Minecraft Owner Mojang Bans NFTs And Blockchain Integration From The Game

The Minecraft creator Mojang Studios is taking a strongly-held position against NFTs.

In a blog entry titled “Minecraft and NFTs,” the studio stated the following “integrations of NFTs to Minecraft are not something we’ll be able to support or even allow.”

“To ensure Minecraft players enjoy a secure and inclusive experience, blockchain technology cannot be used within our server and client applications.

Neither can Minecraft in-game content like skins, worlds, items, or any other mods be used using blockchain technology to create an unreliable digital asset,” Mojang said.

According to Mojang, certain firms have developed “NFT implementations that can be paired with Minecraft world skin packs and files.”

Mojang also suggests that there might exist Minecraft “collectible” NFTs or that players can earn NFTs by performing tasks within Minecraft on servers or making them outside of the game.

Mojang believes that these practices create digital exclusion and a lack of access and directly contradict Minecraft’s ideals.

“NFTs aren’t inclusive of everyone in our community, and they create a situation of haves and the not-so-haves,” the studio said.

Mojang went further, noting that the speculative character of NFTs “encourages the profit-making.”

Many gamers have opposed NFTs, including Ubisoft discontinuing the production of NFTs in Ghost Recon Breakpoint just a couple of months after the project’s launch.

Valve has also taken an aggressive stance against the blockchain-based game and NFTs on Steam.

Although Mojang isn’t closing the possibility of adding blockchain technology in the future, the company concludes with the statement that “we don’t have plans of using blockchain technology in Minecraft at the moment.”

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