15+ Best ChatGPT Groups And Communities To Follow In 2023

As the applications and use cases of ChatGPT are never-ending, people are very curious about learning as well as staying up to date with this tech. For that, you need a list of active ChatGPT communities and groups to join. That’s what we have for you in this article.

We’ve curated a list of the best ChatGPT Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Reddit communities, Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts, and Discord servers.

These communities comprise experts, professionals, researchers, developers, and even newbies, who engage in discussions by asking questions and sharing ChatGPT related content regularly.

Following these communities will surely make you familiar with new perspectives, increase your knowledge, and give you a platform where you can share your ideas and receive active feedback.

If you’re keen on exploring and learning more about ChatGPT from groups and discussions, some of the best and most active ChatGPT groups on different platforms have been listed below:

ChatGPT Communities And Groups (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, X, Twitter, Discord)

1. r/ChatGPT – Best ChatGPT Subreddit

2. r/ChatGPT – Best ChatGPT Discord Server

3. DataChaz – Best ChatGPT Twitter Account

4. Generative AI – Best ChatGPT LinkedIn Page

5. ChatGPT – Best ChatGPT Facebook Group

6. ChatGPT Tricks – Best ChatGPT Instagram Account

7. ChatGPTPro – Reddit Group

8. ChatGPT Prompt Genius Reddit

9. OpenAI Discord Server

10. ChatGPT Mastery – Instagram Account

11. Rowan Cheung – ChatGPT Twitter Account

12. ChatGPT Community – Facebook Group

13. OpenAI Subreddit

14. Barsee – ChatGPT Twitter Account

15. ChatGPT And Midjourney – Facebook Group

16. GPT-3 Reddit Community

17. ChatGPT Experts – Facebook Group

18. ChatGPT Coding Reddit

These communities across various platforms act as hubs of information that can be easily accessed and shared. You can now explore the capabilities of ChatGPT with like-minded individuals, stay up to date with the new small trends in this tech, and also share experiences and seek guidance from them.

If you feel this curated list of Best ChatGPT Reddit communities, Discord servers, FB groups, Discord Groups, Insta Groups, X accounts, etc., is helpful to you and can be valuable for others, Please do share it with them.

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