How To Become A Web3 Developer [2023 Roadmap]

Did you know? Web3 development rewards its post holders an average salary of up to $140k per annum. As we know, there is not much information on the internet regarding how to get into Web3. By asking about Web3 development, you are already ahead of the pack. If you’re reading this, then you’re directly or indirectly looking for a roadmap for web3 developer.

So, without talking about history and other less important points related to Web3.0 like other sites, Let’s take a look at the Web3 Developer Roadmap. Below, You’ll find both step by step path as well as resources to learn Web3 for Free.

Steps To Become A Web3 Developer In 2023:

  • Learning about the basics of Computer Science
  • Experiencing Web Development in Web2
  • Learning about the Blockchain Technology
  • Learning how Smart Contracts and Solidity work
  • Learning about Ether.js and Web3.js
  • Contributing and collaborating in communities
  • Implementing your knowledge through Video Games and DApps
  • And More

Let’s dive into each step in detail.


Learning About The Basics Of Computer Science

If you don’t know anything about computers, you can start your computer science journey with the free course, CS50 “Introduction to Computer Science.” It is the main course released annually by the renowned Harvard University for anyone looking to get an introduction to computers and their functionalities. It’s free to use on the official website.

One more noteworthy course is “Intro to Computer Science and Programming using Python” by the world-famous MIT. It’s also free to use and, like the Harvard course, provides students with homework and class notes to learn and practice from.

If you’d like a more holistic approach, you can learn computer science through various other free courses on YouTube. Or you can join an online/offline programming language coaching class if you want personal assistance.

Experiencing Web Development In Web2

Learning about current websites would give you an edge over other applicants in internships and jobs. This is due to your knowledge of Web development fundamentals from Web1 to Web3.

Web development is a lucrative field in computer science, with salaries averaging $91,625 (USD)/yr. It includes using JavaScript, Java, HTML, and CSS. Experiencing Web2 development would give you an idea of the workings behind a website.

If you jump into Web3 without prior knowledge of Web2, It would be difficult to understand basic terms such as 404 error, Accessibility, API, Bandwidth, Breakpoints / Media Queries, Cache, Cookies, Classes, Crawl, DNS, Framework, FTP, Hosting, HTTPS, Propagation, Registrar, SEO, SERP, Server side scripting, SSL, UX, UI, and Wireframe.

Steps To Become A Web2 Developer

Learn HTML

HTML is the first Web2 language that newcomers learn. The newest version is HTML5; we have to use databases to store and process variables’ values as we do with some languages. We don’t need databases for this. It is stored and processed on the page. We make video games using it. Adobe Flash Player has stopped its operations because of it.

Learn CSS

CSS is like makeup for HTML. CSS makes your website more vibrant and cheerful. You can use transitions, animations, and videos to make it more colorful and appealing. The latest version of CSS is CSS3.

Learn JavaScript

Javascript is for the essential functions of the webpage. Things like clicking buttons, mouse hovering over words, using animations, redirecting to other websites, and everything are helpful for the website.

Learn PHP

This is used for the back end of the website. The server-side programming is done here. A hypertext Preprocessor is required after we have decided what our website will look like and how it will function. This programming is done after front-end development.

Learn MySQL

We need a place to store all the data provided and requested on websites. We cannot store all of it on websites. A DBMS or database management system is required for this task, as it helps us manage the data and perform various functions. Only a single software is required for all of this. The most famous one is MYSQL.

Learn the following advanced topics

Frameworks: Frameworks do your work for you. They are specially made to make writing programming languages more efficient and accessible. They take the redundant tasks and do them for you. Some examples are Django, Wordpress, and Ruby on Rails.

Libraries: Libraries enable you to use a tremendous amount of capability in the form of code groupings without the need to write all of them. Libraries ensure that the code works in both apps and the web and that it is not too long. Some examples are Jquery and Underscore.Js.

API: API stands for “applications programming interface” and is made and used by a software engineer to share the app without sending the source code. Some examples of APIs are Amazon, Twitter, and Meta for their respective web services.

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Learning About The Blockchain Technology

Knowing about the blockchain helps you create smart contracts better, which is an important job of Web3 developers.

Introduction To Blockchain

A blockchain is a decentralized ledger of all transactions across a peer-to-peer network. Understanding blockchain on the surface level is accessible; it is a chain of blocks filled with information about transactions and the previous block’s hash.

More blocks get attached to it as more transactions take place. The computers and people who do this work are called Miners. If the block of assembled transactions is accepted and verified by other miners, then the miner receives a block reward. Blockchains are now limited to not only cryptocurrencies but also power Dapps and various other backends.

But to fully understand the blockchain, you need to do specialized courses targeted towards the in-depth knowledge of the working of the blockchain. Check out this free Blockchain course by Melanie Swan

Learning How Smart Contracts And Solidity Work

Introduction To Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are self-executing programs that contain contents of the buyer-seller agreement in the lines of code. They execute when these agreements are met. They generally work on the Ethereum blockchain. They are like classes in Javascript. They are used to power Dapps. It is written in Solidity.

Smart Contracts are supposed to be understood by Web3 developers but to be able to develop them, you need the above languages. Solidity is the most sought-after language in innovative contract development.

Solidity is a high-level OOPS, created by Reitweissner and Beregszaszi in 2018, along with other members of Ethereum. They were an essential part of the project. It works on the EVM. It is the best language for people who have previously used Python. The best course to learn about solidity and smart contracts step by step is from freecodecamp.

