WordPress To Add AI-Generated Images And Content Writing Feature

WordPress.com is currently testing new blocks to generate images and paragraphs using AI. The blocks were developed by WordPress in partnership with OpenAI (creators of ChatGPT, DALL*E).

Artur Piszek, an Automattic engineer, gave a brief overview of the blocks in a post to the WordPress.com support forums. He called the new feature “Jetpack AI – your writing assistant on WordPress.com.”

Both blocks were taken for a test drive. We started with the image generator. The user can enter a prompt, and the block will generate four images. These images can then be expanded to make it easier for users to select. Here are some examples:

The images were blurry and poorly designed. Some images were almost identical to the prompts. Images of living objects fared worse than images of inanimate ones. Nearly all faces have a distorted appearance, with bits of flesh melting away. If the user is not skilled enough to create prompts, it may not be easy to obtain useful images.

While AI-generated paragraphs offer a better experience, they are more flexible. Based on your content, the block will generate new paragraphs automatically. Although it does a good job, it could be better if it could start with a blank page.

You can further edit the content by turning the block into paragraphs. This is not easy to find and should be highlighted in the UI.

After reviewing the feedback received from forum members, Piszek stated that “we were considering making the block completely editable.”

Users may be interested in learning how AI-generated content affects their search rankings using the experimental paragraph-generating block. Google has recently issued guidance that states it will reward high-quality content regardless of how it is produced.

However, when it comes to automation tools, it cautions that users should not expect to be able to produce original, high-quality, people-first content that demonstrates E-E A-T (expertise and experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness).

WordPress.com’s AI-generated content blocks are still in testing. They are not yet ready for public release or inclusion into Jetpack. The blocks can be useful with some refinements. Still, they will likely only be made available to paid customers as the cost of AI-generated processing resources can quickly add up.

Piszek stated, “AI models and tools can be a bit unpredictable.” “We want to know how these tools behave, their impact on your creativity, and how you can make them work for you.

At the moment, we are still learning and adapting. Please keep in mind that these features may change or disappear anytime.

“Once they announce them, you have to pay additional (on top of the existing plan), depending on how much we have to pay OpenAI for their services.”

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