45+ Best Flutter UI Kits

Developing a Flutter application UI from scratch can be an time consuming and frustrating process. Several pre-designed UI kits are available online, and today we will dive deep into that. We have curated 45+ Best Flutter UI Kits and Templates from the internet. Majority of Flutter UI Kits included in this list are free and open source.

Flutter Language Learning UI Kit

Flutter UI kits free

Flutter Language Learning UI Kit gives you a clean and easy-to-use UI to develop your language learning app. It contains multiple well-designed screens. This UI Kit will be helpful if you want to make an app for a language-learning community or a small club.

Flutter Restaurant UI Kit

Flutter UI Kits

Flutter Restaurant UI Kit is a beautifully designed app template for building restaurant and food delivery apps. It includes a variety of pre-designed screens, such as a menu screen, a checkout screen, a review screen, and more.

Flutter Note-Taking UI Kit

flutter notes app ui kit

Notes app is a Flutter Note-Taking UI Kit that uses Firebase to store its data. You can customize it as per your liking and design language. It contains multiple views of notes and various screens such as adding notes, show notes, etc.

Flutter News UI Kit

best free flutter ui kit

Do you want to create a news app for your school, college campus, or corporate office? But you don’t want to start from scratch? Then you don’t have to worry. You can just use Flutter News UI Kit and build a well-designed app without hassle. It contains a navigation bar and multiple screens for you to implement.

AppMarket – Free Google Play Store Flutter UI Kit

best flutter ui kit

AppMarket is a free Google Play Store Clone Flutter UI kit with a basic style. This free Flutter UI Kit Google Play Store Clone is one of the best toolkits available today, thanks to its many tabs, clear sections on screens, and user-friendly design.

Flutter E-Commerce UI Kit

flutter e-commerce ui kit template

A powerful Flutter E-Commerce starter template that can help in the development of your application. Flutter E-Commerce Starter is a mobile application template with built-in components like a sidebar, navigation, slider, cards, and form elements. It has more than five ready-to-use pages.

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Flutter Music Player UI Kit

Flutter Music Player UI Kit provides you with various screens and easy to navigate interface with a simple design while being open-source and free to use. It has beautiful animation and pre-defined functions such as pause, plays, stops, shuffle, etc. It plays songs available locally on your device.

Flutter eBook UI Kit

flutter ebook app ui kit free download

Flutter eBook UI Kit is a perfect UI if you are looking to build an eBook app. It already includes functions like downloading, reading, deleting, and marking favorite eBooks. The UI is available in both dark and light modes. It features a simple UI with an easy-to-navigate bottom navigation bar.

iMail – Free Gmail Clone Flutter UI Kit

flutter gmail app ui kit free download

iMail is a simple, classic, Free Gmail Clone Flutter UI Kit. This user-friendly, Free Flutter UI Kit Gmail Clone comes with a constitutional interface and productivity-rich functionalities.

Flutter Pokedex UI Kit

flutter pokemon app open source

Flutter Pokedex UI Kit is a fun Pokémon application with great animation and various screens. You can use it to build apps related to plants and animals. Its interface is intuitive and addictive to use. Its colors are on point, and the whole UI is finely crafted. The UI is filled with widgets and buttons and yet seems simple and user-friendly.

Flutter Event Management UI Kit

Flutter UI kits free

Event Lite is a Flutter Event Management UI Kit, a kind of event management application. It includes necessary layouts and sections to help you promote your event. It has a variety of screens and a bottom navigation bar. It also includes an onboarding screen to make your app look professional. Its layout is easy to understand and use.

ProKit Flutter UI Kit

Flutter UI kits free

ProKit, as its name suggests, is the largest Flutter UI kit available. This comprehensive library features a collection of high-quality UI app templates, making it an ideal resource for Android and iOS developers. The Kit contains various elements, including app UI kits, complete apps, and UI themes. It also includes the most trending face unlock and biometric integration app UI features, making it a highly versatile and valuable tool for developers.

ePay – Free Google Pay Clone Flutter UI Kit

Google Pay Store Flutter UI Kit

ePay is a Free Google Pay Clone Flutter UI Kit pack for generating online payment gateways and e-wallet projects. This Flutter Google Pay Clone UI is a clone of the original. Businesses and marketers can use Flutter to create customer-friendly checkout procedures.

Flutter Weather UI Kit

Feather is a Flutter weather UI Kit that is highly customizable and open-source. It contains multiple screens for you. It is built on BLoC (Business Logic Component). It automatically fetches the user’s location and updates the data every 15 minutes.


This e-commerce site has a variety of pre-designed screens and components. It supports both payment gateway platforms like WooCommerce and E-Commerce platforms like Shopify. Check out all the different Flutter UI Kits from the above given link.

Flutter Grocery UI Kit

flutter grocery app ui kit free

Flutter Grocery UI Kit is a collection of pre-designed screens and components that you can use to build a grocery delivery app. It includes a variety of screens and several components for things like filters, search bars, nav bars, and more.