Learn About Ether.js And Web3.js

Introduction To Web3.js and Ether.js

After knowing how to create smart contracts, you need to connect your front-end to your solidity backend, from languages ranging from HTTP to Websockets. To do so, you need to learn two libraries of Javascript, Ether.js and Web3.js.

Ether.js is a light UI for Ethereum. It is an alternative to Web3.js, which connects smart contracts with Javascript front-ends.

Web3.js gives you the freedom of connecting with an ethereum node with HTTP or any random comm protocol straight from the comfort of a front-end. Web3.js is a library collection that can help transfer ether from one place to the other, build, read, or write smart contracts on it.

Check out this best free course to learn Ether.js and Web3.js step by step from professionals.

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Contributing And Collaborating In Web3 Communities

Now that you have gained ample knowledge about computer science, Web2 development, the blockchain, Smart contracts, and Web3 libraries in javascript, you are prepared to experience what it’s like to work in a Web3 company or contribute to a Web3 project.

Communities are essential to learning in the technology field. The Web3 community is relatively new, so not everyone is an expert there. You can start by contributing to projects on GitHub, building a portfolio and joining or creating your DApps. Here are some communities we’ve found on the web: Buildspace, Web3 Foundation, Web3 Subreddit, Developer DAO.

Implementing Your Web3.0 Knowledge Through Video Games And DApps

Everyone loves video games. To sharpen your skills in Web3, you can start by playing the game Cryptozombies: A course where you’ll learn how to develop Smart Contracts while creating a Zombie factory. An excellent way to learn Solidity.

You can create DApps (Decentralized Applications), apps built on top of the blockchain. The fundamentals of a Dapp are the front end built using frameworks/libraries like React and the back end being managed by Solidity. Some examples and uses of Dapps are:-

Records: Once something is added to the blockchain, it cannot be edited or removed. This is very handy when maintaining house records, medical records etc.

Payments: Cryptocurrencies can be used for easy and secure payments to transfer value. Although gas fees are pretty high right now, I’m sure they’ll decrease in the future.

Go through the links to see the best free resources to can learn about DApp and how to create DApp. Another best resource where you can build DApp Projects is from Buildspace.

What Kind Of Job Can I Find As A Web3 Developer?

As a Web3 developer, you have numerous opportunities to work on cutting-edge technology in the decentralised internet world. is a notable company where you can investigate these opportunities. Webisoft provides duties ranging from designing and developing decentralised applications (dApps) to creating smart contracts and interacting with blockchain technology. As a member of their blockchain development team, not only do you have the opportunity to work on innovative projects, but you also become part of a community of experts in the field, giving you the chance to advance in your career. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out in the field, a web3 job offers a dynamic environment in which to develop and utilise your Web3 development skills.

Tips To Make Your Web3 Journey And Roadmap More Easier:

Follow Nader Habit, DApp University, Whiteboard Crypto, And Web3 Is Going Great:

The above mentioned youtube channels and websites talks about: React, Web3, Serverless, Blockchain, and DeFi. You should subscribe/follow this sources if you’re interested in web development, blockchain, crypto and web3:

Test your smart contracts

You can use Node Testing, Functional Testing, Performance Testing and API Testing to test smart contracts. Here is a free youtube course on smart contract testing.

Use Truffle and Ganache

Truffle is an IDE and framework for tests for EVM. It has a smart contract compilation, and its migration framework can be edited. Ganache is used to test Smart contracts made on ethereum and comes included in the suite of truffle. It creates a fake blockchain to test transactions and avoid wasteful boilerplates. Check out this best free course to learn about truffle and Ganache

Although so many steps may seem scary initially, anyone can do them. If you follow them step by step, you’ll become a Web3 developer in no time. Hope you find this web3 developer roadmap helpful.

Note: If you find anything missing in this web3.0 developer roadmap, please share it with us on any of the social media (username: @TheInsaneApp). This web3 development roadmap will be updated time to time. So, stay tuned with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Become A Web3 Developer?

You can start by learning the basics of computer science and web2 development, then venture into web3. Above, We have already covered whole web3 developer roadmap with best free resources to learn web3.0.

What Skills Are Needed For Web3?

Skills needed for Web3 development are core knowledge of Smart Contract Development, DApps, Front End Web Development, Design, Art, Management Content (mostly Memes & Articles), etc.

How Much Do Web3 Developers Make?

The average salary of a web3 developer is between $90,000 and $150,000 per year.

What Do I Need To Be A Web3 Developer?

You just need a computer and a stable internet.

What Is A Web3 Developer?

It is a developer who works on projects involving web3. Web3.0 Devs have good knowledge of Blockchain, Crypto, Solidity, Smart Contracts, DApps, etc.

What Companies Are Using Web3?

Helium Systems, Inc., Coinbase Global, Polygon Technology, Inc., Web3 Foundation, Brave Software, Inc, etc are some of the companies that uses Web3.

What Languages Are Used In Web3?

Programming languages as well as other languages used in Web3 are C++, JavaScript, Python Web3.js, Ethers.js, Vyper, Solidity, Rust, etc.

Where Can I Learn Web3 Development?

You can learn web3 development from the best free resources mentioned above. And if you want to explore more then check out our premium list of 30+ Best Free Resources To Learn Web3.

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