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20+ Programming Concepts Through Memes

Irrespective of any programming language you choose to learn, the basic concepts of almost all programming languages are similar.

This meme guide introduces programming concepts such as Recursion, Polymorphism, Loops, Abstraction, If Else Statements, Encapsulation, Data Types, Inheritance, Linked Lists, etc.

Some of the best developers have created these coding memes based on their years of experience. Programmers and Programming Trollers, Let’s get into the funny guide.

1. Do While Loops

programming concepts

2. Doubly Circular Linked List

programming concept

3. If Else If Statement

programming concepts for beginners

4. Polymorphism

advanced programming concepts

5. Switch Case

fundamental programming concepts

6. For Loop

programming concepts notes

7. Recursion

programming concepts list

8. Binary Tree

binary tree example

9. Inheritance

advanced programming concepts

10. Linked List

Basic programming concepts for Beginners

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11. Exit Statements

Basic concepts of programming language

12. Encapsulation

encapsulation example

13. While Loop

programming concept

14. Circular Linked List

circular linked list example

15. Function

programming concepts

16. Abstraction

abstraction in programming

17. Primitive Data Types

primitive data types

18. Infinite loop

Infinite Loop Example

19. Data Structures

all data structures explained

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20. While vs Do While Loop

Example of while and do-while loop

21. For Each

foreach loop

22. Simple If Statement vs If Else Statement

difference between if and if else if

23. Programmer’s Life (Not A Concept But A Unique Bonus)

programming memes

Note: The credits of all the images posted here go to their respective creators.

So, that’s it for now. If you know a bit of programming, You can relate all the memes with the concepts.

If you don’t know anything about coding, Check out this free course by FreeCodeCamp On Introduction To Programming.

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