Google Begins Rolling Out Its ChatGPT Rival Bard AI

Google has announced the launch of its new chatbot, Bard, which will compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing chatbot. However, access to the product will be limited as the company starts with a controlled public release.

To get on the waitlist, United States and United Kingdom users can visit Bard is described as an “early experiment” that allows you to collaborate with generative AI.

Similar to ChatGPT and Bing chatbot, Bard is a chatbot based on a large language model that can answer questions and provide further clarification through follow-up queries.

During a conference in Paris, Google explained that Bard is designed to work well with queries with no one right answer, also known as NORA queries. However, there are concerns about the accuracy of the information provided by conversational AI and ethical issues surrounding sources of information.

Google has provided a video of Bard in action (given below), with a disclaimer stating that the information displayed may be inaccurate or offensive and does not represent the views of Google. These issues will need to be addressed as chatbots become more prevalent in our daily lives.

google bard example

Users can enter any text they want into Bard’s text field, and the answer will be displayed instantly. Although it doesn’t seem like Bard writes word-for-word responses, Google states that it functions similarly to other generative AI chatbots, predicting the next word based on previous words. The response can be rated with a thumbs up or down, the conversation can be restarted, or users can switch to Google’s search engine by clicking on the “Google It” button at the bottom of the answer.

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