Microsoft Announced New AI-Powered Classroom Tools

Microsoft today announced new AI-powered classroom tools. Microsoft’s new Learning Accelerators are designed to help students improve their math and speaking skills while making the job of teachers a little easier. This will allow children to prepare for a technologically advanced world.

The new AI classroom tool Speaker Progress was created for teachers. Microsoft claims it saves time and streamlines the process of creating and reviewing speaking and presentation assignments for students and groups.

It can also provide concise summaries of presentation-based skills and highlight areas that need improvement. It allows teachers to review student recordings, identify their needs, and track their progress.

It will work with Speaker Coach, a feature Microsoft launched in 2021 that offers one-on-one feedback and guidance for speaking. It uses AI to provide real-time tips on pitch, pacing, and filler words.

In a Microsoft Launch Video, a teacher said Speaker Coach was “one of those tools that kinda was a lightbulb instrument for a lot of students I’ve worked alongside.” Speaker Coach is a great tool for helping students and adults. It allows them to practice and receive real-time feedback.

Microsoft’s AI-based math tools are the answer to its nosedive in math scores during the pandemic. Math Coach helps students solve problems by deconstructing them and guiding them through the steps. It helps teachers to create practice questions and provides more effective feedback.

Speaker Progress, Math Coach, and Math Progress will be available in Microsoft Teams For Education in 2023-2024. In the meantime, Speaker Coach is now available in Teams and PowerPoint.

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