OpenAI’s Competitor Anthropic Confirms Data Leak During FTC Investigation

Anthropic, the AI startup behind the Claude family of large language models (LLMs) and chatbots, had an eventful week. On January 22nd, the company discovered that a contractor accidentally sent a file containing non-sensitive customer information to a third party.

The leaked information included a subset of customer names and open credit balances as of December 31, 2023.

Anthropic clarified that this incident was due to human error and not a system breach, and they promptly notified affected customers.

OpenAI's Competitor Anthropic Confirms Data Leak Just Before FTC Investigation

The (FTC) announced an investigation into Anthropic’s partnerships with Amazon and Google, as well as OpenAI’s partnerships with Microsoft. Is there any link between this Anthropic Data Leak and the Federal Trade Commission’s Announcement?

The company assured that the breach was unrelated to the FTC probe and refrained from commenting further on it.

An email sent by Anthropic to customers confirmed the inadvertent leakage of account information by a third-party contractor.

The leaked data included account names and accounts receivable information but did not involve sensitive personal or payment data.

Anthropic assured customers that there was no evidence of malicious intent and advised them to remain vigilant against suspicious communications.

The company expressed regret for the incident and offered support to affected customers.

Anthropic data leak

When questioned, Anthropic mentioned that only a subset of users were impacted by the leak but did not provide specific numbers.

The incident underscores concerns about data breaches attributed to human error, a trend observed in many enterprises.

Anthropic’s rapid growth and strategic partnerships with AWS and Google have drawn regulatory scrutiny.

The FTC issued orders to Anthropic, Amazon, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Alphabet, requesting detailed information on their partnerships and investments.

Anthropic’s relationships with AWS and Google have expanded significantly, with substantial investments and collaborations.

Amazon’s extended partnership with Anthropic includes investments up to $4 billion and collaboration on future model development.

Anthropic collaborates with Google on various services like Google Cloud security, database, and BigQuery data warehouse.

The company’s partnerships with AWS and Google aim to develop AI responsibly and securely.

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