Anthropic Has Launched Claude AI App

Anthropic unveiled an iOS app for its Claude 3 AI language models, akin to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The app release includes a new subscription tier tailored for group collaboration. Previously, Claude was solely accessible via a website, API, and integrated apps.

claude ai app

Claude’s new mobile app, akin to ChatGPT, facilitates chatbot interactions and supports photo uploads for analysis. Initially exclusive to Apple devices, Anthropic confirms plans for an upcoming Android version.

Anthropics unveiled the Claude 3 LLM series in March, offering three sizes: Opus, Sonnet, and Haiku. Regular users access Sonnet, while Pro users benefit from Opus in the Anthropics app.

Anthropic, a prominent AI player, ventures into mobile space after competitors. OpenAI launched ChatGPT for iOS in May 2023, followed by an Android version. Microsoft introduced Copilot iOS app in January, and Google Gemini is accessible via the Google app on iPhone.

The app, Claude, is accessible to all users, regardless of their subscription status. This includes those on the free version, paying $20 monthly for Claude Pro, and members of Claude Team. Conversation history syncs across web and mobile versions upon login.

The Team plan, tailored for groups of at least five, costs $30 per seat monthly. It provides enhanced chat capabilities, access to all three Claude models, and a broader context window (200K tokens) for extensive document processing or detailed discussions.

Additionally, it furnishes group administrative features, billing management, and seamless transitions between Pro and Team plans.

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