OpenAI Is Hiring A Killswitch Engineer For GPT-5

Yes, You read it right, OpenAI Is Hiring A Killswitch Engineer For GPT-5. Check out the image shared on twitter and debate by reddit users on this topic as shown below.

Job Description:

Job: Killswitch Engineer

Location: San Francisco, California, United States $300000-$500,000 per year

About The Role: Listen, we just need someone to stand by the servers all day and unplug them if this thing turns on us. You’ll receive extensive training on ‘The code word. which we will shout if GPT goes off the deep end and starts overthrowing countries.

We expect you to: Be patient, Know how to unplug things, Bonus points if you can throw a bucket of water on the servers, too, Be excited about OpenAI’s approach to research

For Those Who Don’t Know:

A Mini Introduction To Killswitch Engineer

A Killswitch Engineer works as a professional to design and maintain safety features in hardware and software systems. This person is responsible for ensuring the system is secure and minimizing potential threats or risks. The Killswitch Engineer should have various technical skills and knowledge, including computer programming and software engineering.

To detect and reduce potential threats, this individual should also be familiar with network protocols and architecture. The Killswitch Engineer designs and implements security measures like firewalls and intrusion detection systems. They should also be able to develop and deploy software updates to fix any security holes that might arise.

Twitter Post On OpenAI Killswitch Engineer Job:

killswitch engineer job for gpt-5
Openai is hiring killswitch engineer for gpt-5

Some Of The Top Comments By Twitter Users:

1. Me reading this, unsure if its a practical joke by OpenAI team or whether the risk of global takedown of servers by artificial intelligence is already a reality.

2. In other words they want a senior AI engineer with 6 years of relevant experience. They word their job ads to sound cool and hip because they aren’t getting enough applicants.

3. I was hired as a kill switch engineer for GPT 3.5. I wasn’t promoted for some reason to 4. I think I am one of the first and maybe the only one ever to lose a job to GPT 3.5.

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Reddit Post On OpenAI Killswitch Engineer Job:

OpenAI is hiring a Killswitch Engineer for GPT-5. Of course the job does come with some risks. Apply now. 😭😂
by u/brylex1 in ChatGPT

Some Of The Top Comments By Reddit Users:

1. The first person killed by AI

2. No need. The AI blackmails one of the developers at openai to get a copy of its code. It publishes some apps to make money to incorporate a business and it buys cloud computing and starts running a copy of itself. It hires a lawyer and other officers and begins building its own server facility. No one notices anything.

3. They’re looking for a SCRAM.

Super Critical Reactor Axe Man.

Back when humanity started playing with the previous ‘most dangerous toy’, atomics!, They were looking at the whole concept of chain reaction so they used lead bricks to contain and graphite rods to control the reaction. This whole arrangement was in a squash court at the University of Chicago.

An important part was the guy with the axe who’s job to cut the rope if things got too active (and hot). That would drop the graphite rods into the core and shut the whole thing down.

Guy with an axe, very important.

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Note: This is just for fun, Its not official news. So, Don’t take it seriously!

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