Opera Browser To Integrate ChatGPT

ChatGPT has been a craze since its initial launch a few months ago. It is currently available as an independent product. Still, many companies are considering launching competitors or using technology in their products. Opera seems ready to join the fray.

According to reports, Opera’s parent company Kunlun Tech plans to integrate ChatGPT into its products. The company has not yet clarified whether the product names include Opera’s browser.

The report doesn’t clarify whether the integration is with the ChatGPT chatbot or GPT large language model. Details about availability have not been made public.

However, major tech companies are looking to launch their products soon in the AI race. Microsoft already has a new version of Bing that uses OpenAI’s tech.

Google is currently testing a ChatGPT competitor, Bard; however, it has had some difficulties. We also know that Baidu, Alibaba, and others are planning to unveil their offerings in this area soon.

Opera, a Norwegian-based browser, also has a gaming browser. As of the third quarter, it had 321 million active users per month. According to the company, its gaming browser business boosted revenue by 28% year-on-year to $85.3 million.

Opera currently holds a small market share of 3.42% in the desktop browser space. This is far less than Google’s (66.39%). Opera is looking to increase its market share by providing AI-powered experiences.

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