The Best Of The Worst NFTs Minted In 2022

NFTs are a hot topic in 2022, whether you love them or not. Unfortunately, they also brought about a flood of corrupt and sometimes outright insane NFT projects, making for a very colorful year. However, the one color it is lacking is green.

The Best Of The Worst NFTs Minted In 2022

NFT trading volume dropped 97% from January’s highs. OpenSea’s numbers are in decline: monthly volume, active traders, and sales are all down by 61% and 75%, respectively, since January. Six-figure NFTs are down nearly 99% this year.

Here’s a list of the most absurd NFTs from the year to celebrate the wild ride.

Tacky Trump NFTs

Donald Trump, the former president, recently announced NFT trading cards to celebrate his career. Twitter users pointed out the striking resemblance between Trump’s NFTs and existing images.

The project appears to share a likeness to pictures from Amazon. Some images still have Adobe Stock watermarks in their background.

Worse, 1,000 of Trump’s rarest NFTs were reportedly minted directly into Trump’s wallet, raising concerns about wash trading. Since then, the NFTs’ prices have plummeted.

His wife pulled off a similar grift earlier in the year. The former first lady, Melania Trump, released an NFT showing her in a large hat she wore during a meeting between Macron and Macron. Although the piece was not in demand, it sold for $170,000.

After an investigation, it was discovered that Trump had the exact wallet address of the winning bidder.

God Save the Skeleton Queen

Many NFT projects were used to immortalize Queen Elizabeth II’s passing. One person took it further and depicted the queen as a skeleton.

The NFTs minted that day were varied in taste, but this one is the best. The skeletal piece was worth $265 and cost 0.217ETH to the winning bidder.

Historic art? It is worth burning

A Frida Kahlo-painted painting was set on fire at a Miami house party. Martin Mobarak, a crypto millionaire, celebrated the launch of his Frida.NFT Project in July.

He minted 10,000 digital copies of Fantasmones Siniestros (Sinister Ghosts) from 10,000 digital copies. Kahlo created this colorful artwork.

Mobarak placed the original on a martini cup filled with fuel and dry ice and burned it. The bonfire was filmed and uploaded on YouTube. This raised questions about the art’s authenticity and an investigation from Mexican authorities.

According to Mexico’s National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (the country’s foremost cultural authority), “The deliberate destruction of an art monument is a crime under the federal law in Mexico.”

Web3 Islamic State

Islamic State supporters launched an NFT project in September to promote the group.

According to reports, the NFTs were created to test whether the technology could be used for ISIS funding and recruitment. NFT marketplaces did not immediately take down images.

Madonna’s clitoral debut

Madonna and Beeple collaborated to create a series of NFT videos she released in May. Animations of Madonna’s naked body spawned robotic centipedes and queefed-out butterflies.

Protos recalls watching nature and wildlife crawl out of Madonna’s fanny for an entire morning. Her ominous voice provided poetic insight into society and technology.

We won’t embed any videos in this article, but we recommend viewing them when free. The NFT that was the most expensive sold for 170.5 ETH. This is a total of $346,000 today. All proceeds went to a women’s charity.

Although some users are making offers for NFTs, they have yet to reach more than 0.1 Ethereum, or $122.

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