Harvard Alum Creates FaceMash Clone SmashOrPass AI to Rank AI Generated Women

Emmet Halm, a former student at Harvard University, created a FaceMash clone website called SmashorPass AI. On this website, users can rate the attractiveness of images of women that are generated by artificial intelligence (AI). When users rate these images, the AI learns to generate more “hot” images based on their preferences.

Smash Or Pass

The website displays an AI-generated image of a woman, and users can choose between two buttons: “Smash” if they find the woman attractive and would want to have s*x with her, and “Pass” if they don’t find her attractive and would decline any involvement.

Users also have the option to save the AI-generated images. Halm’s website is similar to FaceMash, a site created by Mark Zuckerberg during his time at Harvard in 2003.

On Saturday, Emmet Halm, the creator of Smash Or Pass AI, posted on X (formerly Twitter), introducing it as a generative AI party game. He stated, “No further explanation needed. You know what to do, boys 🫡.” Halm’s goal with the game is to develop the most addictive and personalized image recommendation system.

Since Halm’s post about the website, it has received significant criticism and ridicule on social media.

Abeba Birhane, an AI accountability advisor, expressed concerns that such AI applications are hindering human progress.

Some users pointed out that the website didn’t function as Halm claimed, suggesting that it merely shuffled through a limited number of 187 images.


Critics argued that AI should be utilized for more meaningful purposes, such as self-driving cars, disease detection, and poverty alleviation, rather than a game centered around attractiveness.


According to Halm’s profile on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), he describes himself as an AI-driven developer. He attended Harvard from 2019 to 2023 and holds a degree in history, as stated on his LinkedIn page.

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