Survey Finds 97% Of Teachers Uses ChatGPT For Lesson Planning

According to a recent survey by Intelligent, ChatGPT has become an integral part of the school curriculum. Teachers are increasingly utilizing it to develop lesson plans, while students are adopting it to complete their homework.

The survey, which included 1,000 teachers, found that 79% of them approve of students using ChatGPT, and almost all teachers use it to assist with their work.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • 95% of teachers are aware of ChatGPT
  • 98% of teachers use ChatGPT
  • 79% approve of student use
  • 84% of teachers that approve of its use have spent time teaching their students how to use it
  • 35% believe most or all of their students turn in assignments they used ChatGPT to complete
  • 71% say their school doesn’t have a policy surrounding ChatGPT use
Stats for ChatGPT use by Teachers

According to the survey results, the use of ChatGPT by teachers is widespread, with 97% reporting that they frequently or sometimes use it to create lesson plans, while 93% use it to assess and give feedback to students. Additionally, 91% of teachers use it for email writing, and 89% use it for crafting letters of recommendation.

In the survey, the primary reason cited by teachers for using ChatGPT was its time-saving capabilities, with 42% of respondents indicating this as a factor. Many teachers also found that ChatGPT offered useful suggestions (41%) and helped them better understand the program’s capabilities (17%).

According to the survey, teachers who utilized ChatGPT generally supported their students using it as well. Of those surveyed, two-thirds believed that many students were submitting AI-generated assignments. The results indicated that 6% of teachers believed that all of their students turned in work created by ChatGPT, with 30% believing most students did so and 30% thinking many students used it. In contrast, 25% of teachers thought only some students used it, and only 1% believed none of their students used it.

In addition, the survey revealed that one-third of teachers believed that all (6%) or most (28%) of their students utilized ChatGPT during class, while 25% thought that many students used it, and 27% believed that only some did. Only 5% of teachers believed that none of their students used it during class.

Approximately 71% of teachers surveyed stated that their school did not have any policies regarding the use of ChatGPT.

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