10 ChatGPT Plus Subscription Giveaway And Prompt Hackathon ($5000 Prize)

FlowGPT is organizing the world’s first Prompt Hackathon with a grand prize of $5000. The hackathon aims to bring together developers, AI enthusiasts, and anyone interested in natural language processing to create innovative applications using GPT-3 language models.

In addition, FlowGPT is also giving away 10 ChatGPT Plus subscriptions to winners of the hackathon, which will give them access to advanced language models and features for their future projects.

This event is an excellent opportunity for individuals to showcase their skills, network with like-minded individuals, and explore the potential of language models in various fields.

The ChatGPT Prompt Hackathon is offering a total prize pool of $5000, divided among 10 different categories, including Marketing, Academic, Software Development, Productivity, Virtual Character, Creative, Entrepreneurship, Funny, Game, and Anything.

chatgpt prompt hackathon and chatgpt plus giveaway

The first hackathon is already over. All the winners are announced here.

Learn more about 2nd hackathon from here.

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