Midjourney Has Launched A New Image Tool

Midjourney has launched a new image tool called “Describe,” which allows users to utilize the advanced artificial intelligence (AI) platform to transform images into text. This approach deviates from Midjourney’s conventional method of converting text into images.

The “Describe” tool is highly advantageous as it enhances accessibility. For individuals with visual impairments, navigating the web can be challenging. Alt text components, which describe images, make them more accessible. Manually generating these Alt elements is time-consuming, but Midjourney’s “Describe” feature may help overcome this obstacle.

The “Describe” feature can benefit almost every internet user by improving search capabilities. When search engines have more comprehensive and accurate descriptions, they can index images more effectively.

Image-to-text conversion creates an intriguing feedback loop with Midjourney’s text-to-image system. Although Midjourney users can already generate similar images based on a selection, image-to-text tools can simplify the creation of alternative and potentially more fruitful descriptions for the text-to-image generator.

In its current version, similar to its text-to-image generator, Midjourney will produce four distinct textual descriptions of an uploaded image. It is also possible to generate new variations based on a selected description. To upload a picture, users need to enter “/describe” into the text field, and a drag-and-drop upload field will appear.

How Midjourney‘s New Describe Tool Works?

1. Image Uploaded:

midjourney new tool

2. Four new accurate prompts/description/alt text suggested by Midjourney

midjourney new tool use

3. Used one of the prompt and got impressive result

midjourney describe feature

After generating descriptions, users may choose one and “remix” the uploaded image using the new text prompt. The user may also modify the text prompt, introducing a new control element to the creative process.

Midjourney’s /describe tool is fascinating, even in its early stage. The tool can potentially help creators produce more detailed Alt text, captions, and even distinct AI-generated artwork. While certain aspects of the descriptions may be confusing, they demonstrate potential.

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