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Midjourney API is yet to launch, although they are gradually progressing towards its development. A private internal API likely exists, but for external users, the technology is exclusively linked to Discord.

Authentication on Midjourney is achieved through Discord, and the sole method of interacting with the technology is not only by submitting /imagine commands on Discord.

But what if I say there are Midjourney APIs? Yes, you heard it right. The Midjourney API is available and it is made by third-party developers.

In this article, we’ve curated some open source and paid Midjourney APIs available on the internet.

Midjourney API

1. Midjourney API by UseAPI

Useapi.net provides a simple, reliable, and affordable way to use Midjourney via standard REST API.

For only $10 per month, you can connect your Midjourney Discord account to our API by following simple instructions and starting to use it immediately in your production environment. There are no other requirements needed to start besides having your Midjourney subscription.

With Midjourney Standard Plan (3 concurrent jobs) using our API, you can expect up to 200 /imagine generations per hour when using Midjourney fast mode.

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2. Midjourney API By Imagine Dev

ImagineAPI.dev serves as the unofficial REST API for Midjourney, offering a means to access and automate its functionalities programmatically.

With support for various programming languages, developers can utilize standard REST methods such as GET and POST to generate images seamlessly and efficiently. Don’t worry they have refund policy too. If you try it and change your mind in 7-days, we’ll give you a full refund.

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3. Midjourney API Key By The Next Leg

The Next Leg serves as a community extension of Midjourney, offering API access to the platform’s extensive features and services.

By seamlessly integrating The Next Leg into your applications, you can harness the power of Midjourney to elevate the user experience of your own products, unlocking a range of enhanced functionalities and capabilities. Check out more like features, pricing, demo and more from the below-given link.

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4. Midjourney API Nodejs Version

This Midjourney API is open source and available on GitHub. This API is created using TypeScript and JavaScript as the primary languages. The license for the API is Apache-2.0. The API supports WebSockets and has Discord bot and web UI examples.

The repository has received 412 stars and 71 forks on GitHub. Check out demo and more info from the below-given link.

Demo And Other Info

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5. API by Midapi

This Midjourney API is developed by Midapi and is not affiliated with Midjourney Inc. Their API offer features like Imagine, Upscale, Variations, Describe, Blend, Seeds, and Re-roll. It also supports multiple accounts.

Read their Midjourney API documentation and give a try to their trial version, which costs $1.95 for 20 image credits. The plan extends upto 50,000 image credits. It supports Nodejs, Python, C Sharp, PHP, Ruby, Golang, and Java.

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6. API by Mjapi

This API by MJApi has a straight forward process. To use this Midjourney API

  • Create a dedicated Discord account
  • Obtain your Discord user token
  • Get an official Midjourney subscription
  • Register and receive your API Key on MJAPI
  • You’re ready to go!

Once you have your API Key, dive into the API Usage section to explore many possibilities. When your subscription expires, easily extend it for any desired duration.

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7. Midjourney API Python Version

This open-source Midjourney API is made by a developer named George-iam. The API allows users to generate images by code and works with the Discord API.

The project is in its initial version, and the developer plans to work on features like a local queue controller, support for multiple Midjourney accounts, and an upsampling script. This Midjourney API github repo has 288 stars and 58 forks. Check out more info from the below-given link.

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8. Midjourney API Free Version

In this guide, You’ll learn how to create your own Midjourney API and use it upto some extend for Free. Check out video demo, code, and tutorial on How I built Midjourney API from the below given link.

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9. Automate Midjourney Image Generation

It’s a great article on How to Automate Midjourney Image Generation with Python and GUI Automation. In this guide, You will learn the hidden techniques to automate the process of generating AI images on Midjourney using Python libraries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an API for Midjourney?

Yes, Their is a Midjourney API but from third part developers.

What are the best Midjourney API keys?

The best Midjourney API keys are by Erictik (Midjourney API JavaScript Version), Imagine API Dev, and by George Iam.

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