GPT-5 Could Make It Almost Impossible To Find The Difference Between ChatGPT And Human

A few weeks ago, ChatGPT received a significant upgrade from GPT-4, giving the chatbot remarkable new capabilities. However, OpenAI is currently developing the next major software upgrade for ChatGPT, with GPT-5 expected this winter. If reports on GPT-5’s abilities are correct, OpenAI might achieve a significant milestone for ChatGPT, enabling it to achieve artificial general intelligence (AGI) and become nearly indistinguishable from a human.

While this is an exciting prospect, it is also quite scary, as the capabilities of AGI are currently unknown. Although GPT-5 may make ChatGPT human-like, it will surpass human capabilities in processing data and generating content.

The previous upgrade to GPT-4 bestowed tremendous new abilities upon ChatGPT, making it an even more powerful tool. Multimodal input can process data through text and images to generate responses. Additionally, it supports multiple languages and has access to live internet via plugins.

Moreover, GPT-4 has exceeded the capabilities of its predecessor, performing exceptionally well in most exams.

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According to a tweet by developer Siqi Chen, GPT-5’s training should be complete by December, and OpenAI expects it to achieve AGI. This will undoubtedly spark heated debates about whether AGI has been achieved, ultimately culminating in its success.

Once AI reaches AGI, it will possess similar capabilities to humans in understanding concepts and performing tasks, making chatting with ChatGPT after the GPT-5 upgrade appear similar to talking to a human.

However, this is currently speculative, as we lack an AGI model to compare with ChatGPT. It is too early for OpenAI to reveal any secrets about GPT-5, as the software update is not yet available.

Even if GPT-5 doesn’t achieve AGI, it is expected to provide superior capabilities compared to GPT-4, which is already a significant improvement for ChatGPT. The potential enhancements are difficult to fathom – the chatbot may support multiple input methods and generate results at an even faster pace, potentially with greater precision. GPT-5 could even be adept at complex tasks like writing superior code.

While these are all conjectures, the advancement of ChatGPT towards AGI raises concerns about its potential negative implications. The downsides are equally difficult to imagine as the benefits.

However, there is no need to panic, as we are not living in a science-fiction movie where AI is poised to take control. Nevertheless, Europol is already apprehensive about the proliferation of AI and its potential exploitation by criminals.

It is possible that an intermediate version of ChatGPT could be released before GPT-5 becomes available. OpenAI intends to unveil GPT-4.5 in September or October, providing further insight into the upgrades that OpenAI is working on.

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