FlutKit is a carefully crafted multi-purpose mobile application UI Kit developed using Flutter. It contains 200+ ready-to-use widgets, 850+ screens, Multi-language support, light and dark theme support, 31 full apps, and a lot more.

Receipt Manager UI

This Flutter UI kit is more like a functional app that stores the data in a SQL database. You can add a receipt by clicking a photo, and it adds the receipt to your app. This can be customized to look how you want it and build a well-crafted application.

Material Kit Flutter

Google material design ui kit

This UI kit is a set of Flutter components that implement Google’s material design guidelines. If you like Google’s Material Design, you will love this Flutter UI Kit! It features many components and screens built to fit together and look amazing.

Flutter Travel UI Kit

Flutter Travel UI kit includes multiple screens and well-designed components. It can be easily customized to create your own travel and tourism app. It contains three ready-to-use screens.


best flutter ui kits

DevKit has been designed and developed for Flutter Developers. With over 600 ready-to-use screens, widgets, Cupertino widgets, features, functions, integrations, and animations, DevKit is a comprehensive resource that can be utilized for various applications on both iOS and Android devices.

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SmartKit Pro (Best Flutter UI Kits)

best flutter ui kit

This Kit contains pre-canned animations for commonly-desired effects. The animations can be customized with your content and dropped into your application to delight your users. It also contains 2D Games like Snake game, Card game, Flappy ball game, Brick breaker, and more.

Flutter Movie Tracking UI Kit

best flutter ui kit

Movie Lab is a Flutter Movie Tracking UI Kit that is open source and uses IMDb API to list movies and shows. It has various screens while being easily accessible due to its open-source nature and can be easily customized as needed.

Biggest Pro UI Kits

Biggest Pro UI Kits is a vast collection of over 1000 UI components that empower developers to create stunning and feature-rich hybrid applications. The developer claims to provide regular updates every three months to keep the Kit fresh and updated.

Flutter Quiz App UI Kit

Flutter Quiz App UI Kit contains well-designed UI with simple screens. This is an open-source application, and if you want to build it from scratch, you can do it by following the video and learning to make it from scratch. Its smooth UI can keep the users engaged with the application.

Flutter Laundry UI Kit

flutter laundry app ui kit

Flutter Laundry UI Kit is helpful if you want to build an app for a local laundry shop or business. This contains beautiful color schemes and intuitive UI to give the app a premium feel and look. It is open-source, so you won’t face any hurdles in customizing it and making it look how you want it to.

MedAPP – Flutter Medical Appointment Booking App UI

MedAPP is an application that allows users to book medical appointments from anywhere and anytime. It also records users’ medical data, such as examination results, prescriptions, and tests. Check out all the screenshots and other details of this UI Kit from the above-given link.


As its name implies, the Mighty UI Kit is a robust and commanding collection of Flutter UI components featuring comprehensive app templates, pre-built widgets, and code snippets, including ready-to-use code integration, along with striking screens that cater to various use cases. This extensive Flutter UI kit is based on the latest material design, ensuring it remains up-to-date with the latest design trends.

Flutter Repair Service UI Kit

Flutter Repair Service UI Kit

Flutter Repair Service UI Kit contains an ergonomically pleasing app that can implement various functions for a Repair Service app. It is open-source and uses a clean yet simple UI for the user to navigate through the app successfully and get the desired service without being confused.

Flutter Job Finder UI Kit

Job Finder App UI in Flutter

Flutter Job Finder UI Kit is a simple and easy-to-use job search UI focused on the easy-to-understand interface for the user. If you wish to make it from scratch, you can follow along using the video provided or just implement the functions you require using the UI kit.

Flutter Fitness Onboarding UI Kit

Flutter Fitness Onboarding UI Kit is helpful for people who want to implement a well-designed onboarding screen for their fitness app for their customers. This UI kit contains various onboarding screens with smooth animations, which will come in handy for the developers.

Flutter Party Finding Onboarding UI Kit

Flutter Party Finding Onboarding UI Kit provides three onboarding screens for party-finding apps with good UI and buttery smooth animations and well-positioned buttons for you to implement login and signup for your apps. It is part of an open-source repository, so you don’t need to worry about royalty fees.

Flutter Taxi Booking Authentication UI Kit

Flutter Taxi Booking Authentication UI Kit has two screens: login and signup for taxi apps. It has well-positioned buttons and requires you to implement the logic for the authentication process. It is simple and convenient for the user and developer alike.

Flutter Green Taxi UI Kit

Flutter Green Taxi UI Kit is part of an open-source UI kit. It will provide you with various screens and widgets. It uses Google Maps API (Application Platform Interface) to show users’ locations without hassle. It also provides a rating screen where users can rate their rides and a payment interface for the user to pay without any cash safely.

