DeepMind To Launch ChatGPT Rival Sparrow Soon

DeepMind, a Google subsidiary, says it may soon launch a ChatGPT competitor. The company said their chatbot will be much safer and have features that chatgpt is currently lagging.

DeepMind, founded in 2000 and acquired by Google nine years ago, has been an innovator in AI research. DeepMind CEO Demis Hashibis said that ChatGPT has been in the controversy and news for quite a long time. We’ll consider releasing our chatbot Sparrow for a private beta sometime in 2023.

Sparrow was presented as a proof of concept in a year-long research paper. It was described as a “dialogue agent that’s useful” that reduces the risk of inappropriate and unsafe answers.

DeepMind has some concerns about chatbots’ potential dangers. However, Sparrow appears to be in beta and could soon take flight. DeepMind’s close relationship with Google could make it the search giant’s answer for ChatGPT.

Demis Hassabis believes Sparrow’s launch delay is due to DeepMind’s eagerness to ensure it has the important features ChatGPT does not have – most importantly, the ability to cite specific sources. He added, “it’s right for us to be cautious on this front.”

DeepMind’s research paper suggests that Sparrow will be more conservative and constrained than ChatGPT. The former has been a huge success due to its ability to help anyone, from coders to poets to teachers.

DeepMind has talked up the behavior-constraining rules that Sparrow’s built on, along with its willingness to decline to answer questions in “contexts where it is appropriate to defer to humans.” Sparrow provided a plausible answer in early tests and supported it with evidence “78% of the time” when asked factual questions.

Its capabilities will be revealed when the public beta launches later in the year. We will eat popcorn at the AI chatbot debate between Google’s Sparrow and Microsoft’s ChatGPT.

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