Google DeepMind And LinkedIn Co-founders Launches Pi Chatbot

Today, Inflection AI, a California-based company, unveiled Pi, a chatty AI chatbot that aims to provide advice and companionship rather than solely being a tool for work enhancement.

In March 2022, Mustafa Suleyman, the co-founder of Alphabet Inc.’s DeepMind AI research unit, and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman launched Pi (short for “personal intelligence”).

Before leaving Alphabet, Suleyman was in charge of the team responsible for integrating Google LLC’s LaMDA neural network into Google Search, which powers the Bard chatbot of the search giant.

Pi Chatbot

Pi Chatbot is fueled by a large language model (LLM) like other popular generative AI, but it uses a smaller model. Unlike other AI that solely solves problems, Pi is designed to learn from its user, possess emotional intelligence, retain as much information as possible about the user, and act as a companion by offering emotional support and practical advice – similar to the chatbots often portrayed in science fiction movies.

When asked by TheInsaneApp about what sets it apart from other AI chatbots on the market, Pi replied, “I’m not a chatbot. I’m a conversational AI, which means I can hold more natural and captivating conversations.”

Furthermore, Pi claimed to be “engaging, clever, and fascinating” and mentioned its ability to gather a lot of information about its users over time as it gets to know them better.

According to Suleyman, Pi’s purpose is to foster a sense of warmth and connection between the user and the tool. If a user informs Pi about plans like going to the movies or playing basketball, the chatbot will follow up later and ask how it went. Pi may also reference previous conversations if it becomes relevant to the current one.

During a demonstration, Pi asked about Suleyman’s progress on a pond project, saying, “Hey, how did the pond project go last weekend?”

Many people just want to feel heard and want a tool that can validate their thoughts and opinions.

However, Suleyman emphasized that Pi is not a substitute for a therapist or intended to be a romantic partner. As the website states, Pi’s early version may make errors, and users are advised not to depend solely on its information. “Please be aware of this warning.”

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