffolds, and Projects.

Web3 Creators

A platform where developers learn and share their stories and knowledge related to web3. The website is divided into six parts namely

  • What is Web3? – A detailed guide
  • Learn Web3 development
  • Web3 people you should keep an eye on
  • Discover stories of people moving from Web2 to Web3
  • Web3 resources curated by experts
  • Web3 Tools.

Speed Run Ethereum – Challenge Based Learning

If you have already learnt the basics of web3 and wants to apply it in building something, then check out this website. It consist of challenges like:

  • Create a Simple NFT
  • Build a Decentralized Staking App
  • Token Vendor Challenge
  • SVG NFT Building Cohort
  • And More.

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