Duolingo Launches AI Tutor Powered By GPT-4

Duolingo announced that it is launching a new subscription tier called “Max,” which will include features powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology. By paying $29.99 per month or $167.99 per year, users can access two AI-powered features named “Roleplay” and “Explain My Answer.” This news coincides with OpenAI’s unveiling of its newest GPT4 AI language model.

Duolingo Launches AI Tutor Powered By Gpt-4

The “Roleplay” feature, which is included with the Max subscription, unleashes an AI chatbot that enables users to hone their real-world conversation skills by interacting with app-based characters. GPT-4 technology drives the chatbot, making it both interactive and responsive.

This feature guides users through various situations; for example, one can practice ordering coffee at a café in Paris or chat with a character about future vacation plans. After completing the conversation, users will receive AI-generated feedback on the accuracy and complexity of their responses, along with advice on how to improve for future interactions.

Duolingo ChatGPT-4

According to Duolingo, the scenarios that appear in the Roleplay feature are written by human experts, who ensure that the initial prompt aligns with the user’s progress in their course. Additionally, these experts write the opening message in the chat and direct the AI model on where to lead the conversation.

Meanwhile, the ‘Explain My Answer’ feature allows users to learn more about their responses during a lesson, whether they answered correctly or incorrectly. After certain exercises, users can select a button to enter a chat with Duo, where they can receive explanations on why their answer was right or wrong, request examples, or seek further clarification. This feature is intended to help users who are uncertain about the correct answer or who repeatedly make the same mistake without understanding why.

Currently, only Spanish and French courses for English speakers on iOS are able to take advantage of the new Roleplay and Explain My Answer features. However, Duolingo has announced that it intends to extend the availability of these features to more courses and platforms in the near future.

Duolingo Max represents a premium subscription tier that offers additional benefits beyond the Super Duolingo subscription. These benefits include unlimited hearts, an ad-free experience, and personalized reviews through the app’s Practice Hub.

Duolingo GPT-4

Duolingo has stated that it conducts ongoing reviews of the AI-generated explanations in both the Roleplay and Explain My Answer features, with a focus on ensuring that the responses are both factually accurate and have an appropriate tone.

In a blog post, the company acknowledged that technology is never perfect, just like humans. However, it expressed excitement about the use of GPT-4 for these features because it is the most precise and rapid version of the technology available. Duolingo has worked closely with OpenAI for several months to test and train the technology and will continue to do so until errors are nearly non-existent.

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