Flutter Drawing Board UI Kit

Flutter Drawing Board UI Kit provides the user to draw and scribble on the screen. It is exclusively for Operating Systems like macOS, Windows, and Linux. It is mostly a web-based application made with Flutter. It already has functions such as drawing, scribbling, erasing, and drawing shapes like rectangles, squares, and polygons.

Banking Flutter UI Kit

Banking Flutter UI Kit is fit for you if you are looking to implement a banking-related business. It contains 16+ screens for you to start with and a simple-looking UI yet elegant enough to retain user attention. It offers the user a seamless experience. It is created thoughtfully with the best-looking widgets and colors.

Flutter Cricket Score UI Kit

If you want to build an application UI that can show live scores and match details, Crickey App is best for you. It has 14+ screens and is easily customizable. Its smooth navigation and user-friendly UI make it perfect for making an intuitive app.

Flutter Social Networking UI Kit

flutter social media app template

Flutter Social Networking UI Kit has a beautiful collection of pre-designed screens that can be used to build a social networking app easily. The best part is that it’s free to use, so you can follow the link and see it yourself.

Flutter TikTok Clone UI Kit

Are you looking to build a short video app that closely resembles TikTok? Then you can try Tik Tak, a Flutter Tik-Tok clone. It has over 22 screens to upload short videos and share them with everyone. It enhances user experience by facilitating uploads, downloads, and ease of navigation throughout the UI. Using this UI, you can easily create a social media app exclusively for video sharing with beautiful layouts.

Blog App UI Kit Template

This product is a user interface template developed using Flutter. If you want to develop a blog application, you can save time by using the codes of this item in the presentation layer. You’ll have not only UI code but also helper classes and custom widgets. File and class names are nicely named and organized, so you can easily find what you want in the source code. The project has 14 color themes created using the Material color palette. Each theme supports both light and dark modes.

SalesPro UI Kit

As its name implies, the SalesPro UI Kit is a comprehensive and powerful set of Flutter UI kits. It comprises complete app templates, pre-built screens, widgets, illustrations, and striking screens catering to various use cases of Mobile POS Inventory apps. Developed with the utmost quality, SalesPro UI templates offer easy widget reuse, fast performance, and a completely user-friendly interface.

Flutter Instagram Clone UI Kit

instagram app flutter ui kit

Do you want to build an app as intuitive and colorful as Instagram? If that’s a yes, then you can try Chatgram, a Flutter Instagram Clone UI Kit which contains various Instagram screens and functions. This UI kit includes chatting, uploading photos, liking and sharing posts, etc. It packs several reusable widgets for you to implement on new screens.

LightStar – Hotstar Clone Flutter App UI Kit

hotstar app flutter ui kit

The core features of LightStar Flutter App UI Kit are as follows

  • Optimized for both Android and iOS,
  • Reusable Elements and Widgets,
  • Responsive design for any Device Screen,
  • LightStar UI template for Movies, Profile, Rating, etc,
  • Flexible Structure, Easy to Customize,
  • Clean and Easy Code with Clear Navigation,
  • Fully Customizable Pages and Widgets,
  • And More.

Mega Flutter UI Kit Template

Using This Mega Flutter UI Kit, You can build apps like

Crypto Trading App, Food Ordering App, Sports Fantasy Gaming App, Beauty Care Products App, Dating App, Stock Market Trading App, Online Banking & Digital Wallet, Online E-Commerce Fashion App (With Figma Designs Ready), E-Money Management App (With Figma Designs Ready), and more.

Flutter UI Kit – GPS Tracking App

The Gps Tracking UI Kit is an excellent resource for developers seeking to create GPS-tracking applications for both iOS and Android devices. This Kit comprises 41 screens, featuring many functions that can be utilized for GPS tracking applications or even for other applications that require some of the design and functionality included in this package.

Flutter Cryptocurrency UI Kit

Flutter Cryptocurrency UI Kit is a collection of pre-designed and well-crafted screens and components that you can use to build cryptocurrency apps. It includes a variety of screens for things like wallet management, dark/white theme, and more.

Car Rental For Driver Ui-Kit

The driver app is an All-In-One Car Owner’s App that rewards people for every service they avail! You will get 40+ screen designs, including Authentication, Splash Screen, Onboarding Screen, Ride booking screen, Car Listing, Car Details, and many more.

Barbershop UI Kit

The Barbershop UI Kit is a well-crafted mobile application UI kit developed using Flutter. It enables developers to achieve a modern look and feel for their mobile applications, saving them significant time and effort.


So, these is the list of best Flutter UI kits you can use to build better apps. Now the obvious question is, “That’s all?” and the answer is “No,” as the internet is filled with numerous Flutter UIs for you to use. UIs can sometimes be intimidating but don’t forget that sometimes starting from scratch is also necessary.

If you want some design inspiration, you can visit sites like Dribbble and Behance. Whatever path you choose, don’t forget that learning is always an ongoing process. The more you learn about UIs, the better you will become in the coming days. Happy Coding, see you around!

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