Roblox Has Launched 1st Generative AI Game Creation Tools

Roblox recently disclosed its plan to leverage AI technology to facilitate content creation by allowing users to create code, 3D models, and other forms of content with minimal effort through Generative AI. In pursuit of this goal, the company has launched two beta AI tools, Code Assist and Material Generator, which it believes will enable “every user on Roblox to be a creator.”

Although these tools are still in their early stages and cannot generate a complete playable Roblox experience from a text description, Stef Corazza, Head of Roblox Studio, told attendees at GDC 2023 that they can “help automate basic coding tasks so you can focus on creative work.”

Currently, they can generate useful code snippets and object textures based on brief prompts. Roblox has provided some examples of the tools’ capabilities, such as producing functional code that alters the color of objects and makes them self-destruct when a player interacts with them or generating lifelike textures for a “bright red rock canyon” and “stained glass.”

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If you have experimented with AI chatbots, you might already be familiar with the functions of both Code Assist and Material Generator. While Code Assist holds promise, Roblox is cautious to point out that it is imperfect and may generate “incorrect” or “misleading” information.

According to the company, “It is still up to you to review, test, and determine if the code suggestion is contextually appropriate.” Despite this caution, Corazza, the Head of Roblox Studio, expresses confidence that this marks the first step towards turning every Roblox user into a creator. He suggests that these tools may take just a few years to create fully playable and interactive 3D scenes from a simple prompt.

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